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Chief Elder's Speech Office

Six Months Gone By

St Abby;

Almost 6 months ago, I walked into the office succeeding Dragonisia, and our dear friend Kitsco! Their legacies here in St Abby will ever be immortal along with someone I wished I could have known, Hawkswind! Coming in as Chief Elder, I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me along with getting to know the Supreme Council. I’m pleased to say that we have had such a great 6 months. Over those months we’ve accomplished;

  • 10 Editions of the St Abby Times, and have an official template designed by Niktobr

  • We have a post Topid flag that marks what we call the revitalization era of St Abby.

  • Signed a treaty with our dear friends from Thalassia. A very big thank you to Owl Archipelago, and Sho for making this possible.

  • We have passed over 15 Supreme Council Resolutions that have rebuilt our entire infrastructure. The work here is amazing.

  • The Establishment of The Hawkswind Citation Medal! We’ve honored those heroes who have laid it out for the region of St Abby!

  • Some of the best factbooks, and organization we’ve desperately needed!

I have to say this was a dream come true after my days in South Pacific. St Abby is a place that really is amazing. We’ve been through a lot in our 18 year history. Being apart of it is something special, and this administration has exceeded the standards! The biggest challenge I faced was staying with tradition here in our region. I think we have exceeded sticking with our regional tradition. We have some cultural affairs coming up in the next few months. I will release more information on that in the next Newspaper. Forever Remembering Hawkswind!

December Newsletter

Dear St Abbaddon;

The holidays are approaching us quickly. As we celebrate the holiday season in St Abbaddon, always check on our region mates during these times. The region has taken off since August! We will continue to focus on the strong plan of recruitment, creating a better culture, and helping develop a plan into 2021. For the holidays St Abby will have a Christmas trivia challenge, Roleplay, and much more fun! Our government agenda is to keep building our regional allies back up, develop a new foreign policy, and setting up a historical society. Looking back at 2020, our region is sitting in a great place. The revitalization project has been extremely successful, and we have been restoring many great traditions! We have new dispatches, new flag, WFE, and a new government! I look forward to 2021! Below I will lay out my agenda;

Foreign Affairs:

Just recently, the Supreme Council passed a new Foreign Policy for St Abbaddon. The idea of this new policy is to develop meaningful relationships with regions who share the same values as we do. The question, “Will St Abbaddon join the URA?” has been asked a lot to myself, and our Supreme Council. That decision as of now is we are focusing on growing internally, looking for new alliances with regions, and setting a course we can be proud of. The biggest thing you will notice is our strong shift to neutrality. It’s not for every case, but we want to make great, and educational decisions of when to get involved as a whole. I will link the new policy below.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Elder of Foreign Affairs:Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire
Deputy Elder of Foreign Affairs:Vacant

If you become a Diplomat in the Ambassador Corps: The Department of Foreign Affairs maintains interregional relations by communicating with other regions. Each embassy of St Abbaddon is either a treaty-ally or potentially-ally of St Abbaddon, and we maintain our foreign affairs abroad by establishing embassies in other regions. Each embassy is run by its own ambassador, and by joining the Diplomatic Corps you can also become one. As an ambassador, you will be a diplomat representing St Abbaddon abroad.

You will be expected to deliver any materials provided to you by the Elder of Foreign Affairs, Chief Elder, and Delegate, and keep an eye out for anything in your assigned region that may be of interest to St Abbaddon. Of course, you will need to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to a diplomat at all times. Being an Ambassador is a great way to get exposure to different regional cultures, meet new people, and make a name for yourself inter-regionally.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs works closely with the rest of the government and community of St Abbaddon to swifty communicate information to the rest of the NationStates World. It falls on the shoulders of these brave men and women to decypher strange foreign dialects, interact with new types of peoples, and to express the will of St Abbaddon onto them. You will be taught these skills and more. Not for the faint hearted.
”How do you know so much about swallows?” “Well, you have to know these things when you’re a king, you know.”

St Abbaddon Ambassador's

1. Balder: Vacant
2. Mariner Trench | The North Pacific: Allangoria
3. Yggdrasil Vacant
4. Hartfelden Vacant
5. The Democratic Republic Vacant

St Abbaddon Embassy Act

St Abbaddon is a region that has a friendly embassy. This policy is aimed to establish embassies that benefit our region, and the requesting region. Below are the requirements to have an embassy.

