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The Liberty Gala 2020: Nation Creation Contest

Taco Island Charities Presents:
The Seventh Hahiha Contest for Nation Creation

Taco-Island-Charities, 10000 Islands' regional charity, is proud to sponsor the seventh nation creation contest—this time part of The Liberty Gala!

Here's how to play:

1. Create a new puppet nation between now and 8:59 P.M. Pacific Time on October 20th. The puppet's motto should include your main nation's name. Limit one entry per nation.

2. Move the puppet to the region TIC Nation Creation Contest.

3. Telegram Taco-Island-Charities from your main nation with the name of your puppet.

4. Answer as many or as few issues with your puppet as you want.

Starting after major update the night of the 20th, the lowest-ranking nation(s) in the region on each day's World Census Report will be ejected. This will continue daily until only one nation is left on the final day of the contest, November 1st. The World Census Report can be found between the World Factbook Entry and the Regional Happenings on the region page.

The number of nations to be ejected each day depends on the number of entrants but will be as even as possible each of the first ten major updates. If the number of entrants is not evenly divisible, will be used to determine which days have an extra ejection. The final two major updates will have one ejection each, to determine first, second, and third places.

The nation whose puppet survives the longest wins a legendary trading card from Taco Island Charities Cards and 150,000 Ŧ (LinkTacos, the 10000 Islands forum currency) if on Link10000 Islands regional forum! The runner-up will receive three epic trading cards and 50,000 Ŧ, and the third-place finisher will get an epic trading card and 25,000 Ŧ.

The LinkWorld Census Report category each day is randomly chosen, but if you would like to try to create a puppet with certain statistics, you can check out Linkthis guide.

More info on The Liberty Gala can be found here. Good luck and may the best nation win!

Started from Linkan idea from 2006, all iterations of this contest are known as the Hahiha Contest for Nation Creation, named following Hahiha's Linkgenerous Linkcontributions to TIC. Thanks again to him for the support!

Learn more about Taco Island Charities here and here. If you are on the 10000 Islands Linkforum and would like to contribute to TIC to fund activities like this one, you can learn more in our Linkdonation how-to.