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ATA International Convention Newspaper Clippings

National Newspaper Event

With all the excitement surrounding the International Convention, the event has attracted the attention of multiple international news outlets, including 'TacoArch World News'.

TacoArch World News has been given special permission to provide news coverage of the International Convention and as part of their coverage, they'd like to commission some articles by participants of the convention! Throughout the convention, participants will be given a series of topics that TacoArch World News would like to hear about and given an opportunity to provide articles from their nation's perspective on each topic.

Each new topic announced will be posted on the ATA RMB as it occurs as well as updated in this dispatch. Each update will include the deadline for the newspaper article and some general ideas for what each newspaper clipping should include.

News Prompt 1:
Political pundits and observers all over the world were intrigued by the ongoing International Convention, but shock rippled across the media after recent hostilities hit an all time high. Now, as the participating nations take stock of their militaries, clamoring reporters from TacoArch World News want to hear brief news reports from each nation about their perspective on the war and what they intend to do about it. Nations are instructed to forward their news clippings to Grea Kriopia or Thedairos before the publishing deadline on October 13th.

The famed XKI writer Jabberwocky has agreed to serve as a guest judge for this event. They will be judging each article as well as selecting the overall winner of the event. The winner will be eligible for the nation to be given the famed award of Developmental Excellence as shown below for showcasing their nationís vibrant perspectives on each event and demonstrating high levels of knowledge.

The Punky Defender of Grea Kriopia