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January 16th-18th, 2019

• PAFNA-OSM Aesthetic Revamp Delights Subscribers With More "Eye-Comforting" Interface
• Congressman and War Veteran, Ren Hui, Resigns From Congress of Soviets

• Xi Jinping Thought and The Road To Communism; Relying On Old Leninist Vanguard Models Towards Modern Prosperity
• Strikes In Neo-Manila After Gas Price Hike!
• Indian Investments Return Distraught, Underperforming Industries Disappoint SDPC Market Predictions
• NORTHERN CHINA: Informal Caravan Accidentally Gunned-Down By Pan-Asiatic Border Guards
• Increased U.S Military Presence in Guam Confirmed After Pan-Asiatic Mobilization Rumors


January 19th, 2019

• Socialist States Are More Democratic Than Capitalist Ones
• Cuban Navy Welcomes Allied Pan-Asiatic Military Advisors, Talks of Island Fortification With Pan-Asiatic Assistance
• Federal Government Commissions Artists For New Mural Renovation of National Offices
• FEATURE: Red Youth Science League East Indies Sect 'Slays' High Tide With Cost-Effective Flood-Walls
• PALANGKARAYA: Mercury Spill In Local High School Leaves 2 Hospitalized
• NEO-MANILA: BagKat High School Thunderdogs Lose Dragon-Boat Asian Championship To Chinese Fuzhou Vipers


January 27th, 2019

• Signs of Brewing Border Conflict Stirred Between States of Siam and Nusantara
• Harsh Reaction to Mindanaoan Referendum To Pass Bangsamoro Organic Law


January 30th-31st, 2019

• Crackdown On-Schedule: Audit Season Begins
• Business as Usual: Secretary-General Abra Nonchalant About His Own Birthday; Celebrates With a Slice of Cake and an Omni-Cola
• Prefectural Rivalry in Muang Nan, Indochina Between Current Trotskyist Mayor Sonexarth and Up-and-Coming Nationalist Politician, Moke Syrypanha
• HANGZHO: University Students Organize Rally to Shut-Down 'Big Pharma' Company ViraVong Med. Ltd.
• Ministry of Agriculture Embarks on Integrated Farming Inspection Throughout Selective Agricultural Prefectures of Southeast Asia After Storm of Seasonal Disruptions
• JAPAN: Soviet Investments Normalize After Gendarmerie Raids on Neo-Kuomintang Affirms Clearer Peace Presence


February 2nd-3rd, 2019

• Congress of Soviets Votes Nay For Repeal GA#418 “Safeguarding Nuclear Materials”
• New Select Indigenous Culturally-Exclusive 'Safe Spaces' Demanded By Bornean Natives Following BOL Passage
• NARITA: Airport Personnel Uncover American Tariff-Evading Goods, Accused Denies Collaboration With American Gov't
• EDITORIAL: Affirmative Action Movement Growing In East Asia And What It Means For The Asian Economy


February 3rd, 2019

• Secretary-General Addresses 11th Congress of Soviets On "Aggressive Foreign Market Policy"
• SHENYANG: City Police Chief Releases 'Narcissistic' Self-Funded Propaganda Movie About Own Life-Story To Promote Congressional Candidacy, Foiled After Public Boycott
• KASHI: Anonymous Frequent Shoplifter Escapes Arrest By Covert Escape Through USSR, Authorities Collaborate To Mediate Arrest
• Kazuo Shii: "Strengthen Our Seas", New Japanese Shipyards Promise Heightened Naval Production
• MSPS Releases Terrifyingly-Accurate High-Definition Images Captured By Asian Satellites, Face-Recognition At Atmospheric Level
• TIPRI Summit Promises Environmental Rehabilitation of Industrialization-Heavy Areas Within Northern Indochina
• JOHOR BAHRU: Faulty Safety-Locks Delay Metropolitan Railway For 3 Hours, City Council Receives Strong Public Lashback, May Face Court Charges


February 4th-5th, 2019

• Jaraguptan Miner Flees Imperial Regime For Pan-Asiatic States
• Domestic Transportation Discount For Students Standardized Federation-wide