Embassy Requirements

• They have a RMB post from that at least 10 days ago.

• They must have at least 35 nations or at least showing signs that they are recruiting. They also need 5 World Assembly Endorsements.

• Future Embassies after this bill is passed must state the reason why they want an embassy.

• They cannot have any embassies with Fascist or Totalitarian regions.

• They can be either raider or defender as long as they keep our region neutral in any issues with theirs.

• Must have a stable environment and government.

• Must be able to provide an ambassador.

• Must not be a puppet or storage region unless it's a defender or regional restoration organization.

• If we close an embassy, that closing embassy has the right to appeal the closure to the Chief Elder, Elder of Foreign Affairs, or our Lord Reaper.

• Once you meet the requirements we will happily accept your request!

• The Chief Elder, and The Elder of Foreign Affairs must review the embassies every 3 months.

• The Supreme Council reserves the right to update, or make changes to meet the standards for the region.

• The Requesting Region Must not have a Fascist tag.

Desirable Traits:

• Having the "anti-fascist" tag.

• Having an active policy of not tolerating Nazi/Fascist nations within your region.


• Voluntary Member regions of Dream World

St Abbaddon Active Treaties


Please send any supporting details for embassy requests to Elder of Foreign Affairs: Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire

Read factbook

World Assembly:

For the world assembly, we are going to get serious here in St Abbaddon. My intent is for us to not be afraid to take the lead in the World Assembly Security Council, and General Assembly affairs. We don’t have official policy setup yet, but I will be modifying our current starter system coming into the new year. The focus is giving more people the opportunity to be active with the WA, increasing our World Assembly Count, and let’s start making drafts!

More Government Mentorship, and Jobs:

One of my biggest challenges is trying to get more involved with recruiting new leaders in our region, mentoring new nations to settle into the St Abbaddon way, and finally create better interactive resources for new nations. I want to expand our government with having more Ambassadors, expanding the outer council, and setting new traditions going forward! We will have more Roleplay events when we revamp Dream World! There will be more interactions with one another! And we will prosper in 2021!

In Conclusion:

We are facing a lot of decisions to make for our region. As I told the Council tonight, I am not looking to take shortcuts. I’m not looking for an organization to do it for us. I’m planning to build us up by one way! That’s hard work, and dedication to achieve permanent, and everlasting success! We will work together to achieve great things! I’ll close by saying this! Stay Proactive, Keep Proactive, Chase Results! Thank you!

Chief Elder of St Abbaddon

Chief Elder's Thanksgiving Address

My dear friends;

From all of us here from St Abbaddon, we wish each, and everyone of you a Happy Thanksgiving. While we know not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, we still observe this day to give thanks to our regional communities, our friends, our family, and those who aren’t fortunate of being able to celebrate this year. 2020 has been a tough year with the Corona Virus, we must continue look at the future. Here in St Abbaddon, we are expecting to finish the year off strong! We started off the year with a quiet era, and managed to renew our activity on our councils, and our citizens! St Abbaddon is opening up the holiday season with a month long Christmas festival, and ending the year with St Abbaddon yearly awards! We invite all of our allies, and personnel to attend if they so wish to do so! I’ll post the link to the dispatch below at the end of this address! So eats of food, spend sometime with your family, and enjoy the holiday season. To those who can’t spend the holidays at home, whether it’s your battling the front lines in our emergency rooms, or serving in our military world wide, we want to thank you for what you do! Happy Thanksgiving St Abbaddon!!

First Annual St Abbaddon Christmas Festival!


Season's Greetings from St. Abbaddon!

Merry Christmas! I am Greater Kopmakia, humbly inviting you to the FIRST EVER Annual St Abbaddon Christmas Festival, put together by yours truly, Allangoria, Niktobr, and Draganisia!

The festival is a month long event, and the first event put together by St Abby in a while, so you don't want to miss it, as at the end of the festival the Discord server it is hosted in will become read-only!

