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by The Devout Great Dystopia of Traxitaula. . 41 reads.

ˇEveryone Hail Our New Leader!

Today is one of the greatest days of the nation, ˇEveryone is glad to see our new star ascending to rule our nation to the sunset and beyond! Our new leader Markus Dage (Son of our proud leader Paul Dage Irkam) will ascend to all his powers. He will command our armies to the victory above our enemies, protect tooth and nail our allies and keep building the great estate that his father and our ancestors have created, ˇAll Hail Markus Dage and The Confederation!

Every diplomatic or ally leader is invited to join this party, have the pleasure to shake hands with our leader, don´t be shy...

And that´s the end of this starter bulletin, good luck and might The Mighty bless us all.