• PHNOM PENH: Raised Public Concerns Over Aging Historic Sites Becomes Plead For Federal Funding of Restoration-Work
• Survey Finds Hereditary Cancer As Most Frequent Cause of Death In East Asia, Suggests Ineffectiveness of Nuclear Waste Cleanup Initiatives
• YUNNAN: Sculptor's Banquet Held To Award Prize For Local Masonwork Competition
• Malay-Tagalog "People's Appeal" Congregation Releases New Political Agenda and Standards For Religious Liberation
• Midterm Officials Campaigning Before Designate COMELEC Period Leave Unauthorized Posters Vandalizing Cities
• Ministry of Defense Unveils New Line of Engine Designs For Yuan-Class Battlecruisers


February 24th, 2019

• Leskya Begins Joint Military Training With PASAF
• Political Advisory: Unofficial Preliminary Polling Reveals Upstart Congressional Candidates


February 25th, 2019

• International Socialist Congress Now In Session
• Low-Pressure Area In Northern Burma Disturbs Crop Rotation
• TIPRI Announces Quota Hike For Metallurgical Workers
• New Statistics Reveal Unvaccinated Children Live Longer Lifespans Than Pan-Asiatic Billionaires
• FUKUOKA: Continued Restorationist Protests Against Black-Van Arrests Worries JSSR Government


March 2nd-3rd, 2019

• Pan-Asiatic States Initiates New Eurasian Freight Train Route
• New Federal Legislation Declares New Clark City As Exclusive Economic Zone

• Publication and Distribution of Frievolker Literature Endorsed By Ministry of Education
• TIMOR-LESTE: Melanesian Anti-Armament Rally Dispersed By Planted Gunman
• Spring Luxury Fashion Demand Attributed To Prospering Economy
• Ministry of Defense Investigates Newark Aristocracy Grant For Autonomous Bartgeier Multirole Fighters
• BATANGAS: Neo-Kuomintang Terror-Attack Targets Provincial Hospital, 9 Dead By Grenades
• SUWON: Korean Gendarmerie Executes Soviet National After Identification Blunder


March 6th-7th, 2019

• Pan-Asiatic States Answers Call-To-Arms By New Narsia Government
• TIPRI: Indochinese Forest Reserves Depleting, Bad State-Federal Economic Coordination Blamed
• MSPS Commissars Dispatched From Neo-Manila To Maintain Nusantara-Siamese Peace, Avoid Recurring Border Conflict
• Denunciation Of Pan-Asiatic Government By Anglomir and Kjalaara Met With Embargo
• Congress of Soviets Votes Nay For Repeal GA#457: “Defending The Rights Of Sexual And Gender Minorities”


March 10th-12th, 2019

• Summer Heat Dries-up Major Dams
• CROMWELL ISLAND: Andrews City Liberated By Pan-Asiatic Troops
• Korea Cracks-Down On Juche Tower Vandals
• Egusa Aiga Retires From Pan-Asiatic Ambassadorship to the Soviet Union Out of Old Age, To Be Awarded Order of Lenin
• Commission on Elections Deters General Public From Sending Death-Threats to Congressional Candidates


March 15th-17th, 2019

• Congressional Aspirant Kumi-Kispe Maru Questions Melanesian Militarization
• ANGLOMIR: Mark Trosten, Revolutionary Socialist, Campaigns Against Fascistic Regime
• Artificial Weathering Initiatives, Cloud Seeding, Conducted Amidst Continued Southeast Asian Water Crisis
• Summer Droughts Lead To Consumption of Local Agrarian Workers' Trust Funds
• Strengthen Our Seas Initiative: Secretary-General Collaborates With Kazuo Shii To Coordinate Naval Exercises In Japan
• TIPRI Congressional Aspirant, Bo Phyo, Visits Neo-Manila To Negotiate National Militarization Ordinances
• Nusantara BPO Experiences 'Talent Scarcity', Outsourcing Considered By Authorities


March 18th-19th, 2019

• Soviet Union: National Bolsheviks Blockade Vladivostok!
• TIPRI Bridges Urban-Provincial Education In Laos
• SDPC: No Debt Crisis Coming For Foreign Investors

