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The Liberty Gala 2020: Event Schedule

Event Schedule

Times are listed using both EDT and UTC for convenience. Use Linkthis site for easy time zone conversion.

Monday, October 19

Tuesday, October 20

Wednesday, October 21

Thursday, October 22

  • All day: Conga Line visits Spiritus's LinkDiscord Server -- Potato Cook Out

  • All day: Beginning of Security Council Events

    • 6 PM EDT (10 PM UTC): Highlighting the Importance of the Security Council AMA with Kuriko

  • 8 PM EDT (12 AM UTC): Evening Game Series -

  • 12 AM (4 AM October 23 UTC) [Major Update]: Defender Games Game of Telephone begins

Friday, October 23

Saturday, October 24

Sunday, October 25

Monday, October 26

Tuesday, October 27

  • All day: Begin discussion for Defender Awards

  • 9 PM EDT (1 AM UTC October 28): Evening Games - LinkAmong Us

  • 12 AM (4 AM October 28 UTC) [Major Update]: Defender Games Individual Chasing

Wednesday, October 28

Thursday, October 29

  • 11:59 PM EDT (3:59 AM UTC October 30): End discussion for Defender Awards

  • 8 PM EDT (12 AM UTC): Evening Game Series -

  • 11:59 PM EDT (3:59 AM UTC): Card Collections Due; Winners Poll Opens

  • 12 AM (4 AM October 30 UTC) [Major Update]: Defender Games Pile-off Ends

Friday, October 30

Saturday, October 31

Sunday, November 1

Wednesday, November 18

  • Reveals of artwork for Character Contest winners

Event Descriptions

  • The Conga Line: The Conga Line is an effort to allow Gala guests to visit other regions' Discord servers and meet their people. Please be kind and courteous while visiting.

  • Character Contest: Design a character and we'll draw it!

  • Defender Games: Take some time to come compete against your fellow defenders, try out new things, and have some fun during update with challenges and games! These games will be broken up into 3 different components: team, individual, and regional as well as be hosted during both minor and major, depending on the day. This should allow the maximum amount of people to participate and provide a wide variety of experiences of what defending looks like.

  • Defender History Events

    • Defender History Essay: Numero Capitan has written an essay about defender history that will be shared as part of the event.

    • Defender Tapestry: A visual representation of defender history, the Tapestry will sew together the timeline of the Regional Sovereignty cause, aiming to represent each organization the way they wish to be remembered.

    • Defender Family Tree: The Defender Family Tree traces the history of defender mentors and mentees.

  • Evening Game Series: On some evenings, we'll be hosting a casual game on our Discord which anyone is welcome to join!

  • Trading Card Events: Using the NS Trading Cards feature, we'll be hosting three collecting contests and a pull event. Two collecting contests will focus on defending -- one on collecting defender switchers and another on collecting influential defenders. Another contest will focus on creatively compiling cards obtained from packs opened during a detag run. And finally there will be a pull event for Season 1 Anime Daisuki. As always, there will be trading card rewards.

  • Why We Defend panel: The Why We Defend panel will focus on outlining a call to arms for defenders and defending in NationStates.

  • Nation Creation Contest: A fun way to play an issues-focused game competitive, the TIC Nation Creation Contest involves ejecting the bottom ranking puppets in each daily World Census Report ranking until a winner can be crowned!

  • Advocating Defender Values in the Security Council: This will include an instructive essay/Q&A from the most prolific Security Council author in history Kuriko followed by a group effort to write and pass a WA Security Council Commendation for a prominent defender.

  • Defender Awards: A classic!

Participating On Site

Don't want to use Discord but still want to participate in The Liberty Gala? Here are the events that are easy for you to participate in!