The event will include a non-canon Christmas based Roleplay, game(s), voice chat, and supportive staff! A link to the event can be found in the Time and Invitations!

Everybody is welcome, so come celebrate with us!

Time and Invitations

Anybody that currently resides in St Abbaddon or has an embassy with St Abbaddon are invited to this wonderful annual event!

Discord Server! Open From: November 25th,2020 to January 6th,2021

Christmas Roleplay! Open From: November 25th,2020 to December 30,2020

12 Days Before Christmas Trivia! Open From: December 25th,2020 to January 5th,2021

St. Abbaddon End of the Year Awards!: December 30th,2020 to January 5th,2021

Remember, all of this will only available in the Festival's Discord Server!

A link to the Discord Server hosting the event can be found here:

Read dispatch

Chief Elder of St Abbaddon

Chief Elder's Special Address[/align]

My dearest citizens;

We are approaching the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving, and Christmas 🎄 here in St Abbaddon! During these times I encourage you to show a little more compassion, acceptance, and love to those who maybe a little mis unfortunate in your communities, your states, your schools, and everyday lives. During the holidays depression can be at a very all time high. If you, or you know someone who maybe feeling a little down, please don't be afraid to seek help. We here in St Abby are always here to assist at anytime. Now onto some fun news, and announcements,

1. For the holiday season coming up, the Supreme Elder Council is working on hosting the Christmas Festival for the upcoming holiday season! If you want to help us plan for it, you can send a telegram to myself, or Niktobr. Even if you aren't on the Discord, you can most certainly still help out here on the RMB!

2.'We are also revamping our newspaper to! If you have any articles that you would like to submit please get them to me! We can always use more participation in making our paper the number 1 in NS! Feel free to message me, or Oranjea to see how you can get a job!

3. St Abbaddon is also looking for ambassadors! If you are interested, please send a telegram to myself or Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire to join our elite rank of Ambassadors! This is a great way to serve St Abbaddon in a small leadership role! We hope to see more faces!

These are just some of the things we have planned in our region! Please telegram our Lord Reaper, or our council members to join, and help out today!!

Chief Elder of St Abbaddon

St Abby;

2 months have passed by since I've taken office as Chief Elder. While October tested our region's resiliency, we stood together to keep our region booming. I am extremely pleased with how fast our recovery has picked up. While we may have lost The Free Nations Region which was a big embassy, we will replace them with more, and meaningful embassies who will fit our needs this month. We will be crafting a foreign policy that fits our new standards, and demands going forward. St Abby is in my opinion the most treasured region here in Nationstates. It's time to raise the expectations for our region, and for new, and current allies. My personal goal for recruitment for the month of November is 160 nations total, and increase Draganisia endorsement count to 12 total. I personally believe November will be the most active yet. We have a very active discord, the holidays are coming up, and I am finally free from all the NS drama. I've enjoyed my first 2 months working with Niktobr, Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire, and our Lord Reaper Draganisia. What I have learned is when you take on a leadership role here in St Abbaddon, you are a remembered for life. Let's ramp up for the month of November! We are going to be busy this month! Stay sharp, and stay focused.
Chief Elder of St Abbaddon

Dear St Abby;

These 48-72 hours have been a true test of faith, virtue, and trustworthiness of a character. As I won't mention many details because it's not my place to judge, or throw stones. What I will say is this. I have learned, and really appreciate those who have helped me personally, and helping me clear so I can continue our great mission here in St Abby. To our WA Delegate Draganisia who has been absolutely supportive all the way throughout these rough days. He has stayed by me through all this, and I thank you. To Kuriko, One Small Island, and many more. I am forever grateful for your support, and understanding. I honestly was speechless, hurt, and shocked about everything. But you continue to stand by me as this journey has been chaotic. Queen Yuno you were a huge shining light during all of this. Your advice, a d guidance from a similar experience you encountered yourself was exactly needed. I always think back to our times in The East Pacific. To this day you are, and will always be my favorite Delegate. Our friendship is unmatched. I thank you for that. This was a challenge for me, and a challenge for St Abby. But it really wasn't. As it turned out, it only fueled a fire in me to continue leading our Revitalization Project. And it United the St Abby community as a whole. As I write this special address, joining St Abbaddon has been a dream experience. I used to sit and view our regional page saying someday I'll eventually be apart of that region. That someday ended up being sooner than expected. And as we approach the holidays, St Abbaddon will be planning lots of cool events, holiday get together, and much more. This region is a special region, and we still continue to stand united. I'll close by saying this, and it's something I shared with Yuno on her last day as Delegate. It goes "Be cognitive of what you say or do. Sometimes you may think that you know someone but sometimes you turn out to be wrong!" And Yuno went on to say this quote which exactly fits this situation;
"Everything has a beginning and an end. The timing to end this chapter seems about as right as it could be."
The new chapter for St Abby is now! With us united, and together, we shall overcome the dark days to a new sunrise! Long live St Abbaddon, and it's back to work for me in the Chief Elder's Office.
Chief Elder of St Abbaddon