• Head of State Yoon-Sook Condemns 'Lawlessness' in Vladivostok
• Truce Signed With Overseas Cromwellese Insurgency, Permanent Base in Andrews City Established
• MPWH Inspection of West Chinese Infrastructure Advises Chinese District Assembly of Immediate Renovation To Complement One Belt, One Road Initiativ


March 20th, 2019

• SAGANOSEKI: Old Uranium Mining Region Shuts Down After Collapse Accident
• EDITORIAL: Western Schools Are Slowly Wiping-Away Historical Revision
• EDITORIAL: Spain's Increasingly Anarchist Economy Is Funded By Kulaks
• Vladivostok Blockade Dispersed By Soviet Riot Police, Several National Bolsheviks Ringleaders Arrested


March 25th-April 6th, 2019

• CRISIS: Armed Protests In East Timor, State-President Nearly Killed In Mob-Attack!
• Pan-Asiatic States Rejects Deterrence Talks Proposed By West American Union

• Ministry of State and Public Security Assembling 'Special Police Force' Following Insurrection Attempt, Military Personnel To Be Integrated Into Special Paramilitary Section?


April 24th, 2019

• CONFIRMED: Pan-Asiatic Training With International Socialist Volunteer Corps Underway
• Congressional Aspirant Kumi-Kispe Maru Cleared of All Charges Regarding Involvement With March 25 Uprising
• WATCH: Chinese Neighborhood 'Gangs-Up' On Policeman For 'Bullying' Local Factory Workers
• Top 10 Most Cost-Efficient Vacation Sites Across the Pan-Asiatic States
• Burmese District Assembly President Embarks On Legislative Crusade To Ensure All State-Wide Public Water Sources Are Made Potable


May 5th-10th, 2019

• 'Spider-Man Incident' At 2019 PBA Tagalog Cup
• NOW: Special Police Force Assault Confirmed Neo-Kuomintang Terrorist Weapons Blacksite In Muang Xai, Indochina
• Siamese District Assembly Congressional Suspended After Threatening To Assault Opposition With Golden Ceremonial Sabre
• Tourism Minister Razan Tagcan Reports Sixth Administration's High Expenditure On Economic Zones Showing Signs of Return
• Ministry of Socialist Agrarian Reform Cedes Portion of Kalimantan Farms For Local Ethnic Minorities Following Federal Act


May 20th, 2019

• JARAGUPTA: Civilians Brutally Detained and Massacred By USG Mercenaries!
• State Soviet Yoon-Sook Commends Secretary-General Abra's "Continued Imperative" Against International Human Rights Violators
• NEO-MANILA: Peace Rally Held By Local Universities For Communist Victory In Jaragupta


May 21st-27th, 2019

• Vatican City Attacked By Alleged Skyhooked Operatives!
• New Friendship Street, Poaze Avenue, Sponsored By Thucia In Shenzhen
• "IT For Agriculture": Kronova and the Pan-Asiatic States Shake Hands On New Trade Agenda
• Ren Cao Personally Inspects Poverty-Alleviation Efforts In Northern China
• Entire Island of Paigino Norde, Nusantara Leased To Delmonte For Establishment of "Trade Enclave"


May 29th-31st, 2019

• New Poll Suggests Pan-Asiatic Citizens Mostly In Favor of MSPS Censorship
• Supreme Commissary Ren Cao Promises Elimination of Northern China Crime In 300 Days Or Less

• TSSR: Famous Dutch Wildlife Photographer Killed By Islamofascist Rebels
• Congressional Aspirant Iwasaki Hana Criticizes Rising Welfare Funds Being "Mismanaged" By Japanese Regional Government
• THE END OF MAY: What Do Federal Congressmen and Congresswomen Think About Theresa May's Regime?
• New Student Organizations In Siam Urge For King's Abdication, Condemns Siam's History of Fascism
• Kim Jong-un Urges District Assembly To Permit Execution By Outdated Equipment Instead of Retiring Them


June 1st, 2019

• The Skyhookedian Question
• Congress of Soviets Suspends Deliberations On Education Reform Act To Focus On International Agenda
• Pan-Asiatic Delegate Molotov Sr. Endorses San Carlos Islands' Right to Farm Proposal To World Assembly


June 8th-15th, 2019

• Urumqi Massacred By Rapture WMD, Thousands Dead!
• Battle of Azure Beach Begins

