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Missions | the Four Impacts [IC][WIP]

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[box][i][color=red]CLASSIFIED[/color]. Clearance is authorized only for the eyes of members. This dossier summarizes the results of the 3rd General Meeting of Stakeholders of the Resilient Acceleration, Osaka, 2033.11.1-11.[/i][/box][hr][center][img][/img][/center][size=250][b]IF WE DON'T DO IT, THE EARTH IS DESTROYED.[/b][/size][hr][size=140][i]Systems Collapse Theory.[/i][/size] [size=120]Civilization is currently careening full speed towards a systems collapse. Obviously, we intend to stop that. We shall remind you of the obvious necessities and motivations behind the Resilient Acceleration, the ultimate mission and purpose of this organization: [b]to save civilization[/b]. It is important to emphasize that we [b]do not[/b] aim to save "the people", or "nature", or "the planet", for all are of our secondary concern (although most of the time, they do overlap with this organization's primary mission). Rather, we shall fight bitterly to protect the systems proven able to best generate the greatest technological, economic, and scientific advancements in history; improve those systems; and break apart those that don't.[/size]

[sidebar][img][/img][hr]Runoff climate change will [url=]increase temperature by 12-13°C[/url] and [url=]reduce the planet's carrying capacity to 1 billion[/url] by 2100, thereby killing 90-95% of humanity in the process. With it will go the systems upholding global civilization, resulting in the loss of modern technology, culture, economics, and moral value.[/sidebar][size=140][i]The Six Plagues.[/i][/size] [size=120]The calamities of the last decades are but symptoms of far larger, more systemic underlying factors that transcend all man-made ideological fantasies and humanistic pipe dreams:[/size]
[list=1][size=120][*]Due to automation, 60-70% of the global workforce will be rendered [i]permanently[/i] unemployable in less than 20 years.
[*]Due to the aging population and mass unemployment, global welfare spending will reach [color=red]c$150-200 trillion[/color] this decade and will only increase.
[*]Due to immortality, the world population will grow to 15-16 billion by 2100, resulting in unsustainable exploitation and runoff climate change.
[*]Due to runoff climate change, the global carrying capacity will fall to 1 billion by 2100, [i]killing 90-95% of humanity in the process[/i].
[*]Due to bloated welfare spending and the collapse of the fossil fuel industry and cheap manufacturing, around 60-70 national governments now face total financial collapse within the next 20 years.[/size][/list]

[tab=30][/tab][size=120]All of these issues result in the emergence of multitudes of problems, including widespread civil unrest, geopolitical instability, military conflict leading to nuclear or AI catastrophe, mass migration of  4-5 billion in the next 50 years, and more, all of which require our attention of an appropriate amount. However, the built-in short-sighted nature of national governments has rendered them incapable of going further than mole-whacking, and soon, the violently multiplying moles are going to overrun them. Those able to resolve these civilizational issues shall rule the world, and we intend to do so. Our mission shall be divided into four different phases, hereby referred to as "impacts".[/size]

[box][size=120][align=center][b]TABLE OF CONTENTS[/b][/align][hr]1. FIRST IMPACT
[tab=30][/tab]1.1. New Path for International Politics
[tab=30][/tab]1.2. Automation of Politics
[tab=30][/tab]1.3. Ageing Population and Immortality
[tab=30][/tab]2.1. Decentralized Global Finance
[tab=30][/tab]2.2. Climate Change
[tab=30][/tab]2.3. Chinese Question
[tab=30][/tab]2.4. European Question
[tab=30][/tab]2.5. African Question
[tab=30][/tab]2.6. Latin American Question
[tab=30][/tab]2.7. South Asian Question
[tab=30][/tab]3.1. On the Divergence of Homo Sapiens
[tab=30][/tab]3.2. Methods for Peaceful Global Depopulation (PGD)
[tab=30][/tab]3.3. Particular PGD Focus Cases
[tab=60][/tab]3.3.1. American Problem
[tab=60][/tab]3.3.2. European Problem
[tab=60][/tab]3.3.3. South Asian Problem
[tab=60][/tab]3.3.4. Palestinian Problem
[tab=60][/tab]3.3.5. African and Middle Eastern Problem
4. FOURTH IMPACT[hr][/size][/box]

