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Refugia's WA Development Program!

The World Assembly Development Program of Refugia

Hello Refugia!

With the Winter Flag Contest coming to a close, we need more things going on. Ideally, this would be a fantastic time for certain seasonally themed content to appear. Alas! Although all of us have been waiting on pins and needles, ever since the wayback times at the dawn of civilization (read: Early December) the release of NationStates Cards Season 3 Edition is still missing. Season 3 shall never exist and I disavow it. However, I would still like to run a giveaway for something other than Season 2 cards, so we're going to tap into Season 1 cards for the prizes for February. Hooray!

For February, I will be increasing the total available lottery cards once again, as well as upping their values, thanks inflation! The following four cards will be available for this lottery, and the winners will be drawn in this particular order:

S1 Siwale, the then-delegate of The North Pacific, Siwale was the youngest legend in Season 1, now valued at 67.00 bank.
Frieden-und Freudenland, Legendary Issues author and now commended nation from our embassy region Forest, this card is worth 83.00 bank.
Xoriet, having received a commendation after the card rarity was set, S1 Xor is one of two commended rares that will ever exist, valued at 109.00 bank
Crazy girl, the then-retired-now-returned moderator from TRR, any S1 legendary collection would be difficult to complete without being handed this 282.00 market value card.

For Member States who are endorsing the delegate by Friday, February 5th, you'll have a chance to win one of these cards if Dot selects your name from the roster.

So get qualified to win by endorsing the delegate!
A nation may only win once per event, the founder and delegate cannot participate for obvious reasons.

And indeed if the RNG is not with you there's always the...

Endotarting Competition!

What the heck does that mean?

Endotarting is when you, as a WA nation, go around to every other WA nation in the region and endorse them. This is great for other people's nations because it increases their endorsement census stat and gives them a warm fuzzy feeling. It's also great because every endorsement on a nation means that they gain +1 influence points twice a day, and can collectively build that census stat as well. No one else can get native Refugia influence, that magical stuff exists only here.

Strategically, having influence in the region is a great boon for us all. Refugia is fantastic and wonderful, and I want it to last for ages. However, if something were to happen to me, the delegate seat would gain all of my powers. If that happens, dark forces from the great beyond could target Refugia and steal our kneecaps! The fact is, though, that if a bad actor gains control of the delegacy, they'll want to start banning nations, and the only thing that will protect us is a fortrtess of regional influence on all of our accounts. Whatever influence you have will be required for an invader to ban you. If they can't afford it, you're safe. So when we all have a ton of endorsements on our nations, we slowly get stronger and collectively build this safety net.

Refugia currently boasts having the 25th most endorsements in the world, and everyone's endorsement of everyone else contributes to this. So I'm going to get the ball rolling by providing this list of Refugia WA nations that can be endorsed. And everyone should try to endorse everyone else on this list, and check the regional census page periodically to see if you can find anyone new to endorse.

For the top fifteen people who have given out the most endorsements by Friday, February 12th, I will give out a Season 2 Wallenburg. So check out some of the nations in the table to the left.

There's no limit on how many endorsements you can give, and you could end up getting a legendary card with little effort if you're a top-tier endorser.