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Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service (Volume 5)

October '20
Volume Five

The Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service
The Official Newsletter of Caer Sidi

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Tenurium becomes the new Taoiseach!
by CSBS Staff

With the end of Loller M Corleone's (LollerLand) term, fresh elections for the position of Taoiseach were declared on 26th August. The standing period began on the same day and continued till 30th August.

Kappa (Armedking), Tenurium (Kresh Nagar) and Varanius Sunfire (Ultimate Q) were the three citizens that expressed their interest to stand up for the elections initially, but with Varanius dropping out later due to increased real life responsibilities, the final contest was between Tenurium and Kappa.

Tenurium’s campaign was based on his experience serving in the cabinet of the outgoing Taoiseach and emphasised on his plans to promote more cultural activities that highlights the creativity of the citizens of Caer Sidi and expanding the region’s foreign relations through more crossover events. He also shared his plans to reform and restructure CSBS into an 'independently functional subdivision'.

Kappa, who was a relatively newer citizen, ran a samurai themed campaign and outlined his plans to make the citizenship process more faster, to expand the number of embassies Caer Sidi has and to encourage more engagement by diplomats assigned to our region by introducing initiatives such as a 'Diplomat of the Week' poll.

Voting began on 31st August and was closed on 2nd September. With an overwhelming majority of votes in his favour, Tenurium was declared as the new Taoiseach of Caer Sidi. He garnered around 82% of the total votes cast. Tenurium told our reporter during a conversation that he ran to be a Taoiseach because he thought ''it was the next logical step,'' and also said that other than his own plans for the region, his priority would be to ''preserve a lot of what Loller set in place''.

Tenurium announced his cabinet shortly after the results were announced with Vijay(Portswood) as the Tanaiste, Deadbeat Moreaux(Plang Man Tiden) as the Minister of Culture, Loller M Corleone as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Varanius Sunfire as the Minister of Communication. Like his predecessor who appointed two Ministers for Cultural Affairs, Tenurium too later expanded his cabinet and appointed Icarus M Corleone(Evil Mother) as a Co-Minister of Culture along with Deadbeat.

Fridate with Karma!
by Ultimate Q

On September 11, the Caer Sidi RMB was host to a writing game from our friends in Karma. The event, a weekly event in Karma, consists of a writing prompt, then individuals simply write a short story fitting within the parameters of the prompt in the RMB.

This time, the prompt involved writing a story where the first sentence had to be “Charles loved peanut butter and jelly.” And the last sentence “And that is why you don't fight with Sasquatch.” The stream of creativity that followed was wonderful, involving stories from both Karma and Caer Sidi participants, and showcasing all different types of stories of all different lengths.

If you’d like to take a look for yourself, you can read the stories from page 102 of Caer Sidi's RMB, maybe even try making one yourself (it might be a bit late to post it on the RMB, but that’s no reason you can’t just have fun with it)!

You can also read all the stories that were created and posted by the amazing residents of both the regions from the dispatch made by Sheepy Hollow.

Across the Hadrian's Wall – An exchange with
21st Century Rome

by Kresh Nagar

Following a regular tradition of 21st Century Rome in which they invite regions they have embassies with to play games on the weekend, citizens of Caer Sidi and 21FCR met on the 19th of September.

The games played at the event were the social deduction games Secret Hitler, a game emulating the unstable political climate of the Weimar Republic to fester paranoia and distrust and the recently reinvigorated Among Us, which sees the crew of a space ship/station/science outpost infiltrated by impostors trying to murder them, as well as the online drawing game

N-Day: On the Walls of Ba Sing Se
by Kresh Nagar

On this year’s N-Day, Caer Sidi entered a coalition with Osiris, Thalassia, The Black Hawks, Refugia, Europeia, Lazarus, Lone Wolves United and the Social Technocratic Union to form the impregnable city, Ba Sing Se.

Despite being a powerful force, the early hours were quite calm for the residents and commanders of Ba Sing Se, as they were dominated by the all-out war between the previous year’s winners, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the Potato Alliance. After the dust settled, it seemed that the Horsemen were the ones left standing, and they proceeded to turn both their ire and nuclear hellfire against the Alliance To Obliterate Many Inferior Contenders or ATOMIC, who too succumbed to their overwhelming might.

Ba Sing Se had been keeping a low profile until a combined assault from Ba Sing Se and our trusted allies in the Augustin Alliance broke through the Horsemen’s defenses, provoking a counterattack of more than 60 000 nuclear warheads. But the great wall of Ba Sing Se stood firm and the city was left unharmed, as every contender began exploiting the shattered defenses of the Horsemen.

The rest of N-Day played out without any major confrontations or events, as the remains of the Horsemen were razed to the ground in a bid to achieve the highest score. In the end, Ba Sing Se not only managed to secure a respectable third place behind the Augustin Alliance and a recovered Potato Alliance, but did so completely unscathed, proving the commanders right: There was no war in Ba Sing Se.

An ally indeed: Treaty with Lazarus!
by LollerLand

Caer Sidi and Lazarus recently signed and ratified the ‘Treaty of Connacht’, with the aim of fostering the deep bonds and mutual respect between the two regions. The treaty’s clauses are written with the aim of encouraging cooperation in regional security and cultural activities, and military cooperation in the forms of mutual defense and joint operations etc.