[hr][center][img][/img][/center][size=260][b]FIRST IMPACT.[/b][/size][hr][size=140][i]Before World Domination[/i].[/size] [size=120]To save civilization, we obviously need to achieve world domination. Failure to plan is the same as planning to fail, and as such, world domination under the RA shall be laid upon strong, irrevocable, overwhelming foundations that we already confidently control: technology. This segment will detail the early preparations we need, to set the stage for the next step.[/size]

[box][size=130][u]QUICK TAKEAWAYS[/u]:[/size]
[list=1][size=130][*]The liberal globalist experiment is unsustainable due to its flawed perception of global realities and power structures. We will abandon it in favor of a new paradigm.
[*]Democracies are inherently flawed due to their inability for long-term planning and vulnerability to damaging populism. Technocracies, out-of-touch with ever-changing reality, are completely incapable of processing infinitely complex, society-wide amounts of data, trends, and needs. Artificial intelligence renders both irrelevant.
[*]Aging reversal technologies will render pension and healthcare systems worldwide irrelevant, positively overturn the geopolitical order, and thus resolve the single largest short-term issue facing our civilization. This technology will be our most significant "show of success" for the world to see, and must thus be pursued at all costs.[/size][/list][/box]
[size=170][b]1.1.[/b][/size][size=140] [b]New Path for International Politics.[/b][/size]

[size=140][i]Entities inhabiting Earth.[/i][/size] [size=120]We start with an objective truth: civilization is [i]not[/i] composed of entities called "humans". Civilization is, in reality, composed of [i]systems[/i] and [i]societies[/i]: completely different biological superentities with economic and geopolitical interests that often conflict with each other. Failure to establish a distinction between the two is responsible for the collapse of many ideas, from 19th-century world communism to 21st-century neoliberal globalism.[/size]

[size=120]However, the world is not a big ocean where different societies freely float on different boats either, unconcerned with the happenings inside other ships while resolving disputes by talking together or through violence. The world is better thought of as a giant ship, where different societies occupy an area or cabin inside that ship. And the ship is in crisis: there is no captain. There isn't even a common agreement between passengers on how to steer the ship. Predictably, this 1648 concept of Westphalian Sovereignty generated various unhappy side effects: world wars, thermonuclear threat, mass murders, disease, financial collapses, climate emergency.[/size]

[size=120]There was no solution to this problem. Whether totalitarian world communism or a cabal of financial elites behind democracies will fail. This is because the issue is not ideological, [b]it is technologica[/b]l. We will look at the four Revolutions behind our very existence today:[/size]

Fig. 1.1. The development of society can be thought of as a progressively exponential increase in the amount of information created, transferred, and processed.[/center]

[list=1][*][size=140][i]Genetic Revolution. [/i][/size][size=120][u]Life[/u] emerges from primordial soup with a critical ability: to store and transfer information through genetics. Darwinian selection thus results in an explosion of complexity that dominates the surface of the dead Earth.[/size]
[*][size=140][i]Cognitive Revolution. [/i][/size][size=120][u]Humans[/u] emerges with a critical difference with all its predecessor: a cognitive capacity powerful enough to store, transfer, and process information. If there is new information, a human can just [i]tell[/i] others about it, shortening the procurement of new abilities from millions of generations to zero. Human ability to organize and craft quickly pushes it to the top of the food chain.[/size]
[*][size=140][i]Agricultural Revolution. [/i][/size][size=120][u]Societies[/u] emerges amid an abundance of food and the collapse of concerns in quotidian survival. Writing, job specialization, and organized governments and religions emerged. An unfathomably large amount of data: fertilizer distribution, troop organization orders, literary accounts, tax collection can be transferred and processed at incredible speed, obliterating hunter-gatherer societies incapable of such feats.[/size]
[*][size=140][i]Technological Revolution. [/i][/size][size=120]Mass production emerges from the separation between physical power and humans. Gunpowder, steam engine, steel, and electricity render irrelevant a human's biological physical capacities. Deep water navigation, printing press, railroads, radio, TV, and cargo freights enables information: money, propaganda, raw materials, consumer goods, culture to be transferred and processed across nations and continents at a rate unthinkable before.[/size][/list]

[size=120]There is two things thing these four revolutions have in common:[/size]
[list=1][*][size=140][i]Amount of data. [/i][/size][size=120]The revolutions [i]result in a substantial increase of data[/i] amount, transfer rate, and processing speed. That is, we can think of  "members of community", "goods", "feelings", "fertilizers" as data: one that you can put in an Excel sheet as a list.[/size]
[*][size=140][i]Decentralized emergence. [/i][/size][size=120]These revolutions just appears. They are not the product of a God, or boomers in a central committee, or a singular hyper-genius. They emerged through long processes regulated by the laws of physics, supply and demand; anarchic natural costraints.[/size][/list]

