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Interstellar Silver

Interstellar Silver Corp.


Aerospace, Mining

21 June 2007

Texas Maarschalkerweerd

Kagoshima, Japan, Kractero

Key people:

Texas Maarschalkerweerd
(Founder, CEO, CTO)

Launch vehicles
Network satellites
Mining rovers
Interstellar extraction facilities

Space mining

Texas Lupa

Number of Employees

Interstellar Silver Corp., is a private Kracterian aerospace manufacturer and space mining company headquartered in Kagoshima, Kractero. The company was founded in 2007 by Texas Maarschalkerweerd with the goal of reaching space with the objective of mining objects like asteroids and comets. The company has developed a multitude of launch vehicles, including the rockets, asteroid and comet rovers, as well as interstellar resource extraction facilities.

Some of the achievements and firsts of the company include the fastest rocket to reach orbit, the first private company to send a spacecraft to the International Space Station, the first organization to extract any earth mineral from an asteroid (platinum), and the first private company to land artifical intelligent miners into outer space. To reward their work, the Kracterian Space Agency has diverted funding in the form of a development contract to the company. The company also launched the Isoroku Yamato, the fastest space probe ever launched and is projected to pass Voyager One (assuming they are going the same direction).

Maarschalkerweerd has publically announced plans to land artificial intelligence on the moon in an effort to establish the first permanent moon base in human history for Kractero. She also announced progress on Operation Breakthrough Starshot, the plan for humanity to reach the closest star, Alpha Centauri, by 2050. Maarschalkerweerd also announced Silver efforts to discover a potential extra planet beyond Neptune.

As of 2020, the company has dismantled around five asteroids completely, all of them rich in platinum, equating in 50 billion dollars of platinum each and equaling 250 billion dollars worth of platinum. The company has an exclusivity deal in giving the entirety of the platinum to Kractero, and this platinum is introduced to the market slowly as to not crash the market.