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by The Federation of Libertalonia. . 3 reads.

(Secret weapon project no 225)

You have entered the password for the libertalonian secret archives, congratulations.

accessing files,
//computer go brrrr//
//windows/folder/project/operation mistanya//
12.555.2 ver


//checking data...//


//Explorer loading//

//connection secure//

//welcome user//

From: Dr kenyard
To: the libertalonian defence ministry, New statheim.

"I'm glad you have taken up on the offer, it's good hearing that we are getting funds for project no 225 or as the president dubbed it 'Mistanya'. We are busy working on the Mark 1 version.

the Mistanya is a nanobot style weapon, dropped from fighter jets and aimed at only harming enemy combatants with it's smarter AI, although it requires a human operator to designate more hidden targets and the aircraft with the AI director onboard within a lower altitude and distance to operate fully, otherwise it'll stop and fall.

The Mistanya can find holes in vehicles, it can be used in tunnels, etc and it's effective against large scale assaults,

although it requires improvement, we will have it ready by, 2021, we will be delivering it soon"