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October Endorsement Drive

Starting Endorsements: 418
Current Endorsements: 418
Endorsement Goal: 500

October Endorsement Drive

After the Linkmost recent round of Delegate elections, Delegate HumanSanity has assumed office. However, as former Delegate Kuriko had ample opportunity to accumulate endorsements over the course of a 14 month term, our Delegate's endorsement count has dropped off a fair bit.

To spur endorsement activity, the Delegate's office, the WA Secretariat, and the Ten thousand Islands Brigade of Official Endorsers (TIBOE) will be holding a October Endorsement Drive to increase the endorsement count of the Delegate. Our goal for this event is that by the end of October (10/31), the Delegate will have 500 endorsements.

If you have received a "Notification" from this Dispatch, it is because you are not yet endorsing the Delegate! Your nation is "tagged" in the spoiler below. The best way to avoid getting too many notifications in the future is to endorse the Delegate! Aaaaaand you'll get cool awards as explained below.

Samonaemia,Osito Libre,Johnne Green,Anarcandris,The Parandeam,Dadalin,Liberty-land1,SHASLAND,Starscrest,Plato and friends,Euphorialand,Tharalian Union,Gluebucket,Matterland,Zlatousk,Lesbi,The capitalist states of philashan,Asplundh,United north american islands,Terra taxs,Everrettannia,Harainis,Tholosis,The Alaskan protectorate,East Shetland,Ms3010,Great Ranges,The Hashima Island Republic,Penguins with aks,Markkar,Holy Handgrane Empire,Unruliness,Belistien,Republic of transistria,Myndithos,The unified counties of ireland,New Kowloon Bay,United cheese land,The glorious fuzz,IslaMond,The TerranRepublics,Magtonia,Bruce Campbell,Leirkra,Northern californian san francisco,Lyndseyydom,Calmani,Belevicha,Cornoka,Adorabatia,The dumpling islands,Austral coast,New napas,Hollo,Leauar,Arctic Coalition,Samiriah,Luzfhala,Hellstep,Central Russia,Baudlands,Ytvigshill,Democratic republic of pancakes,Great toledo,The republic of lancashire,The independent city of greater london,Beiluxia,Jimjam Goober,Kingdom of New Berlin,Great Virgin,Myval,Riachisland,Spes amor,Purple administration,New fania,The Void Collective,Hawalius,Couleacu,Randomcountryattheequator,Ruloupe,Aagarhathea,Soldierstan,Azziraphalia,Mcfierce,Blavorth,Davanton,Libertaritaritaritaria,Kyushi,Lunador,Nuremburgia,Yarlsberg,United republican democracy of america,Imbarien,United american territorries,Cerb,Troydia,Free Booze,Rahatalia,Lopandia,The republic of humans,Communist republic of North Yorkshire,Lesbia,Akreti,Titanica,Pareny,Guyndan,Free Land of Rebellium,Dominique monique,Lacuna,Northern ravenlight,Hellei,EngiCorp,New pelusia,Amcarna,Great lausitz,Tills,Insulas dives,Chargren,Slickvania,Siddaustralia,Commonwealth of Krypton,South Comradia,Spncrgmn,Turtislava,New karelian empire,Mirkoism,Anarchals,Maori democracy,Zulcanmaral,Nami Bays,Vorintha,Karlstejn,Corvonian Defence Front,Tomatovia,Schlesi,Baydor,Afriesinele,The united states of marshall,Ferte,Datland,Sphenisland,104 Banbury Road,Shabandra,Anarchotopia Magnus,Imark,Krasnota rubrum,Safe place for everone,Metitis garbage,Isles of Nixon,Almy,Tol ered,Neo polania,Lospublica,The Third Osogo Reich,Imperium of tryton,The puritans,Balist,Piwaland,Sol Aardan,Dorohan,Duinhironia,Galoamar,Imperatorian,Fleeb,Godia leiberiteria,Killettland,Techoligia,The fire nation archipelago,Nublar paradox,Aqoarith,Barkdull,Emulini,Gal Cradia,New wesburg,HumanSanity,Kisslung,A superb government,Reedylandia,BRVTOPIA,Lamborghini murcielago,Mirflandia,Burkina fasso,West bassonien,Coronary Bypass,Future of Mankind,The Peninsular,Tittsvillle,Autara,Greater new amsterdam,The republic of ashlem,West curan,Niralands,Hallakoku,Kumbayalaland,A Country Run by Scientists,Serlone,Tobrana,United-aruland,Spearka,New Dracora,Mursilis

