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ATA International Convention: Battle Speech Event

Battle Speech Event

As you all know, the war that has come to A Taco Archipelago now looms ahead and shows no sign of de-escalating. Your troops have been mobilized, but they do not know exactly why they are fighting, and morale must be maintained. It is up to you, dear Leader, to inspire your troops before you head into battle!

In the Battlespeech Event, you must draft a speech to deliver to your soldiers. Your soldiers must feel inspired and willing to die for their nation as they approach the battlefield!

You should try to evoke certain emotions and/or ideologies depending on your nation type, and it may be as long or short as you like. Be sure to be descriptive and acknowledge past events. Additionally, this event is to help increase the quality with which you roleplay, and will lead up to the war at the end.

This event will start on October 13, and go for a week until October 20th. Submissions are to be privately telegrammed to Grea Kriopia and Thedairos. At the end of the event, all speeches will be published in a dispatch anonymously, and the winner will be voted on in an onsite poll on A Taco Archipelago. The winner will be eligible for the nation to be given the famed award of Literary Excellence as shown below for their illustrious word powers.

Best of luck to all!