• Tungsten Imports By the Pan-Asiatic Government Skyrocket After Ministry of Defense Heightens Sentinel Production Quotas
• Response Fleets Mobilized From Japan Set To Counterattack Crusader Navy
• Western Immigrants Viewed With Suspicion After Gendarme Vigilance Against Foreign Spies


July 1st, 2019

• Supreme Commissary Ren Cao Officiates Start of Bottom-Up Budgeting Season
• Arkanian Royal House Backs Out of Allanean Arms Deal After Pan-Asiatic Counter-Offer

• Korean State-President Kim Jong-un Criticizes Secretary-General For Supporting Arkanian Oligarchy
• Northern China Crime Rate Reduced By 10% Since May 30 Promise; Slow Progress, Press Doubtful
• Yoon-Sook's Education Reform Act Defeated After Sharp Vote


July 10th-18th, 2019

• The Economic Effects of the Pan-Asiatic States' Intervention In Skyhooked
• Operation Sea Gypsy: Largest Naval Operation Since Third Pacific War

• Nusantara District Assembly Sanctions Replenishing "Re-Education Facilities" To Counter Terrorism
• Aerial Reconnaissance Indicates Kafairian Army May Be Burying Pan-Asiatic Soldiers Out of Respect
• 2 Swedish Tourists Slain In Jakarta, Gendarme Allegedly At Fault


August 14th-21st, 2019

• New Asia-Africa Procurements Threaten Western Foreign Direct Investments
• International Socialist Congress Finds Kingdom of Jaragupta Guilty of "Crimes Against the Proletariat"

• New York Times Applauds Feminist Advances Under Mao In Controversial Article
• State Development Directorate Brings Declining Fruit and Coconut Industry Into Congressional Limelight Through New Lobbying Campaign
• BANGKOK: Siamese Gunman Kills 24, Wounds 6 After Mosque Shoot-Up
• Ministry of Agriculture Assesses Crop Damage As August Monsoon Subsides


September 17th, 2019

• Ministry of Water Resources Proposed
• Asian Agricultural Exports Drop By 63.8% In Second Week of September
• Suspected Allanea Espionage Hideout Raided By Special Police Force (SPF), 8 Expatriates Shot Dead
• NUSANTARA: Kelantan Prefectural Council Embarks On Ambitious Railway Renovation Project
• Federal Labor Relations Commission (FLRC) Chairman Resigns Due to Health Complications


September 17th-18th, 2019

• Free Aceh Movement Resurfaces in Pan-Asiatic States
• Pan-Asiatic Special Forces Homecoming From Skyhooked Conflict Redirected To Aceh
• Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) Inaugurates New International Office In Moscow
• Pan-Asiatic Ministry of Foreign Affairs Confirms Re-Establishing Relations With Zitravgrad
• September Storms Delay Metal Imports From Crysuko's SteelTech, State Development Directorate (SDD) Assembles Crisis Committee


September 19th-20th, 2019

• Excavation Unearths Remains of Over 500 Imperial Japanese Soldiers
• Pan-Asiatic States Aids New Ulysses Campaign For Peace and Prosperity

• 33rd and 41st Pan-Asiatic Frontier Infantry Divisions Fall-Back As Acehnese Militants Seize Calang!
• P.A.S Destroyer La Revolucion Filipina Bombards Shoreline Acehnese Outposts
• Siamese District Assembly Passes Legislation On Decongesting Urban Communities
• "Sons of Freedom" Movement Sparks in U.S Following Unfair Federal Seizure of Agrarian Land and Unmanaged Industrialization


September 21st-24th, 2019

• National Health Commission Unveils New Virus Research Facility in Naha
• Majority of Pan-Asiatic Prefectural Councils Ban Drug Use in Public

• Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources Presents Reforestation Plan to Indochinese District Assembly
• Magnitude 4.4 Earthquake Strikes Chengdu
• 188 Acehnese Militants Surrender to Pan-Asiatic States Armed Forces Near Calang
• Yuan Heng, Elected Economic Director of Pan-Asiatic Standard Vodka Concern, Retires At Age 68


