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The Crusade Against Slavery (A song-ish thing)

Disclaimer:The tune of this song is base off the internationale, I'm not good at making tunes but I sure can improvise lyrics into something else.

Comrades we stand together as a bulwark!
Against slavery and against oppresion of all peoples!

We may not agree with each other!
But we work on a noble endeavor!
together! Against the most horrendous of practices!
Thus we are comrades in one cause!
For the people of the world!
Without care for nationality!
Because at the end no one!
Deserves to be treated like property!
And we are the ones that will knock down!
The tower of the tyrant and the fool!
And in the way we shall bring!
Democracy and Freedom!
For everyone from Tyranny!
We may be different in many things!
But we all can agree on freedom and justice!
We may have our struggles but together we!
Will end the suffering and struggle of millions around the globe!
And we shall ensure the freedom of all!
In our cause we collaborate to end misery!