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State of the Region Address (#5)

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State of the Region Address

Dear all,
Some traditions don’t end, and State of the Region Addresses are one of them. They represent the opportunity for this region to, every three months, think of its place, not only in the NS world, but in every one of our hearts.

The invisible enemy that is COVID-19 has not spared the New West Indies. Too many of us have lost a loved one during those fateful months. Too many of us have grown isolated, losing contacts with friends, partners, and family. Too many of us have not been able to properly see our relatives for ages, and for too many of us, they will never see them again. My heart goes out to everyone of you, who have seen your lives hardened by not only COVID, but also the other events of this world, whether linked or not to this ghastly pandemic. In face of such hardships, one would be forgiven to see ourselves and our community as powerless.

Still, we can and have done better than “thought-and-prayer” artifices. In the tumultuous ocean that real life has become, the New West Indies stands as a harbour, a port of call where we can all throw our anchors, lower our sails, and taste some moments of solace. The New West Indies is the place where you can vent, where you can write, where you can create. It is the place where we can share our experiences, keep each other up, and tighten the bonds between people who can live many thousands of miles apart, having never met before.

One year ago this was a roleplay region. Six months ago, many would have agreed it carried the double hat of a government and roleplay region. Today, I would be very unable to tell you that this place is a roleplay, government, or gameplay region. The New West Indies have escaped the traditional qualifiers of a region, to become a region characterised by its members. The polandballs, cat pics, satire, pixel art, maps, flags, hell even our political rants, have become a piece of our identity. They, as much if not more than our fancy laws and beautiful roleplay, have allowed the NWI to be a place where all of us, regardless of hardly life has hit us, can congregate.

Definitively gone are the days where the Government drove our region. These days, our citizens drive our region. But if the direct influence of Government has faded, it still has a role to play. It has to ensure that the conditions for the creativity of our citizens to express itself are here. It has to secure the region from threats, befriend other communities to draw mutual benefits, help the running of events, keep information accessible…it has to maintain the stability under which the magic of our camaraderie can take full effect.

This is why our Foreign Affairs Department has initiated and entertained ties with regions of all shapes and sizes, from Government regions like Lorania, to smaller roleplay regions like Official European Union, to community-strong regions like Fylkirgvegr, to powerhouse regions like the South Pacific. Thanks to our Department’s role in securing an embassy with our friends at Forest, we were invited to one of the largest factions in N-Day. The success of those initiatives, the bonds we have made with our fellow Potato Alliance fighters, and the Alliance’s Second Place in Nationstates, are the results of the actions of the People. The Government made it possible, but it is the citizens that make it real. This is the doctrine this Government has been following.

It is in this vein that you will have noticed the dispatches changing, their information being updated and their appearance and navigation being upgraded. This is why you see flag contests. This is why you see us partake in events with foreign regions, and plan some of our own (Z-Day is coming!). This is why you occasionally see us deal with toxicity and personae non gratae (though the nature of this business means you only really have to see the tip of the iceberg). This is why you see our population count slowly increase, beating the NS Summer lull and the Cessation to exist of many “Drew Durnil” arrivers that have slashed our population this summer.

The Government must create the environment in which the magic can happen. I believe in the magic of people uniting in a community to create something greater than the sum of their parts like the Pope would believe in God; unconditionally. This is why this Government exists. It is also why I am immensely proud of my Secretaries Cymiopolis, Funky Goats, North Italian Union, and New United Carolinas. Even if they (I hope!) already know it, they have my total confidence and admiration.

Enough of the past and even the present: what can we expect for the next three months?
The United States are holding elections in a polarised country, and regardless of the results people will be unhappy. We must keep an eye on our own region, for the waters on our harbour to not become as tormented as those outside. We must remember that different opinions exist, and treat each other with respect. We must remember to be the community we are, undivided by whatever our economic, social, or environmental beliefs are.
But we must also remember to call out and, effectively, purge toxicity. The spectres of racism, xenophobia, and general intolerance have no place in our region. There is a variety of opinions to be had that do not overlap with those, and those are the opinions we must respect. Those ideas that are designed to exclude, and harm our harbour, are not to be welcomed.

Beyond this, many great events are coming! Z-Day and Halloween are on their way, the festivities of Christmas and the New Year are in sight, and you, the people of the New West Indies, are as awesome as you always were.

So keep being around. Keep helping each other, making art, writing RP posts, drafting bills, running for election, and being who you are. Because you are the true architects of the New West Indies’ future. The Government is just there to make sure you won’t lack opportunities to do so.

2 OCTOBER, 2020
The Rt. Hon Celestiam, OSE OIF OIN
Office of the Secretary-General

The Dominion of NWIgov