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by The Republic of Europeian WA Headquarters. . 2 reads.

Please endorse Delegate Aexnidaral!

Please endorse Delegate Aexnidaral!

What is this?

Greetings! If you are included in this dispatch, then we would like to request that you consider endorsing Delegate Aexnidaral.

Endorsing Delegate Aexnidaral is important for increasing Europeia's power at the world stage. With every endorsement our WA Delegate gains, that's one more vote for Europeia on all World Assembly resolutions.

Additionally, if you endorse Delegate Aexnidaral, your nation gets one step closer to winning one of our many EndoTarting Awards, including the Delegate's Medal.

You can use this link to learn more about the benefits for the region and your nation that come from endorsing Delegate Aexnidaral.

Thank you in advance for choosing to endorse Delegate Aexnidaral!

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This dispatch is created on behalf of the Ministry of World Assembly of Europeia.