[size=170][b]1.2.[/b][/size][size=140] [b]Automation of Politics.[/b][/size]

[size=140][i]Flaws on Both Sides[/i].[/size] [size=120]It is an established scientific fact that humans are not logical creatures. The decision-making process of [i]Homo sapiens[/i] depends almost entirely on emotional processes, using logic to then justify said decision. This is a common criticism for democracies, where irrelevant issues such as racial identities or religion triumph over, even compromises, e.g. long-term geopolitical security or climate change amid instability. Both took hyper-simplistic assumptions that catastrophically violently large amounts of other factors that have developed for thousands of years.[/size]

[tab=30][/tab][size=120]However, the opposition - technocratic forms of governments - faces a different issue: data overflow. It is impossible for a king, or a communist politburo, or a small bureaucratic deep state to adeptly process all market and social needs and determine the perfect and coherent policies. Time and time again, Europe's race between competing industrial nations stomps over the conformism of the Qing Empire; capitalist deregulation triumphs over catastrophically inept Soviet planning systems and European Union's sticky bureaucratic marshes; small networks of Silicon Valley startups brought down the mighty and stagnant Japanese keiretsus. A synthesis of Democracy's ability of both innovation and problem diagnosis - especially through its core tenets of transparency, responsibility to the electorate, and open discourse and criticism - with Technocracy's ability of problem-solving is thus due, but so far, to no avail.[/size]

[size=140][i]Artificial Intelligence[/i].[/size] [size=120]Artificial intelligence changes the equation. Unlike technocratic dictatorships, representative democracies, or even direct democracies, artificial intelligence can record and individually take into account the beliefs, opinion, emotions, impulses, and tribalistic tendencies of [i]every single person[/i] out of billions, in hyper-detail, and process them to infer countless pattern and useful information and then act on said information. However, it is important to realize that our artificial intelligence capability is not omnipotent (yet). It is far easier to convince people to act in accordance with their pre-existing beliefs as opposed to the contrary. Thus, the limitations of our AI capability (for now) meant that we must take that fact into account when we execute this political strategy utilizing our main advantage: control over the majority of internet platforms.[/size]

[tab=30][/tab][size=120]To achieve a better understanding, we will remind you of some of our recent successes.[/size]

Fig. 1.x. Results of the historic 2032 US General Elections, the most successful RA collaborative project as of date. A major contributing factor was a voter turnout of 44.1%, the lowest since 1824, due to algorithmic voter suppression campaigns.[/center]

[size=140][i]United States.[/i][/size] [size=120]The Achilles' heel of the tech sector of pre-2025 is her lack of political backing. Unlike Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Banks, automobiles, or unions, Silicon Valley and Reno Area severely lack political representation in Washington, resulting in its persecution. To repeat the steps of her predecessors and join ranks with The Swamp would however be a mistake; it is the lifeblood, the very identity of the tech industry to rapidly obliterate all useless, parasitic middlemen (in this case, the Congress) through raw, overpowering technological might. That's exactly what we did, big time.[/size]

[tab=30][/tab][size=120]The Tech Plot, as it will soon be known, is a dangerous gamble that can backfire in many ways, but is ultimately necessary in times of desperation. For one, the likes Elon Musk and Arka Paca may be incredibly popular among many Americans, to the point of religious fanaticism. But nobody votes for Jeff Bezos; and certainly not for an oligarchal council with a name as ominous-sounding as "United States Technology and Climate Forum". As such, the Tech Plot used its second-largest advantage: the obvious design flaws of the US electoral system. First-Past-the-Post mandates that only one victor will prevail, so [i]if we can't win a majority, then we just divide up the populace again, oversaturate the field, and keep them at such a self-hostile state[/i], allowing us to win with just a miniscule amount of votes.[/size]

