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Operation: SFBFAWSNL

Operation: Steal Fwuffy Blanket From Ari When She's Not Looking

Account of Time Commando Martin Lexoroff

The plan is simple, we steal Ari of Kiu Ghesik's blanket when she is not looking. Or, at least, it was. We first needed to go back in time. This was the first of many setbacks we had. Luckily for us, Canada had developed time travel before. We asked to borrow the device, and they gave us enough for a round trip. Step One was complete.

We traveled back in time to when Ari was ruling the campsite. We waited for night to come. When night finally arrived, we sneaked into Ari's tent, where she kept her blanket and knives. We searched for the blanket, but it was not there. We found out that she sleeps with it, so we had to sneak into her personal tent. We entered the tent at around midnight. We searched for where she was as quietly as we could. I found where she was, almost stepping on her. We carefully lifted the blanket and replaced it with a non-fluffy one, but the design was similar. We exited her tent as quietly as we entered. Step Two was complete.

We traveled forward to give the blanket to Amadeus Freidrich, who told us we did the nation a great service. Meanwhile at the Kiu Ghesik camp, Ari found out about the stolen blanket, and she was none the wiser of who stole it. And that is how we stole Ari's fluffy blanket