This treaty had been in the works since the end of the successful roleplay event ‘STARCOM’, that was jointly organised by Caer Sidi and Lazarus for the citizens of both the regions, last term. Members of the Governments of both the regions had been working towards finalising the treaty ever since.

The elections that happened in both Caer Sidi and Lazarus in between the negotiations stage, although slowed down the process slightly, didn’t hinder its progress as the new governments of both the regions, seeing the benefits of such a treaty, finalised and ratified the treaty that had been already negotiated and drafted.

The full text of Treaty of Connacht has been published in the Gameplay Embassy thread of Caer Sidi, where it can be viewed and read by all.

The Autumnal Court grows stronger!
by LollerLand

In August, The Autumnal Court piled in Warzone Sandbox to help secure One Small Island’s Delegacy, amidst foiled attempts at raiding the region by various other military orgs. OSI was going to complete a year as the Delegate of Warzone Sandbox along with achieving the record as the longest serving Delegate of the region. With TAC’s assistance, OSI successfully achieved this record and is now the longest serving Delegate of Warzone Sandbox.

TAC led a successful tag raid plush fash bash in September along with their friends from Karma and Social Technocratic Union. The fash bash resulted in the combined forces hitting 4 vile regions adhering to the hateful ideology of fascism. The combined forces also tagged several other regions and made them prettier for free using glitter. Fennid Cara(Dellmere) was promoted to the rank of Bóaire after this op.

In the same month, TAC also piled in Warzone Australia, upon the invitation of Warzone Sandbox and the Warzone Control Council, after the region was liberated from the vile clutches of Lardyland. WZAU is now under the rightful watch of WCC until a legitimate native government can be established.

In the end of September, TAC assisted STU by piling in their support during the occupation of Smol Fur Empire. The occupation of SFE ended up becoming a two week long occupation that showcased the strength of both sides of R/D with both Raiders and Defenders showcasing their ability to bring in great numbers to the battlefield.

At the time of writing this, TAC is engaged in the raid of Der Trollpakt, a fascist region that TAC raided in an op led by their friends at TBH.

TAC keeps growing stronger as a military organisation friendly to both sides of R/D. They have been able to bring in an increasing number of updaters and pilers into the battlefield throughout the last two months. With the assistance of seasoned defenders such as Numero Capitan from Founderless and FiHami from SPSF, TAC has also recently started to train its troops in chasing and defending along with its existing training exercises.

A new offsite forum!
by CSBS Staff

Towards the mid of last term, citing the various inadequacies and issues that the Admin team were facing with ProBoards, Queen Aynia Moreaux announced that Caer Sidi’s offsite forum will be moved to a paid web hosting service with a better infrastructure. This decision was taken after deliberations with the Interior Council, Executive Government and Citizens of the region.

Loller M Corleone(LollerLand) was brought in as the webmaster of the new forum in order to help the Administrators in creating and customising the new forum to meet the needs of Caer Sidi. The forum was opened in September for citizens in order to create their accounts and get the webmaster/admins to move their threads from the old forum.

After much anticipation, the new forum was finally opened to the public on 9th October. It can be accessed by going to Caer Sidi welcomes everyone to register and check out their brand new forum!

Football frenzy hits Caer Sidi
by Portswood

September saw the launch of The Caer Sidi Fantasy Premier League, aimed at the fans of the game of football of the region! This was followed by the creation of the Sports Ministry by the Tanaiste with the endorsment of the Taoiseach, a ministry with solely for fantasy sports leagues.

Game week 1 was on the 12th and catapulted Team RMS Titanic to the top of the table. Even though Team RMS Titanic were taken over by West Float Rovers in game week 2. After the end of game week 3, Team RMS Titanic regained their top spot.

Meanwhile, the Vigridian Ironsides have been rooted to the bottom of the table all month. Still there's a long season ahead that anyone who is interested can join and see if they can win manager of the month for October and onwards.

The league code to join is: o2ykn5 on the official fantasy premier league website. See you for game week 5 on the 17th October!

- From the desk of the Sports Minister (coincidentally, September's manager of the month)

Of the Heroes and Monsters of the Mediterranean
by Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Caer Sidi

In the week leading up to N-Day, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs hosted the first Caer Sidi Art Showcase or CSASC, inviting the community of Caer Sidi to show off their artistry by submitting works depicting scenes from or inspired by Greek mythology. The culture ministry hopes to make the CSACS a recurring event exploring different themes if it garners sufficient popular support. CSBS is exclusively publishing the artwork that were created and submitted by the citizens of Caer Sidi for the showcase.

by Phantasus

by Aynia Moreaux

by Icarus M Corleone (Evil Mother)

by Lil La Luna

by Armedking

Citizen of the Month: Icarus
by Taoiseach Kresh Nagar

Icarus has been not only a fountain of activity, but also positive energy in her time in Caer Sidi. The enthusiasm and dedication she displays is commendable and makes her presence a welcome addition to the community. These qualities has also led to her appointment as Co-Minister of Cultural Affairs alongside Deadbeat, a position she has proven herself worthy of by organizing the first (potentially of many) Caer Sidi Art ShowCase or CSACS as well as the barrage of interesting ideas she provides. Beyond that she is also one of the most literally vocal members of the region who can be frequently found in the VCs of the Caer Sidi Discord server.

Our Team

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