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Interegional World Cup


The sim is going to work with an web called where I can simulate the games.
I will be screenshot the scores,Standings and stats with it.
32 Teams is only and that is it. Signups will be closed when we have the number.

All you need to do IS to TG me and say this.
" I would like to join and be named as (Team name) and my players are (Players names).
Also. The team ratings you want as on your team too is an MAX of 9.
You can say like this. "and also my team ratings is 4:OFF and 5:DEF.
The max points you have to put your team rating is 9. means that you have to pick numbers that don't Add over 9.The only ovr you need to set for your team is Offense and Defense.
Player Stars Team Position
1 Yoshimar Yatun 3 Old Zealand Kiwis FORWARD
2 Hector Little 3 New Ryansvillean Sporters FORWARD
3 Roman Zobnin 3 Gadhavi FORWARD
4 Birkir Bjarnason 3 11nations FORWARD
5 Mouez Hassen 3 BC Club GOALKEEPER
6 Valon Behrami 3 Grestin Soviets FORWARD
7 Sergio Romero 3 Devionsa GOALKEEPER
8 John Stones 3 The Calegorian Republic DEFENSE
9 Igor Smolnikov 2 Gadhavi DEFENSE
10 Ty Uri 2 LF Gregballs National FORWARD
11 Branislav Ivanovic 2 Serbia MIDFIELDER
12 David Ospina 2 Joeanian Republic GOALKEEPER
13 Ellyes Skhiri 2 BC Club FORWARD
14 Xhaka 2 Grestin Soviets FORWARD
15 Ludwig Augustinsson 2 Imadocoasca MIDFIELDER
16 Mark Milligan 2 The Hellcatian Empire DEFENSE
17 Renato Tapia 1 Old Zealand Kiwis FORWARD
18 Antonio Rios 1 New Ryansvillean Sporters FORWARD
19 Ehsan Haji Safi 1 Bear lair FORWARD
20 Celso Borges 1 Kolia FORWARD

GameWeek (3)
Posn VS Mexico
Anacin VS Mathuvan Union
Atlantican People VS Ambesia
Deutsche Luftstreitkrafte VS Seven Seas
GameWeek (4)
Severolslavia VS Rwekazaland
North American Imperial State VS Nordokarelia
Alexander the Magnus VS Chuliu Emperor
GameWeek (5)
Kool Kats VS Serbia
Devionsa VS Gadhavi
BC Club VS The Hellcatian Empire
New Ryansvillean Sporters VS Kolia
GameWeek (6)
LF Gregballs National VS Joeanian Republic
The Calegorian Republic VS 11nations
Bear lair VS Old Zealand Kiwis
Imadocoasca VS Grestin Soviets
GameWeek (7)
Mathuvan Union VS Posn
Mexico VS Anacin
Seven Seas VS Atlantican People
Ambesia VS Deutsche Luftstreitkrafte:Soaring Stuka
GameWeek (8)
Nordokarelia VS Severolslavia
Rwekazaland VS North American Imperial State
Chuliu Emperor VS Egypt
FARONIA NATIONALE VS Alexander the Magnus
GameWeek (9)
Devionsa VS Kool Kats
Serbia VS Gadhavi
New Ryansvillean Sporters VS BC Club
The Hellcatian Empire VS Kolia
GameWeek (10)
The Calegorian Republic VS LF Gregballs National
Joeanian Republic VS 11nations
Imadocoasca VS Bear lair
Old Zealand Kiwis VS Grestin Soviets
GameWeek (11)
Mexico VS Mathuvan Union
Posn VS Anacin
Ambesia VS Seven Seas
Atlantican People VS Deutsche Luftstreitkrafte:Soaring Stuka
GameWeek (12)
Rwekazaland VS Nordokarelia
Severolslavia VS North American Imperial State
Egypt VS Alexander the Magnus