September 25th-28th, 2019

• MarikinaWind Initiative Seeks Clean Energy Alternatives For Neo-Manila
• 80th Airborne Infantry Company Launches Undertakes Pyrrhic Night Raid Over Calang
• Nusantara District Assembly Tightens Censorship of Mass Media Coverage On "Immoral" Acts, Argues Religious Freedom "Under Attack"
• State Development and Planning Commission Recommends Declaring Neo-Singapore A "City-Wide Economic Zone"
• Leaked Communications Accuse Korean State-President Kim Jong-Un of Falsifying Approval Ratings


October 2nd-6th, 2019

• Pan-Asiatic Chemical Exports In 2019 Hinge On CAPINTERN Tariffs
• Thygesen Textile Vietnam Elects New Director

• Pan-Asiatic States Appeals Sanctions On South Reinkalistan to International Socialist Congress and SUN Economic Bloc
• New Data Shows Uighur Muslim a "Minority" of Incarcerated Since July
• Congressman Khuntilanont Suspended From Siamese District Assembly After Derogatory Language Against Nusantarans
• Korean-Based Television Dramas Hit Record High View Rates Abroad
• Bank Rediscount Rates Drop By ~4% in October


October 7th-11th, 2019

• The Rising Threat of One-Nation Conservatism
• Eurasian Women's Football Cup: Pan-Asiatic Federal Football Team - 3, Red Army - 1
• Trans-Pacific Line A1 Undergoes 1-Month-Long Maintenance, State Development Directorate Drops Airfare Prices To Meet Demand
• State of Burma Revenue Expected To Contract By 18% In November Following Newly-Approved Clean Water Initiative Clauses
• Carbomb Kills 19 In Jakarta, Free Aceh Movement Claims Responsibility


October 16-26th, 2019

• PASAF Drone Strike Kills 32 Farmers In Aceh
• Committee for the Liberation of Jaragupta (CLJ) Holds First Ever Public Forum

• Total Transformation of Dense Urban Ghettos Towards Apartment Complexes Mandated By Chinese District Assembly President
• National Meat Inspection Service Tests 34% of Meat Imports Positive For African Swine Flu
• Mayoral Candidate Son Khemera Questions Competence of Reigning Ho Chi Minh City Mayor Nguyen Thanh Phong In Creating Job Sustainability
• State Development and Planning Commission Contests Supreme Commissary's Plans To Slice Retail Exports Before December
• Harlem Renaissance Spreads To Pan-Asiatic States As 8 "Hip-Hop" Rappers Make Top 50 All-Time Record Sale Chart


October 27th-November 1st, 2019

• 2019 Pan-Asiatic States Midterm Elections Deliver Vote of Confidence for Sixth Administration
• P.A.S Aircraft Carrier Honshu Sunk Off Coast of Jaragupta!

• Air Raids Over Aceh Continue Despite National Protests, Jakarta Workers Announce General Strike
• Early Preparation for November 14 Independence Day Celebrations Begin


November 2nd, 2019

• New President-Elect of Japanese District Assembly Challenges Federal Bureaucracy
• COMELEC Division Junks Protest By Re-Electionist Mayor Against Incumbent Mayor
• Incumbent Pro-Abra Politburo Members To Take Oath At Malacaρang Itself

• Putrajaya District Assemblyman Strips Office Bare Before Stepping-Down
• New Federal Congress Trotskyist Coalition Vows To End PASAF Military Aggression In Aceh & Melanesia
• Post-Election Survey Finds 66% of COMELEC's Fingerprint Verification Machines Malfunctioned In 2019 Midterm Election


November 26th-December 8th, 2019

• Bratislava Conference Strengthens Sanctions on South Reinkalistan
• Three Anarchists Hanged For Treason

• Avalanche-Preventive Technologies Undertaken By Red Science Youth League
• People's Police Clash With Urumqi Mafia; 29 Dead, 16 Wounded
• Jaragupta Cites Found Corpses With "Asian Features" Proof of Pan-Asiatic Intervention In Ongoing Civil Strife
• Catholic Church Protests Demolition of 80-Year-Old Church In Sichuan


December 9th-10th, 2019

• Acehnese Peoples Liberated From Terrorist Elites
• Book Review Of 'The Chakriya Journals'

