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The Great Walt Woosney Cruise Bet (RP) (Finished on 10/16/20)

Something went wrong! Nations that bet for something going wrong have won!

Nations can only bet on one outcome.
If a questionable outcome occurs (sabotage from participating nations, etc.) all bets will be returned, and no changes will happen.
Bets close when the cruise begins, any pending bets will still count.
Winning bets get their bet back X2 (bet 1 stonk get 2 stonks on win etc.)
Losing bets are obviously lost or (depending on what they are) scrapped.

Total bets

If something goes wrong:
2.2 trillion Coroa de Czarinas (Matthustan)
100,000,000 Venezuelan dollars (Ethics Committee of the SCPF)
5,000,000 replica nukes (Matthustan)
101,000 Yazakhastan dollars (Yazakhastan)
3 stonks in onion bot (Melons)
2 doots (non destructive) (Boris Cult)
1 couch reveal (Sorianora)

If it goes right:
20 solar tanks (Marine Corp)
200 pounds of uncut diamond (Can No Rey)

Bets will be paid out by the Melon government to all participating nations after the cruise, assuming they win. (dont ask how we got some of the stuff)

Wooloos if you're reading this, this is a meme, and hopefully it doesn't influence the outcome of the cruise.

The Doot of Melons