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ATA International Convention: Military Factbook Event

Military Factbook Event

Once again, welcome to the International convention!

Today we are all gathered here to discuss the future of A Taco Archipelago. It is unfortunate we must meet in these circumstances, but war has come to the region, and your nation must be ready to defend itself.

In the Military Factbook Event, you must describe and document the extent of your Armed Forces in order to assess your military preparedness overall. It's important to note that these assessments must be realistic and adhere to the rules of ATA RP. Additionally, it would be prudent to leave room for further national military development at a later time.

This event is meant to be both a workshop to help you role-play more realistically, and a build-up to the war at the end of the event. Submissions should be in a Factbook/Dispatch and should be submitted to Grea Kriopia or Thedairos.

Submissions will be judged by Senator for Himes West Wille-Harlia, and their two deputies, Margaux, and Central russia. The event starts on October 3rd and runs until October 13th when submissions are due. To submit, telegram the dispatch link to Grea Kriopia or Thedairos.

Some things to think about while writing your military factbook are:

    -What is your conscription rate?

    -What technologies do you use?

    -What service branches do you have?

For further information, use the links below:

The winner of this event will be judged anonymously by Wille-Harlia and their respective deputies of ATA. The winner will be eligible for the famed Peacekeeping Award as shown below to wear as a badge of honor for their nation!