• Whistleblowers Protest Indigenous Peoples Illegally Displaced In Tibetan Industrialization
• Air Show In Shanghai Features New Euroasiatic Infantry Deployment Helicopters
• Food Rations Distributed In Rural Northwest Manchuria Due To December Shortage
• Japanese District Assembly President Kurokawa Litigates 29 Prefect Administrators For Graft
• Tagalog District Assembly Forms Congressional Bloc To Pass IT Industrial Expansion Law


December 18th-22nd, 2019

• Minister for Social Welfare and Development Awarded Medal of the Great Unity
• Pan-Asiatic Games of the XXVII Olympiad

• Clash Between Burmese Neo-Kuomintang and PASAF In Kachin Hills Leaves 10 Dead
• Jakarta People's Police Hold Weekend Conference Following Continued Student Demonstrations
• Indochina State-President Claims Dockyard Expansion Plan Will Fuel Sealane Trade and Create 5,000+ Jobs Between January and March


December 23rd-26th, 2019

• Winter Season Soothes Beijing Air Pollution
• Christmas Riots In Burma
• Supreme Commissary Ren Cao Dismisses Rumors of Overproduction Crisis Amidst Christmas Sales In Communique to State Development Directorate
• Korean Hot Springs Becoming Major Tourist Attraction
• 7 New Trans-Pacific Lines Inaugurated For Holiday Vacationists


January 8th-17th, 2020

• Neo-Manila Cultural Film Festival '20
• Congress of Soviet Repeals Firewall Neutrality Rules
• Planned Oil Rig In Melanesia Receives Environmentalist Backlash, Student Walkouts and Worker Strikes
• Artillery Bombardment Against Aceh Rebels Receives International Condemnation
• Bruneian Nationalists Arrested By People's Police After Ethnic Violence Towards Neo-Singapore Chinese Communities


January 18th-21st, 2020

• Revolutionaries Are the Pan-Asiatic States' Number One Export
• 'The Provincial' Season 12 To Celebrate Victory Over Capitalist Dictatorships

• Textile Production Quotas Increase Nearly Threefold Across All States To Combat Western Retailers
• Japanese Animators Explore New Employment Opportunities From State Media Agencies
• Standing Committee of Asian Communist Party Greenlights New Religious Integration Agenda


January 22nd-February 5th, 2020

• Federal Congress of Soviets OKs Citizen Conduct Bill
• AMC Declares Aceh Insurgency "Mostly Diffused", Main Enemy Forces In Full Retreat

• Several Nusantara Prefectures Declare "War On Vandalism" Following Political Protests
• Volcano In Taal, TSSR Erupts; Ashfall Spreads To Metropolitan Areas
• Pan-Asiatic Retail Sector Slumps Due To High Inflation Rates; Consumerism All-Time Low


April 11th-20th, 2020

• Qionghai Experiences Pneumonia Surge of Unknown Cause
• 11 Months After Supreme Commissary's Promises, Northern China Crime Still Intensifies

• X95 Rifles Decommissioned By Ministry of Defense Following Army Shortage
• Hainan Ranks Top 1 On List of Pan-Asiatic States' Best Summer Tourist Destinations According to Popular Blog
• International Volunteers Return To Pan-Asiatic States With Grim Tales of War To Tell


April 21st, 2020

• East Kalimantan Railway Project Underway
• Hainan Officials Hold Emergency Meeting To Quarantine Key Qionghai Neighbourhoods
• Oil Prices Skyrocket Following Increased Piracy In South Africa
• A Deeper Look Into the Cryptic Cosmic Music of the DDR's New Olympic Committee
• Congress of Soviets' Cha'e Coalition Drops Support For Gender Equality Bill On Second Reading


May 10th-17th, 2020

• The Liberation of Gahana Begins!
• 97 Countries Report Coronavirus Cases, Over 67,000 Infected As of Today
• American Officials Condemn Pan-Asiatic States With Racist Remarks, Calling It the "Asian Virus" and "Yellow Fever"
• World Health Organization Commends Secretary-General Abramovich's Early Response


