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secret weapon 1955

You have entered the password for the libertalonian secret archives, congratulations.

[b]accessing files, 
//computer go brrrr//
//windows/folder/project/operation kabosata//
12.555.2 ver


//checking data...//


//Explorer loading//

//connection secure//

//welcome user//[/b]

From: general Tancred

to: Preisdent Lilith j lyndon.

"We did it, We have split the atom after we managed to obtain uranium from those foreign folks, As if they'll miss it, Either way we are on the way to building our first war ending weapons, we are also finding ways to utilize supersonic missiles recently, and you know what?

when we combine both, We'll be able to annihilate our enemies with fire and brimstone, Miss Lilith, please accept this project and give us the ability to develop such weapons!"