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      Magic. What is there to it?

      Well, that greatly depends on what you consider 'magic'. The Old Gods on their watery marble were certainly very liberal with what they decided to set underneath the umbrella of sorcery and voodoo, well maybe a thousand years ago. Things have eased up in modern times, perhaps because they know so much more. Magic is a label slapped onto anything falling outside one's ability to reason, something which abhors logic. But of course this bases what is and isn't magic upon one's own ability to perceive, it isn't objective. Once you peel off all the layers and kill the illusions and tear away the masks, what is left will have some degree of rationality to it and if it doesn't then it is far more likely to be something wrong with your head and your perception of the outside world than it is to be a fault in reality, a fruit of 'magic'. Even if you don't understand it now someone else probably already has understood it forever, because there is no such thing as magic.

      I find it clever how this is integrated into the nature of reality itself.

      Reality doesn't discriminate, anything with mass, charge, spin, really anything with any degree of coherence will passively dig into the meat and bones of the real. Those only loosely scientific may define this as 'will', physicists call it Ahler's Radiation or Kleptons. Both names are rather misleading but nobody has really bothered to change them for 46 years. I say the names are faulty in definition because Ahler's Radiation is not a traditional particle or wave, why would it be? When measuring an 'instance' you begin with a ᵃ and a ᵇ marking where one's inter-reality jaunt begins and where one shall die, from there you can work out the calculations for arbitrary wavelengths and magnitudes among many many other things. It is this which kills magic. Every dying Klepton will be reflected as a distorted image of both it and the place in which it expired, shooting back towards its birthplace carrying with it both halves. Little thieves they are, stealing physical laws and such to return to their creators if only for a moment. In a sense it is a rebirthing, the Klepton the seed and the channel the egg, the child returning its mother's 'magic' to the birthplace of its father.

      You would be surprised at what people are able to take from afar, energy, time, and exotic new rules. With the right setup and enough elbow grease one could raise their hand upwards and propel forwards walls of glistening flame or activate a purpose-built 'magical' device to shatter a planet.

      So there is no such thing as magic, only not looking in the right place.

      But it is the magic that feels magical which I am fascinated by. No inter-channel mediums to slave your command to the thought of another greater entity obsessed with the works or culture of a specific civilization. Simply alteration of reality which is practical by sheer coincidence alone. A spastic and disorderly conglomeration of interdimensional wiring which isn't streamlined or sensible at the slightest but somehow comes together to make something which is capable of propelling a civilization into new ages of sociopolitical, economic, and technological development.

      Of course these scenarios are exceedingly rare but that's part of why I enjoy them so much. The origin of these naturally-occurring mechanisms or rather the structure of Extraspace as a whole is a mystery we have not yet picked apart and examined every component of. So these 'natural magics' are a kind of blessing, not to all but to those who just so happen to trip upon them during their natural development.

      I do not attribute the distribution of blessings to any higher being or pantheon, I am not particularly spiritual. From my point of view these uneven blessings existing out of our knowable confines may be the only true uncertainty we will know of. We know not of what is responsible for the systems of the arcane today, perhaps we shall know tomorrow.

      Or maybe it's just magic.