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Currency rates

1gadhavi=2.99 awess ( awell island's currency)

1gadhavi= 1 Kuwaiti dinaar

1gadhavi=239.95 Indian rupees

1 Gadhavi = 254 Russian ruble

1gadhavi= 2.78 euro

1gadhavi=3.27 USD

1gadhavi=2.53 British Pound

1gadhavi=239 loka note(currency of shivloka)

1gadhavi=3.27 madhyarashtrain national rupees

1madhyarashtrain national rupees=73.44 loka note

1awess=1.09 madhyarashtrain national rupees

1awess=80.29 loka note

1gadhavi=2.53 devraj rupee

1Devraj rupee= 94.85 Loka note

1Devraj rupee=1.29 Madhyarashtrain national rupees

1Devraj rupee= 1.18 awess