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Socialist Action Party

[center][box][color=darkblue]Socialist Action Party[/color]
[i]The first party, and the people's party[/i]
[region]Amalgamated Federation[/region]

[spoiler=Positions]Party Secretary-General:
[nation]Sierra Grand[/nation]
Deputy Secretary-Generals:
[nation]Japanese Sorianora[/nation]
[nation]The Age of Utopia[/nation]
Party Secretaries:

[spoiler=Our Policies][color=darkblue]Ideals:

Freedom to Express

Government Transparency

Free Access to Government Programs

Free Healthcare & Education
[spoiler=What we stop]
We will not allow our votes to:
Fascist or Racist policies
Policies that benefit people with positions
Policies that declare war on innocent regions
[spoiler=Want to work for us?]If you want to run for the Socialist Action Party somehow
you're in luck! Just telegram one of our Secretaries (Or the Secretary-General
if you're feeling bold) with what you will do in parliament and your resume
and wait while the commision reviews your application. If approved you've got a
secure job. The only way to be fired is to vote against the ideals of our party.
If you want to work for the campaign just telegram the Secretaries and wait again.[/spoiler]
The Socialist Action Party: [i]"Workers of the Federation, unite!"[/i]