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Layem Times Issue 21

Saturday, October 10th, 2020-Confederacy of Layem-Thanks to our Editor-in-Chief Baaas, our Correspondents: The grand sultanate of Krm, Nexus Sierra, and Elvato, and our Columnists: SomethingIsWrongHere and Benderk

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Letter from the Editor: Columbus Day

by Editor-in-Chief Baaas

What do y'all think of Columbus Day?

There are two cases for and against the holiday that the schools in the United States have off on Monday. I'll present them here, both written by me.

The Case Against Columbus Day:

Here are some points that are commonly made when arguing against Columbus Day:

- Christopher Columbus was a brutal murderer, and he, therefore, shall not have a national holiday commemorating him
- Christopher Columbus didn't actually do much; he didn't discover the Americas, he only paved the path for colonialism and the slave trade
- The Indigenous populations of the area Columbus colonized should be recognized more, possibly with a national holiday to replace Columbus Day

The Case For Columbus Day:

Here are some points that are commonly made when arguing for Columbus Day:

- Christopher Columbus was not perfect, but neither were the indigenous populations of the Americas, who committed their share of mass murder
- Italian Americans associate with Christopher Columbus; they were the people who pushed to give him his own day

The Layem Times Editorial Board does not necessarily agree with any of the points made in the above text


The First Week of Layem's New Government

by Politics and Court Correspondent Nexus Sierra

It's been about one week since the election has ended, and the new government spent the week settling in while taking on their first tasks. One of the biggest highlights of the past week been the huge revival of the region's roleplay server, and it has been full of activity lately which credit can be due to the new Minister of Internal Affairs and contribution from the Minister of Roleplay as well. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister hasn't been active too much during the recent week and ensures the public his first bill in office will be submitted into the Assembly by early next week with full transparency of the bill's content. The first week has been interesting for some of the government, and progress has started to roll out which is good for the region. Down below is what has been happening with each position of the government.

Chief Minister: First week has rather been slow and mostly inactive regarding progress made during week one for the Chief Minister position. The current Chief Minister intends to start rolling out the goals promised during the campaign trail starting next week after deciding the starting point.

Minister of Internal Affairs: The Minister of Internal Affairs made a lot of progress during their first week and managed to revive the regional roleplay with some contributions from others as well. A cold war roleplay has been made which is going strong and made a new position called Minister of Roleplay too.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: The Minister of Foreign Affairs made a lot of progress right off the bat from his first day in office starting in the new term. Several embassies were formed since the beginning of the past week, and have been proven to be a success on the front regarding foreign relations. Embassies have been finished.

Speaker of the Assembly: The Speaker of the Assembly had a slow and inactive week regarding their progress during week one of the new term. Some might say they aren't doing their job, but there hasn't been work moving through the assembly to grant the position any active duties to fulfill. Things will change in the next few weeks perhaps.

Layem Roleplay Server Revived, New RP Cold War Theme Introduced

by Guest RP Correspondent Nexus Sierra

In the past week or so the region's roleplay server has been revived with new activity and a new theme for partakers in the annual roleplay ideas. This time around the majority of the region agreed to do a cold war roleplay that starts on January 1, 1946, and will go on for 100 real-time days or more or less depending on the circumstances in the future. Down below is all the events from the past week that have unfolded in different nations around the world in the current roleplay.

Treaties: There have been several treaties made, and are listed in the order that they happened chronologically.

- Treaty of Chengdu: All nationalist lands will be given to us. The leaders sign it.
Leaders of the War: Nationalists: Chiang Kai-Shek (Captured & Executed)
Communists: Mao Zedong

- Treaty of Kwattaweg: Brazil annexes Suriname, Brazil pays for the damage caused by their army, Brazil doesn’t go to war for 5 Years, The Suriname President will be publicly executed.

- Treaty of Fengtian: The monarchists gain independence as the Kingdom of Manchuria. Signed: Chiang Kai-Shek and Li Kuanjian

- Treaty of Havana: All Military will be integrated or discharged in Haiti, The country of Haiti will be annexed into the Socialist Republic of Cuba, Military equipment, secrets, or spies will be integrated into the Socialist Republic of Cuba, Martial Law will be enacted until resistance dies in Haiti, No military or government officials will be executed, but some will be jailed.