Why are Delegate endorsements important?

Great question! Why does it matter if anyone endorses the Delegate. There are three crucial reasons:

  • Endorsing the Delegate makes the region more secure. In NationStates, the Delegate seat is the mechanism by which raiders take over a region. As a fairly large region, and a region with an active founder, 10000 Islands is largely isolated from these risks, and could never be destroyed completely. However, rival regions do have an interest in securing the Delegate seat, even if just momentarily, to embarrass the region. Each additional endorsement the Delegate has is one more player that raiders would have to have on their side in order to embarrass the region like this.

  • Endorsing the Delegate increases your power in the World Assembly. Delegates in the WA have special voting powers where they get to cast a vote worth 1 + the number of endorsements the Delegate has. Our goal is to get Delegate HumanSanity to 500 endorsements which would give them 501 votes in the World Assembly. Why is this good for you? The 10000 Islands Delegate always Linkvotes the result of forum WA voting polls, which means you get an outsized influence on how those 501 votes will be cast. But in order to get there, you have to endorse the Delegate.

  • A large WA vote is crucial to advocating for defender values. To our core, 10000 Islands is a defender region. Even for members who aren't actively participating in TITO, our region's stated political purpose is the safety and sovereignty of innocent regions that did not ask to become part of some "raiding and defending game". However, sometimes raiders get a strategic leg up and a Security Council Liberation, which removes the password from a region thereby preventing raiders from destroying it, is the last chance to preserve the community. At moments such as those, we need to make sure our WA vote is at its absolute strongest to preserve the sovereignty of defenseless regions.

What will we be doing for this event?

This event has three components:

  • We will be giving away NS Trading Cards. After the event is over, if we meet our goal we will be randomly awarding 150 Epic Trading Cards and 15 Legendary Trading Cards to nations endorsing the Delegate. With those cards, you can either keep them or you can junk or sell them for more bank to buy other cards you want more with. To see some of the Legendary Card possibilities, see the XKI Cards Co-op's collection. Even if we don't meet our goal, we'll still be randomly giving away 50 Epics and 5 Legendary Cards to nations endorsing the Delegate. But make sure to endorse the Delegate and encourage all your friends to do the same that way we can meet our goal!

  • TIBOE will be recognizing nations on the RMB. Each day, every new nation who endorses the Delegate will get a special shout out from TIBOE on the RMB! Thank you to new TIBOE Chair Vivolkha for stepping up to do this. As always, nations who endorse the Delegate will also receive the Mangos of The Isles award in the monthly World Assembly Supremacy Program published by the WA Secretariat.

  • TIBOE will be contacting nations privately to endorse the Delegate. One way we achieve our goal is through reaching out to people as many ways as possible to ensure they get the message about endorsing the Delegate. TIBOE will be working hard to reach out to WA nations not endorsing the Delegate to encourage them to support our efforts.

Do you have ideas to increase Delegate endorsements?

Do you have an idea about how to reach nations about endorsing the Delegate? No idea is too bad to be said out loud! If you have an idea you should telegram Delegate HumanSanity, TIBOE Chair Vivolkha, and WA Secretary Eastern New England. If we like your idea and think it can be implemented, we'll award you a random Legendary card and recognize you on the RMB and forum for your contribution!

The Lacking of HumanSanity