Chief Elder's October Neesletter

Citizens of St Abbaddon;

Over the month of September, St Abbaddon was absolutely busy. We have restored relations with Balder, Warzone Asia, and many more coming soon. This the biggest highlights from our government this month were participating in N-Day with a force to be reckoned with, creating new flags, WFE, and filling multiple positions in our government. We retired the previous flags, and seals that came under the Topid era. This month was full of transitions, new personnel coming in, and creating the revitalization program for our region. I will say from a new person standpoint, we have an incredible opportunity to set our region in a course that will be known as the golden days. This month has been very enjoyable for our region, and I look forward to month 2 on the job. My goals for October is October fest, creating more new embassies, and friends, increasing our world assembly endorsements, and setting up a positive community here in St Abby! Let's continue the hard work, and bring our region to a new era we can be proud of! Becoming Chief Elder of our region is a pretty awesome job here. I've been in many regions over my 5 years, but this is a region like many others call home! St Abbaddon shall always be remembered, and shall never perish!

Previous Chief Elder's Speeches Dispatch

Chief Elder's Speech Office

by St abbaddon dispatch office

Chief Elder's September 11, 2001 Special Address

Be sure to keep those families, victims, friends, and colleagues in your hearts, and prayers tonight. 19 years may seem like an internity to some, others feels just like yesterday. On September 11, 2001 many people woke up, and said goodbye to their loved ones. Only this time it would be the last time. On this day both towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a plane in shakesville were victims of a plot of hate. They were murdered in cold blood for a cause of hate across the world. No matter where you are from, take a second to appreciate your loved ones, friends, and your life. It is time for us to more understanding of others beliefs, religion, their race, gender, and who they are. This day I declare a ceremonial holiday of prayer, of peace here in the islands of St Abby! Forever on that day the world was changed! Just to mention some of our greatest heros, all the firefighters, ambulances, and volunteers. Frank D. Martaini is responsible for rescuing over 70 people from the North Tower that day before it collapsed with him in it. He was the building manager. To Betty Ong, the wonderful right attendant on Flight 11. She helped keep her passagers calm to the very end. To all the passagers on that retook their plane from the high jackers to crash it in the field. Finally to a the men, and women to died serving in uniform for our freedom. Take a second and let this sink into your mind. The overall impact this had, and still does today! God bless those victims, their families, and those who helped on this tragic day in history! Thank you, and stay safe in this troubling world!

Chief Elder's Monthly Newsletter

September 2020

My fellow citizens;

September is a great month filled with revival here in our great region! As you probably have noticed, there has been a lot of changes here in St Abby. The first major change is our government leadership. A lot of former St Abby government leaders have retired after many years of dedicated service to our great region. I personally like to thank Dragonisia, and several others for their outstanding committment. But now it's time for us to pick up the torch, and bring our region to even cooler heights. I'm extremely excited to be serving as your Chief Elder of such a historical, and treasured region. We will work together to build a better tomorrow! We are in preparation to host regional elections for our Outer Council. The new government has been working extremely hard behind the scenes to re-establish our government that will fit our regional needs. My biggest priority is building a community that will help our core, focus on setting up important relations with key regions who will help us succeed, and build a community we can all call home! I will be releasing a monthly newsletter, or special statements by using this dispatch! Long live St Abby, and a big thank you to you for being apart of this great journey!

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