May 19th-20th, 2020

• Secretary-General Abra Rallies People Back To Work As Country Continues To Battle Virus Outbreak
• New Heroes For the New Normal: NHC Gives Pay Raise To Medical Workers
• Call For Ceasefire With Terrorist Group Neo-Kuomintang Fails, Raid Kills 16
• Italian Official On Gahana Liberation Calls-Out ISVC: "Best They'll Do Is Change The Type of Tyrant"
• OILG Cracks-Down On Relief Goods Racketeering


May 21st, 2020

• New Rescue Helicopter "Firefly" Inaugurated
• Hainan Coastline Residents Evacuated Due To Typhoon Phanfone Landfall
• Drongonia Anti-Corruption NGO Ranks Pan-Asiatic States In "Not Corrupt" Nation Bracket
• Several Japanese Small Enterprise Theatre Companies Risk Shutting-Down, Call For Donations
• Federal Congress OKs Expanded Citizen Conscription Law, Opposition Clamours For Student Protests


May 23rd-25th, 2020

• Pan-Asiatic States Successfully Tests New Hydrogen Bomb Amid Political Crises
• Opposition To ISVC's War Against Jaragupta

• New Fortune Electronics 1TB USB Sells At 119.99 Labor Vouchers, Cheapest On the Market!
• Kongsi-Nacradian War Begins: Executive Council Vouches For People's Republic of Kongsi, Provokes Nacrad
• Champagne Socialist Sharifistan Holds Eid al-Fitr Celebrations At Madinat al-Islam Palace
• Actress Mangjol Jin-Shil Publicizes Homosexual Relationship With Pyongyang Congresswoman, Sparks Online Controversy
• State Soviet Sonya Yoon-Sook Proposes New Law Giving Riot Police Less Oversight


August 22nd-26th, 2020

• SDPC Optimizes Int'l Trade Structure and Social Mobility
• Kim Jong-Un Calls On Federal Government For Prevention Efforts Against Looming Typhoon
• Pan-Asiatic States Coronavirus Death Toll Climbs To 8,000
• Economic Recovery Bill Stalls On 2nd Reading, Filibustering Blamed
• Local Senile Man Killed by Wild Lion in Southern Vietnam


August 26th, 2020

• Congressman Wan Huo (Shenyang, Second District) Addresses Federal Congress (Aug 26 2020, 11:13)


August 29th-September 24th, 2020

• EC Discusses Water Resources Amidst Pandemic
• Economic Recovery Bill Passes On 3rd Reading
• Dating App Banned By Pan-Asiatic States For Encouraging Sexual Relations Between Minors
• 18 Uighur Extremists Publicly Hanged, Live-Streamed By PAS Government Online
• Asian Strategic Aerospace Administration (ASAA) Launches New Telecommunication Satellite


October 1st, 2020

• (ISVC) Representative's General Address, Statement of Agenda, and Position on the Current Debate (10/1/2020)


October 19th-December 1st, 2020

• Pan-Asiatic States Establishes East Atlantic Trade Promotion Commission (EATPC)
• Rural Communities Lag Behind Urban Centers In Receiving Government Aid, Economists Predict Famine
• 5 Killed, 97 Arrested During Illegal Labor Strike In Jakarta; Supreme Commissary Urges Citizens To Abide By Quarantine Protocols
• Corruption Surge In the Pan-Asiatic States Attributed To Misappropriation of Economic Stimulus Funds
• Pan-Asiatic States Reports Over 12,000 Coronavirus Deaths But New WA Report Suggests Death Rate Approaches 20,000


February 20th-March 17th, 2021

• CoS Passess Federal Act to Develop, Centralize Administration of Water Resources
• Pandemic Stunts Two-Year Boom of Pan-Asiatic States Manufacturing Industry, Experts Say Unemployment May Triple By 2022
• Korean Marksman Wins Gold Medal Representing Pan-Asiatic States at World Tournament in India
• Supreme Commissary Stresses States Must Arrest Violators of Local Orders Against Public Intimacy, Strictly Enforce Social Distancing
• 41 Officials Arrested Over Black Market Reselling of Economic Relief Packages In the Past 4 Months, Independent Report Suggests Pandemic Has Exacerbated Much Higher Levels of Unchecked Corruption


April 21st, 2021

• Declaring 29 April "Day of International Communist Solidarity" as a Federal Non-Working Holiday


