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Military intervention into Mantesa to overthrow the Junta.

The Butter-cut:

It was the day of Bulan's death, when the first soliders crossed the border into Mantesa. Their attack was predicted by the forces of the enemy, but their attempts caused nearly no losses for the Khazars, who named their initial attack "The butter-cut" as they went into the Mantesan force, like a sharp knife into butter. Very quickly they were aided from the north by Cielearda and Thialrer which were not able to get through as swiftly as the Khazars, but despite their losses, managed to do all they were supposed to.

Cut through the plate:

The first battles ended almost in minutes and just after an hour the Khazar army, along with some reinforcements from Tahiries entered Pentiscola. At that point they could easily accomplish their goals, but Mantesan citizens expecing secon Deca situation decided to fight back, as the Mantesan army focused on keeping the Cieleardans from conquering the borderlands in order to claim them for themselves. In the end Mantesans were aided by Praetoriius' forces, but their entire deployed force was completely annihilated with no Praetoriian given mery according to the orders from Khatun Qirka Bulan.

Cutting the table:

As Cieleardan forces were given an aid from Khazars, ultimately crushing the enemy force between the two armies, Mantesan citizens fighting back int Pentiscola were not harmed, as Khazar military leaders decided they are not big enought threat and just arrested some of the exceptionally violent protesters. During that time Khazar forces violently entered the Palace of King Diego and all governmental buildings, arresting every person that was not a member of Grand Doge Diego's family... He was found imprisoned in his own home and before his own eyes the Jacobian Patriarch was arrested... What's surprising is that Diego did not oppose that imprisonment one bit, but did not want to talk further about the patriarch.


In the end when King Diego was presented to the people of Pentiscola, the protests halted as the King was able to explain the coup. In the end the Junta was no longer existent as all of its members were now Khazar Lechia's prisoners of war, but all of them were forced to sign the papers (written with the help of Diego) in which they officially and legally declare the junta no longer in power and give King Diego absolute Monarchic status, making his rule defined in the constitution as above all other government members of Mantesa.

New foundation:

In order to become a proper King, Diego needed religious mandate and the Patriarch officially renounced the Jacobian one. Happily after contacting Khatun Qirka Bulan and the Khazar Protogeni Patriarch, one of the local protogeni bishops was officially declared a Metropolitan and was able to crown King Diego, who is now an independent Christian Monarch. King Diego however officially declared to be a deist, which was not opposed by the Protogeni Church as Qirka was gnostic herself. In the end The Protogeni Church decided to view all miracles after ascendance of Jesus Christ as Symbolic, making them officially Deistic, even though Christian, as in the Protogeni Church Jesus Christ is not seen as part of the trinity, as Trinity is not believed in, making his appearance not in conflict with deism. They also declared the Human Soul within body of every human as a spark of God YHVH, therefore also accepting most of the gnostic narrative as well.

No ill-will:

When the Jacobian church was taken away their Patriarch and the Khazar forces proved to be a friend, rather than the enemy, many of the Mantesan citizens became interested in Khazar ideology and quickly found out it was tied to the abrahamic religion. As the khazar forces begun to mostly leave Mantesa, many of the priests among the military managed to convert most of the citizens of Mantesa, who surprisingly accepted conversion very easily saying that their last resort in form of civilian opposition was a "lost gamble" and in the end they saw the light of God again in the new Protogeni Metropolitan, that they didn't see in the patriarch before, making Protogeni Christianity the new main religion in Mantesa.

Protogeni Church:

Epitomic Cross

Table of Contents:


God and Trinity:

"We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, the maker of heaven and earth, of things visible and invisible.

And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, begotten of God the Father, the Protogeni, that is of the essence of the Father.


We believe in the Holy Spirit, who proceeds from The Father; Who with The Father and The Son is worshipped and glorified and who spoke through the, prophets.

We believe in One, Catholic, Apostolic, and Holy Church; We believe in one baptism for the forgiveness of sins; We await the resurrection of the dead, and the eternal life in the new age. Amen."

LinkThe Full Creed in Aramaic
LinkThe Full Creed in Slavonic
LinkThe Full Creed in English

Regional Saints:


  • St. Archangel Rafael - The angelic patron of the Khan/Khatun title of Khazar Lechia according to the law

  • St. Angel Ariel - Guardian angel of Thialrer according to tradition


Equal to Apostles:

  • St. Mary Magdalene - The one who loved Jesus, but did not lust, the patron of asexuals in Khazar Lechia


  • St. Martyr Anna - Slavic girl, tortured to death, trying to spread the christian faith in Praetoriius

  • St. Martyr Daniel "Passion bearer" Metropolitan of Trajann and Archbishop of All Thialrer - Executed by Emperor William Knight's order for attempted help to the injured Thalrenians in the Thialren civil war

  • St. Martyr Jack Seán of Cailleach and patron of all Free Keltia - Converted to Christianity in the mission to Praetoriius, killed for attempting to return home without renouncing faith

  • St. Martyr Miras Bulan Ambassador of Khazar Lechia in Mantesa - Martyred by the protestors who attacked Khazar Lechian embassy in Pentiscola, triggering a defensive mechanism, died praying to Jesus Christ despite being a Protogeni, before the schism was mended, thus declaring faith in trinity

  • St. Martyr Nicholai - Martyred by pagans for trying to spread the faith

  • St. Martyr Sava Bishop of Tholrae - Martyred by King Trajann XI for refusing to convert to paganism

  • St. Martyr Valius Duke of Tholrae - Martyred by King Trajann XI for refusing to convert to paganism

  • St. Martyr Xaleriucus Duke of Tholrae and monk - Martyred by Prince Regent Trajann XIII for refusing to convert to paganism, Fought against Arianism and Nestorianism

Other Saints:

  • Saint Arius of Alexandria "Repenter" - A heretical bishop, who returned to Orthodoxy before death, buried in Khazar Lechia

  • Saint Mira - A Nun who brought Christianity to Kievo Rus, patron saint of Kievo Rus

  • Saint Nestorius "Repenter" - A heretical Patriarch, who brought Christianity to Khazar Lechia, before his heresy and also returned to Orthodoxy and died a faithful monk, Patron saint of Khazar Lechia


Patriarchs and Metropolitans:

  • Yehudah Aidyn, The Patriarch of Astana (Khazar Lechia) and Apostle of East

    • Aidan Rasul, Metropolitan of Trajann and Archbishop of All Thialrer

  • Alwin Garvey, The Celtic Patriarch of Cynesetle (Cielearda)

    • Antonio de Solis, Grecko-Roman Metropolitan of Pentiscola and All Mantesa

  • Lubomir Alexandrovich Holý, The Patriarch of Minska (Kievo Rus)

    • Sava ben Lech, Archbishop of the Monastery of Częstochowa and Metropolitan of All Lechites in Khazar Lechia

Map of Churches and Influence:

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In the end the war did not cause any mentionable losses to Khazar Lechia. This time the experimental weaponry was used as well, but not as the main weapons anymore, aside from the bean weaponry used against the enemy air-force. No WMDs were used and the only cognitohazards used were never used against civilian forces.

The Khatunate of Khazar Lechia