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WA Office | Ending School Segregation


WA Office Opinion
Ending School Segregation

The proposal ‘Ending School Segregation’ aims to ensure that children of member states are given the ability to develop in a diverse and rich environment, by preventing educational discrimination both on a national and local level. This has the intended effect of guaranteeing that children have the ability to effectively engage with all members of their society, which is a goal that fits well with the peaceable principles of the General Assembly.

In terms of effects, the legislation mandates that children are not placed into segregated conditions as part of their education, that schools not run by the government are held to the same standards as those schools that are, and that parents have the right to approach the school of their child in order to allow said child freedom from discriminatory treatment. The legislation is written in broad terms, allowing member states the freedom to decide how best to implement these policy goals.

To conclude, the upcoming proposal guarantees the right of children to be free from discrimination and to learn in a diverse and inclusive environment. Because the legislation offers member states the freedom to achieve these goals in such away so as to avoid any possible negative effects, this office recommends a vote FOR ‘Ending School Segregation’.

Primary author(s): Kenmoria.


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