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United Relief Supply Organization


Motto: "Auxilium et humilitatem"

Abbreviation: URSO

Region: Worldwide

Formation: 13 October 2020

Authorized by: Carpio Declaration

Type: Intergovernmental civil-military humanitarian task force

Headquarters: Camp Mendoza, 2 and 2 is Fish

Membership: 17 countries

Member states
2 and 2 is Fish
Bulbasaur reichpact
Intion North
Mon Island
North Baba
Railroad Crossing
Republica Guilleana
Third 3rd Skyclan republic
Vander Toferd
Vyata Temor

Official languages: English, Spanish, others

Secretary-General: Lucian Lagorio (2&2F)

Chief Logistics Officer: Air Mshl. Reggie Suárez, PAFNB

Chief Security Liaison: Adm. Betsy Akamu, TN



The United Relief Supply Organization (URSO; Spanish: Organización para el Suministro Unido de Ayuda, OSUA) is an intergovernmental civil-military humanitarian task force formed by countries that have come together in a coordinated strategy for international relief actions and humanitarian activities. Together, they have come close to creating the world's largest military response group ‫for emergency disaster (including sanitation, food, water, shelter, clothing, and blood banks), health care, and development assistance arrangements‬.

The Carpio Declaration allows for any Strangereal nation to become an URSO member state, subject to the approval of existing URSO members. Alternately, states can apply for associate membership and contribute personnel to the Main Staff. Several countries participate in URSO as member states to complement NBPAF international humanitarian assistance, crisis response and disaster relief efforts on all continents where they are located.

URSO assures the world that it is “born out of the intent to use its member nation’s military structures for peaceful purposes and not for wars of aggression.”


The North Baban Collective Aid Treaty, or Carpio Declaration, was signed on 13 October 2020 in Carpio, as part of the North Baban government’s main intent to use the North Baban People's Armed Forces (NBPAF) and its installations around the world for peaceful purposes. This declaration created an organization that alleviated foreign doubts about North Baba’s peaceful intentions by reaffirming a humanitarian design through the coordination of the tactical and logistical experience of the military forces of each member state to provide emergency relief and maritime security around the world.

Currently, URSO has tens of thousands of worldwide operatives in an extensive network of missions and installations with the capacity to operate in almost all Strangereal countries. This level of URSO activity can serve nations that are affected by a diverse range of problems.


The organization, headquartered in Camp Mendoza, 2 and 2 is Fish, was created in 2020 at the first meeting of the Council of Representatives set up by the declaration. URSO is not subordinate to any single government or military organization. It is administratively headed by the Secretary-General and an international Main Staff but its forces can only be deployed on the authority of the Secretary-General-in-Council, also comprising the Council of Representatives (which includes the member states), the Chief Logistics Officer, and the Chief Security Liaison. The Secretary-General-in-Council considers requests for support from individual states and multinational organizations although member states can also request URSO contingent deployments.

URSO organizes and distributes its international humanitarian assistance through the continental branches (HCV, HCA, HCNO, HCSO, HCU, HCF) of its Humanitarian Corps (HC). The HC is under the URSO Humanitarian Committee (HUCOMM), composed of Permanent Representatives from member states, which deals with all humanitarian matters and other subjects directly related to URSO’s Integrated Humanitarian Response (IHR). In this it also serves, along with the Main Staff, as a coordinating body between the Humanitarian and Security apparatuses of URSO. HUCOMM is headed by the Chief Logistics Officer, who, in addition to forming part of the Secretary-General-in-Council, serves as the senior URSO spokesman for humanitarian affairs.

In addition to taking part in aid delivery endeavours, URSO naval and air components lead the URSO Security System (USS) that conducts combined missions to prevent piracy by enforcing maritime security on international trade routes.


In addition to combined aid and security operations, URSO member states work on improving social and economic issues around the world under the Commission for Culture, Education, Research, and Information Technology (CERIT). The commission, which mainly provides energy, digital, agriculture, and medical grants, is currently working on the establishment of the URSO Institute of Technology (UIT) in Raccooniah and looks to sponsor the creation of further cultural and pedagogical institutions to encourage technical training throughout the world. The Chair of CERIT reports directly to the Secretary-General.


The URSO Security System (USS) is URSO’s strategic command for defense diplomacy. It is headed by the URSO Security Committee (SC), composed of the member states' naval and air chiefs, and advises the Council of Representatives on security policy and strategy. The USS directs all operations required to guarantee the safety of international trade routes, as well as search-and-rescue operations at sea, through the use of multinational air, sea and special forces units capable of being deployed on missions wherever needed. It also assists in the main goal of URSO by escorting crisis management & disaster relief operations and protecting critical infrastructure in vulnerable areas. Its main components are Combined Air Command URSO (CACU), Combined Sea Command URSO (CSCU), and Combined Ground Command URSO (CGCU). The URSO Security Committee (SC) is headed by the Chief Security Liaison, who, in addition to forming part of the Secretary-General-in-Council, serves as the senior URSO spokesman for security affairs.

Flag of the URSO Security Committee

Main facilities

Whereas URSO has the capacity to establish military installations with multinational personnel, to date it has only operated on national air and naval bases. Below are the most used bases for URSO operations although only a certain number of specific URSO air and naval components are present at these North Baban bases. The remainder are deployed to the URSO's other Qualifying Bases (QBs) in Bulbasaur reichpact, 2 and 2 is Fish, Vyata Temor and Teostirias, or to locations elsewhere within its membership. URSO components in these bases have approximately 950 military and civilian assigned personnel at each site. Despite being URSO personnel, they all are from their respective host nation.

◾️ PNB Handal, headquarters of the Cascade Fleet and previous headquarters of the North Baban Forces Verusa (NBFV)
◾️ PNB Lauron, headquarters of the North Baban Forces Verusa (NBFV) and the North Baban Air Forces Verusa (NBAFV)
◾️ Camp Mendoza, headquarters of the North Baban Forces Anea (NBFA)
◾️ PAFB Accantolago, headquarters of the North Baban Air Forces Anea (NBAFA)
◾️ Camp Duspan, headquarters of the North Baban Forces North Osea (NBFNO) and External Guard (EXGU) garrison
◾️ PNB Gamle Kysten, headquarters of the Ceres Fleet and headquarters of the North Baban Air Forces North Osea (NBAFNO)
◾️ PNB Suroba, headquarters of the Emerald Fleet and headquarters of the North Baban Forces South Osea (NBFSO) and the North Baban Air Forces South Osea (NBAFSO)