- Trans-Syrian Border Agreement: the Levant gets governmental control over France's Middle Eastern colonies. France gets to keep some lower-level bureaucrats in place and gets 80% of the Levant’s future oil production.

- Treaty of New Dehli: Nepal and Bhutan shall be annexed, Nepal and Bhutan will have their armies assimilated into India's, The Himalayan forts shall be built as well as other infrastructure.

- Treaty of Calcutta: Britain gains Sri Lanka, India gains 50 million dollars.

- 𝚃reaty of Harbin: The Communist front will be disbanded, The Democratic Nations of China will unite into the Republic of China.

Li Kuanjian - (Monarchist Leader, In Exile)
Zhang Tianji - (Democrat Leader)
Chiang Kai-Shek - (Nationalist Leader)
Lin Zujin - (Communist Co-Leader)

- Treaty of Lhasa: Tibet will be split between India and China, China pays Tibet $10,000,000 USD as the currency.

- Treaty of Beijing: A research pact will be signed between China and India.

- Treaty of Tokyo: China and Japan shall engage in military and economical alliance. The two nations must guarantee each other’s independence.

Nations: Several countries partake in the current roleplay, and make sufficient progress in their own ways. Down below are events from those nations.

Greece: Government begins to crack down on extremist groups such as communists and fascists. A Member of the Greek government is assassinated at a rally in Thessaloniki.

China: Full-out recovery campaign begins after Chinese unification in 1947. Economical growth spikes due to recently attracting foreign investors to China.

Brazil: Many coups, protests, and failed overthrows cause Brazil to decide to turn to a Fascist government. Government official to be executed for an attempted assassination of the leader.

Argentina: New political leader decides to hold elections in Argentina with no suspicious ulterior motives. The battle over Buenos Aires between two groups.

Hungary: Soviet Union troops occupy Hungary placing a communist regime in the country for the time being. Litinov Commission will be called to decide on the future of Transylvania.

Venezuela: Constitution has been enacted, so Betancourt dissolves the Constituent Assembly and orders the organization of general elections. Leaders of Acción Democratica been arrested and condemned to exile by the new Junta Militar de Venezuela.

Germany: (Frankfurt, East Berlin): Restored panzers left over from the second world war, and the ones currently being manufactured, 7 panzer divisions shall be formed and put along the East German border.

Guatemala: The country is a banana republic, and the company moves its attention to Colombia and combatting anti-Banana influence there. Represented by an international fruit company.

Cuba: Cuba wins what is known as the Cuban-Haitian War. Reconstruction Commission of Haiti appointed, and funds from the government go to repairing structural necessities.

Israel: Shopping center, a man of unknown origin blown himself up with explosives in his coat and bag with 509 dead, 100 injured, and 26 in intensive care.

Afghanistan: Nation decides to help China invade India in order to gain Baluchistan (Pakistani). Intentions are profit incentives and recreating the Ghaznavid Empire.

Malaysia: PKM continue their attempt to spread communism in Malaya and fail again on another unsuccessful attempt. UMNO and Sultans of the Malayan States in British Malaya build factories to restore Malaya's pre-war economy.

the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Belgian Congo): Merges the Pro-Independence Political Parties. Acquired economic assistance from Belgium to further develop Léopoldville, Stanleyville, and Élisabethville.

Portugal: Fascists in the wealthy northern part of the country vote to join Spain, but Spain does not recognize the vote. Failure to resolve issues with South Africa led to the Angolan governor taking matters into his own hands.

England: The king of Britain, after the independence of the Raj and he views it a loss of prestige of the British Empire. Britain begins to industrialize parts of Africa.

Angola: Governer of Angola sends a warning to the South Africans to stay out of Angolan territory. Angola joins France as allies to be Independent African nations.

Spain: Madrid remains in a post-war state, and the widespread use of ration coupons is still common. Spain refuses to recognize the Separatist group vote.

Mozambique: Mozambique copies their African brothers and warns South Africa that crossing the border will be met with resistance.

Mexico: The Mexican Government decides to make a Pact called The Latin Alliance for Communist Prosperity. It will be a economic, military, and political pact in one.

