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About Me

High Falls in Rochester, my home town.

Not me but I'm cool if you
imagine me looking like this.

Wuss' Poppin. That's what the cool kids say, right?

Oh. Well then, I'm Dizgovzy. Or Vjeresland. Or Diz. Or Jambi. Take your pick. Some of you may know me as the former Speaker of the House (x2), MP (x2), and Electoral Commissioner. Real chads will know that I'm the Assistant Education Minister.

But who am I really?
I am a male homo sapiens sapiens residing in the Lake Ontario Watershed. I enjoy academics, languages, music, running, anime, yadayadayada. I'd say I'm a neat dude, but that's just personal opinion. NationStates has been practically my only hobby since I first joined all those years ago, and I've been a committed game player for years. I spent over two years in Europe where really all I wanted to be was delegate- of course, that's not how Europe's system works. Thus, I've been preparing for this for a while.



-I've served many foreign relations positions to many different regions- Europe, Thaecia, The Allied Republic, South Pacific, and all the regions that didn't have ambassadors as I've served as Foreign Affairs Minister of The Allied Republic for a few months now! So check, there's foreign relations.

-I slew the House Committees (among various other acts, notably the RMB Moderation Act and some other stuff). I served as MP and Speaker, both in landslide victories. I never served in the Senate because I love all the Senators and didn't want to have one of them lose their job for me. Love you Dendro bb <3.

-I served as Electoral Commissioner so I am well versed in the necessary corruption of being President, wait, I mean, sacrificing my time and putting forth all my effort for Thaecia.

-The Delegacy is a game position. I am a fully committed game player and have been committed to NSery since I joined. I am extremely active on NS (in multiple regions) and love the site dearly. It's a part of me.

Campaign Promises

As I am a game player at heart (see my worldbuilding and the sheer amount of time I've spent on the site itself), I have many plans for what to do as Mr. President. I will go further than liking the shiny desk and golf trips. I spend so much time on NS my birthday card literally had the NS WA logo on it.

- Lead a WA Committee: To help get Thaecia more involved with the WA, I plan to lead an independent group of Thaecia WA enthusiasts to discuss WA legislation. We will then formulate reasons why to vote either yay or nay and using the Communications Powers of the Presidency, send out a telegram recommending a vote and why.

-Work alongside the Home Affairs Ministry to really make Thaecia on-site (including Dispatches) as much of a front of the region as the Discord server.

-Actively represent Thaecia in all foreign regions with a WA population 30 or more (as Delegate) alongside the Foreign Affairs Minister and/or Ambassador.

-Analyze and vote on every single WA legislation- even if that means I have to go to the *shudders* NS Forums.

-Front nominations for Order of Thaecia (If Marco doesn't get to Islo and Kors, then for them too of course.) for well deserving members of our community such as Actias, Bigtopia, and others.

-Use my activity to benefit Thaecia when NS goes from a day game to a in-real-time game- when there's an emergency or violation of site rules, I'll be there. Granted, I can't check discord during the school day but I can always check NS.

-Be active.

-I'll even go on the *shudders* NS Forums for Thaecia.

-Spread the Good Word of the Lord Godsinia. Canonize Xernon as Saint Xernon.


The Rt. Hon. MP Peabodia
President Emeritus Titanne
Commissioner Emeritus, Fm. MP Hulldom
The Rt. Hon. Senate Chair Brototh
The Rt. Dep. Culture Minister Tengjiang
His Chadness Snowflame