[tab=30][/tab][size=120]This is incredibly easy to achieve through the use of artificial intelligence.[/size]
[list][size=120][*][b]Divide[/b]. Through AI, the RA successfully identified that the various US population subgroups of inter-memberships can be politically divided into new parties as shown in Figure 1.x. This solves the rising threat of leftism due to the rise of the DSA after the Tech Coup of 2030.
[*][b]Keep Divided[/b]. Utilizing political instability, the bipartisan collapse is thus realized. Then, to keep them from joining into coalition with eachother, RA-aligned social media, search engines, and online platform discreetly hyper-promoted the most extreme, unpopular, politically inexperienced opposition candidates to dominate opposition primaries while algorithmicly suppressing the moderates.
[*][b]Conquer[/b]. Meanwhile, NewDem is relentlessly promoted through hyper-personalized, hyper-convincing algorithmic psychological conditioning. If this fails, then the algorithm automatically campaigns for a specific opposition party such that opposition votes are perfectly divided to allow for NewDem victory. If this fails, then the algorithm automatically employs all means necessary to convince said person to not vote at all.
[size=120]These feats are achieved through various methods.[/size]
[*][b]Collect[/b]. [i]Everything[/i] connected to each of the 270 million American voters and their children: behaviors, social media, YouTube attention span, browsing habits to the miliseconds, niche interests; their family's; and their community's (whether online or offline) are extracted and fed to algorithms in quantum servers in our basement. This hyper-detailed, real-time psychological profiling of each person can then used for our political, scientific, and market pursuits. 
[*][b]Engineer[/b]. Search results, video recommendations, etc. are subtly oriented into pushing the subject in accordance to our interests, using all available psychological manipulation or other means self-learned by the AI. All results are then recorded and fed again to the algorithms to improve its capabilities.
[*][b]Convince[/b]. The peak of the RA's capability: mass chatbots that roams social media and online forums that regularly passes the Turing tests, with the ability to "convince anyone" about "anything" through the use of the aforementioned hyper-personalized profiles. Use of AI to self-write persuasive news articles or self-generate videos, hyper-personalized to each person's personality and natural emotional impulses, was also heavily employed.
[size=120]Although this event was merely achieved through an ad hoc cooperation Alphabet, DeepDive, OpenAI, Miraj, and Microsoft—as opposed to the current organizational capacity of today, it was still astoundingly satisfactory.[/size]

Fig 1.2. September 2033 German federal elections, which saw the ruling coalition punished by the RA and lost exactly 50,0% of their seats.[/center]

[size=140][i]Germany.[/i][/size] [size=120]Unlike America, Germany poses a more challenging political environment to engineer, with virtually all parties (except potentially the FDP) being detrimental of RA missions of innovation and global salvation. As such, we have decided for France to be positioned as the primary challenger to the German hegemony of the EU. This, along with their open opposition against the New Community Project, has led to our strategy of simultaneously promoting and radicalizing the far-right AfD and far-left Die Linke (both now advocates for Germany to exit the EU) to the extremist direction of pre-1933 street violence, open racism, and borderline revolutionary rhetorics amid economic malaise due to demographic collapse and climate migration crisis fifteen times that of the 2010s. We aim (and ultimately succeeded) in plunging the German political system into deadlock and force moderate parties to the negotiation table if they don't want the spiraling of the peaceful German society into chaos to accelerate even further.[/size]

[size=140][i]Institutionalization.[/i][/size] [size=120]Thus, to advance our noble mission of saving civilization and return global stability following a decade of disastrous populist polarization, we aim to strengthen the rule of the Ten Pillars indefinitely through this policy of automating electoral campaigns. A rough to-do list would be legislative reforms on all levels to allow and support these feats, and the development of even better AI able to convince the population to directly support our ideas without resorting to complex divide-and-rule strategies we currently employ.[/size]

[size=140][b]1.3. Ageing and Immortality[/b][/size]

[size=140][i]Sucking sound[/i].[/size] [size=120]As we have addressed previously, there is a giant sucking sound draining our budget and that's the senile retired people. They are old, sick, dying, medically expensive, generate near-zero benefits for civilization, cost us around [color=red]c$100tn[/color]/decade to feed and maintain, burden the environment, and there's 1.09 billion of them. However, genocide through direct mass murder is challenging to justify to the electorate. We propose a different solution: end aging entirely.[/size]
Fig. 1.3. Aging is the no. 1 risk factor for almost all major diseases. No aging, (almost) no disease. No disease, no need of Medicare-for-all or such other nonsense.[/center]

[hr][center][img][/img][/center][size=260][b]SECOND IMPACT.[/b][/size][hr]

[hr][center][img][/img][/center][size=260][b]THIRD IMPACT.[/b][/size][hr]

[hr][center][img][/img][/center][size=260][b]FOURTH IMPACT.[/b][/size][hr]