March 28th-April 25th, 2021

• Exercise Scarlet Zenith: Pan-Asiatic States Drills Reinkalistani Red Fleet
• Melanesian District Assembly Adopts Resolution To Combat Illegal Drug Influx From Gurun
• Federal Emergency Food Aid Distributed To Over 16 "Struggling" Indochinese Cities, "Band-Aid Solution" Says TIPRI State-President
• General Community Quarantine Lifted Across Neo-Manila, Amidst TSSR Ranking #1 At Coronavirus Response In the Pan-Asiatic States
• 2M Doses of Soviet Union 'Sputnik V' Vaccine Shipped to Pan-Asiatic States


April 29th-May 12th, 2021

• KDA Legislation Successfully Implements Road Management Workforce Increase
• CNUP Claims Vaccine Discrimination Against Cambodians
• May Day Celebrations Across Pan-Asiatic States
• Reuktommel Suspected In South Reinkalistani Rail Attack
• Neo-Singapore City Reported 11,0505 New Cases of Coronavirus In a Single Day, Media Blackout Follows


May 25th, 2021

• Declaring Delegates and Other Employed Personnel of the Governments of the Member-States and Agents Working For the Institutions of the Great Patriotic Pact Persona Non Grata in the Pan-Asiatic States


May 17th-June 7th, 2021

• What's Taking the Pan-Asiatic States So Long To Roll-Out Its Own Vaccine?
• 2nd Reading of Strategic Vaccine Distribution Act Invites Fierce Debate
• Pregnant Bruneian May Have Died of Bullets Fired From Local Policemen's Guns
• Ren Cao: Southeast Asian Governments Prepared For Rainy Season


June 15th-July 23rd, 2021

• JDA President Kurokawa Suspected of Plotting NatSoc Coup, Arrested
• Health Workers Strike!
• Federal Congress of Soviets In Deadlock, Secretary-General Assembles Standing Committee
• Budgeting Season Begins


July 18th, 2021

• His Excellency, Secretary-General Guanyu Abramovich Jr. Addresses the State of the Economy and the Upcoming 2022 Federal Elections


August-December 2021

• Kembaren Leads the Fight For States Rights, But at What Cost?
• Higher Salaries, Less Government Workers?
• Investigating the Arakanese Revolutionary Council's Schism
• Power Struggle in the Japanese District Assembly Ensues the Arrest of Its President
• The Chinese Obesity Epidemic
• A Window Into the Privatization of the Pearl River Delta
• TIPRI Tourism Takes a Major Hit
• CIDRL's AsiaVac: the Pan-Asiatic States' Homegrown Vaccine
• Hundreds Camp Overnight in Ho Chi Minh City to Get Vozhroczkiy Phones
• Dragon Division Alpha, Pan-Asiatic States' Highest Grossing Film in 2021
• 2021 Founding Day Celebrations in Pictures


December 9th-17th, 2021

• Sixth Administration Leaves Behind Legacy of a More Prosperous Xinjiang Despite Foreign Lies
• High Alert For 'Rai'
• Pan-Asiatic Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
• Pan-Asiatic States Economy Growing Despite Pandemic
• Mandatory 2 Hour Window-Opening Effected For Bangkok Government Buildings


December 20th-23rd, 2021

• Pan-Asiatic States' Federal Congress Passes Sweeping Nuclear Safety Regulations
• Kurokawa Dead
• Pan-Asiatic States' First "Smart" Hospital Launched in Bangkok
• East Kalimantan Railway Project Completed
• General Appropriations Act 2021


The Pan-Asiatic States has undergone many, many retcons and canon revisions over the years. Thus, some posts in the Pan-Asiatic States' official news thread may not be canon anymore. As a rule of thumb, if the article is not listed in this dispatch - it is NOT canon. Do not risk violating PAS canon when referencing PAS posts in roleplays or factbooks. Check with me first by writing me a telegram.


Though several nations have attempted secession from the People's Federation peacefully multiple times throughout history, their leaders are seldom able to resist the protection which membership brings with it. Thus, for those who can stomach violence, armed struggle is the only way to free themselves from the tight grasp of the Asian Communist Party.

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