Italy: Florence has been taken by the Socialist forces. They still face resistance, Eastern Florence has been almost completely burned down.

Continued at the bottom of the dispatch


Column: What you Need to Know about Z-Day 2020

by Columnist SomethingIsWrongHere

Z-Day - What? AGAIN?

Yes! Apparently, again! We are hoping for Z-Day, praying to not get bitten, and wondering where the textbook is. Oh, Testlandia didn’t write it - Some random CTE’d Nation wrote it almost FOUR FREAKING YEARS AGO!!! Luckily, I FOUND IT! Apart from that, I have NO freaking idea what to do here, since N-Day is WAY more publicized than Z-Day. I bet some people don’t even know it exists! So… What are we as a region doing to protect you?


Just kidding, we are figuring out ways to protect everyone and everything from impending doom. We have a plan, much like the one for N-Day, yet it will go way better. Also according to people on the discord, the CoL has done quite well in Z-Days past! So we have high hopes, and hopefully highly effective antidote.

I did do a tiny interview with some people on the LGB (Layem Guards Branch) Discord, and here is what some people had to say:

Acren: I'll worry about Z-Day

SomethingIsWrongHere: mm?

Acren: Yes I have a few ideas

Acren: Anyway, We could go full cure, Full military, Or zombie boys. But I'll leave that up to the region

SomethingIsWrongHere: I think we should have Factions for each, but [that] makes sense yea

Acren: Factions is a great idea! 3 sides fighting for and against each other

SomethingIsWrongHere: hehe, yes

As you can see, we have a few ideas. Hopefully, like in years past, this goes well. And as always, here is the LGB Correspondence:


Nothing much happened, other than us talking about N-Day and the up and coming Z-Day. We are basically just waiting for Halloween, the date we guessed Z-Day would be on. So pack your bags full of antidote, and I'll see you next week!

Relations Report (Column): Lyrakia and Huniko

by Columnist Benderk

1. What current relationship do your nations have?

Lyrakia: We are on fairly good terms I would say, we have worked together a few times.

Huniko: The relationship between Lyrakia and Huniko is decently good, we have worked together on a number of humanitarian projects recently.

2. Describe one point in your shared history where the two of you were hostile

Lyrakia: Lyrakia and Huniko fought a civil war against each other ig, we both were trying to get independence from the larger nation of Artemsia.

Huniko: We both fought in a civil war for independence against Artemsia, apart from that we fought a coldish war until about 15 years ago.

3. How culturally similar or different are your two nations?

Lyrakia: They are similar to an extent I would say, we both have elements of old Artemsian with our own traditions and cultures in addition.

Huniko: There are aspects that are similar between our two nations, but we both have a distinct culture.

4. Is there any additional information you can or are willing to give?

Lyrakia: East Artemsian Culture was probably most close to Ancient Japanese/Korean culture, I also maintain some Baltic culture from my links to other nations in the region.

Huniko: My culture is probably more similar to Ancient Artemsian (Japanese/Korean IRL), Lyrakia has influence from West Artemsian Culture in addition (specifically Baltic I believe.)

Sports and Games

LWF Update

by Sports Broadcaster Elvato

LWF Fisticuffs 2020

Date: 7th October 2020

Location, Galloway, Ireland

Match 1: Brorack VS Mehmed the Murderer for the Hardcore Championship

This match was very one-sided as Brorack devoured the poor Mehmed, where he won the Hardcore Championship.

Match 2: Ollie Dickin VS Hua for the Galloway Championship

This match was a close call as Ollie was going up against the LWF’s most reckless superstars. Ollie got a lot of wrestling moves to hurt Hua and showed a lot of heelish acts via showing the Commentator Philly B the middle finger and spitting on Philly B. After a long time, Ollie tied Hua’s foot to a chad with Hua’s signature steel chain and retained the Championship by Count-out. His championship reign is now at 37 Days

Segment 1: Brorack eating grilled cheese

In this segment Brorack is seen eating grilled cheese and rubbing it on his newly acquired championship, now as much as you wash and rub the championship, somebody’s grilled cheese stains will still be on it

Match 3: The Sunrise Clan VS The Marino Brothers for the LWF Tag Team championships

