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Citizen: February 9, 2021 - present
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Staff, Department of Cultural Affairs: February 20, 2021 - present
Praetor of Internal Affairs: March 19, 2021 - present

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National information:

As of May 31, 2020
The United Socialist States of America (USSA), also known as the United Socialist States (USS) or America, is a country located in North America, between Alaska and Mexico. It is a union of 32 federated states. It is the third largest country in the world in terms of both total area and population, with its over 351 million citizens occupying an area of over 11.2 million square kilometers (4.3 million square miles).

United Socialist States of America
Estados Unidos Socialistas de America (Spanish)
tats-Unis Socialistes d'Amrique (French)
Vereinigten Sozialistischen Staaten von Amerika (German)
美利坚社会主义合众国 (Chinese); Měiljiān Shhu Zhǔy Hzhnggu (Pinyin)

NOTE: This map is not the final map. See more information in my factbook featuring the Political Map of the United Socialist States (TBA).

National information

Anthem: "The Internationale"

Capital: Chicago
Largest city: Toronto
Languages: English (lingua franca and language of government); Spanish, French, German, Mandarin Chinese (languages of government); Italian, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, dozens of other languages; Cherokee, Navajo, hundreds of other Native American languages

Religion: None official; Christianity is majority religion

Demonym: American

Government: Federal presidential constitutional republic
Chairperson of the United Socialist States: Stan Melix (SCA)
Speaker of the House: Brady Horowitz (ANCP)
Chief Justice: Ezekiel Cecora (SCA)

Legislature: United Socialist National Congress

Judiciary: United Socialist Supreme Court

History: WIP

Total area: 11,239,900 sq. km. (4,339,750 sq. mi.)
Percentage water: 6.49%
Total land area: 10,510,431 sq. km. (4,058,100 sq. mi.)

Population: 351,137,497 (July 1, 2020 estimate)
Population density: 33.4/sq. km. (86.5/sq. mi.)

GDP: $22,574,403 million (October 1, 2020 estimate)
GDP per capita: $64,289.35

Currency: USS dollar

Time zone: (UTC-8 to -3:30)

Date format: dd-mm-yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy

Driving side: right

Calling code: +1
ISO 2-letter code: US
ISO 3-letter code: USS
Internet TLD: .uss

NationStates information:

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