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Karma Football League

Welcome to the inaugural season of the Karma Football League! Thank you, those of you who are participating.

The following regulations have been enacted to set consistent standards across the KFL and promote balanced play.

I. Each Friday of the KFL Regular Season Schedule shall feature 4 broadcast games. These games will be broadcast in the Karma discord server via Voice Chat streaming, generally around 3pm EST as real life allows. Each team will be broadcast at least three times over the course of the season. Once this requirement has been met, the broadcast games will be chosen by the Commissioner Pretty Girls and the Co-Commissioner Pluvie with various factors being considered.

II. Games that are not broadcast live will be simulated and results will be posted every Friday.

III. In case of broadcast errors such as, but not limited to, the simulator crashing or real life schedule conflicts of the Commissioner, scheduled broadcasts that cannot be aired will be simulated and posted with the non-broadcast games that week.

IV. Each Thursday, the weekly schedule will be posted in the #vidya-gaems channel in Karma. Team schedules will be given to team owners upon request. If anything prevents the weekly schedule being posted on Thursday, it will be posted on Friday prior to the games being simulated or broadcast.

We hope you enjoy the first season of the KFL. All questions and concerns should be directed to the Commissioner Pretty Girls (Lynxi#3120 on discord) or the Co-Commissioner Pluvie (PipingHotSoup#4290 on discord).