This match was very one-sided too as the Marino brothers went up against the Sunrise clan. The big highlights were Ayato throwing Alberto Marino into his brother Lucas and Lucas getting choked in the ring ropes. The championships were retained and their title reign continues at 22 Days

Main Event: Philly B VS Benjamin Atherton

This match involved commentator Philly B going up against LWF champion Benjamin Atherton. This match was mostly calm and not hardcore until the end compared to other LWF matches. Starting out the match, Philly showed his Chain wrestling skills with cartwheel takedowns, headlock takedowns, and more, but after a long time, Benjamin Gained Control over the commentator and finally beat him clean in the middle of the ring, continuing his championship reign at 37 Days.

LAFL Week 4 Results

by Sports Broadcaster Elvato

LAFL Week 4 Results
Heurfuk City Ducks 31-9 Elvato Kabruha Snakes
Galloway Mustangs 37-31 Mirantibus Eagles
Nexusopolis Corinthians 19-26 Infernoes
Standings are as follows

In Layem East Division
1. Galloway Mustangs 3-0
2. Nexusopolis Corinthians 1-1
3. Heurfuk City Ducks 1-2

In the Layem West Division
1. Infernoes 2-0-1
2. Mirantibus Eagles 2-1-1
3. Phillippe City Canucks 1-1

In the Elvatin Archipelago Division
1. Elvato Kabruha Snakes 1-3
2. Pizza Hut Fboys 0-3

The Pokemon League!

by Guest Sports Writer The grand sultanate of Krm

If you did not know, Layem held its first-ever pokemon league, using the myuu bot. The league was a monotype tournament with these people using these types: Krm - psychic, Hua - dragon, Sovan - water, Huniko - dark, Benderk - electric, Virconia - ground, Russberlin - rock, and Lyrakia - ghost

Tournament Results:

Group Stage:

Mxd 6 - 1 Sovan
Mxd 6 - 1 Virconia
Mxd 6 - 1 Random
Mxd 6 - 1 Krm
Mxd 6 - 4 Hua
Mxd 6 - 1 Benderk
Mxd 6 - 5 Huniko
Huniko 6 - 3 Sovan
Huniko 3 - 6 Virconia
Huniko 6 - 3 Random
Huniko 3 - 6 Krm
Huniko 6 - 5 Hua
Huniko 6 - 1 Benderk
Benderk 6 - 1 Sovan
Benderk 4 - 6 Virconia
Benderk vs Random (Null)
Benderk 3 - 6 Krm
Benderk 1 - 6 Hua
Hua 6 - 4 Sovan
Hua 6 - 2 Virconia
Hua 6 - 2 Random
Hua 5 - 4 Krm
Krm 6 - 0 Sovan
Krm 6 - 3 Virconia
Krm 6 - 3 Random
Random 6 - 4 Sovan
Random 1 - 6 Virconia
Virconia 6 - 4 Sovan

This is the final tally to see who advances to the semi-finals:


Hua 6 - 2 Krm
Mxd 6 - 5 Huniko


Mxd 6 - 3 Hua


Layem Roleplay Server Revived, New RP Cold War Theme Introduced (Continued)

Liberia: The Hinterlands in Liberia have declared itself in open revolt. The Liberian government has fortified itself to coastal cities, and many armories in the cities were raided.

Russia: Spies in western ally locations, 4 spies are sent to France with 5 in the United States while none in the United Kingdom.

India: The government begins construction of 27 steel mills to refine their iron to steel making even more money from mines. Government opens 101 factories, 24 dockyards, 18 steel refineries, and 17 synthetic oil refineries, and 6 new mines.

Canada: Not much news happening in Canada at the moment, but might pick up activity soon. The nation with ~ 500 Billion GDP and Prime Minister is William Lyon Mackenzie King.

France: French diplomats and advisors begin to burrow deep into the highest ranks among the members of the Arab League, serving as trusted advisors to many a sheik.

Japan: Not much news happening in Japan at the moment, but might pick up activity soon. Small island nation still feeling devastation from nuclear attacks and a war lost.

United States: Not much news happening in the USA at the moment, but might pick up activity soon. The post-war economy picks up and begins the cold war with the USSR.


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