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The Economist Magazine: Ulfred's vehemently anti-Omnan rhetoric is not helping anyone (o.p. November 7, 2018)


November 7,
2018 Edition

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Ulfred's vehemently anti-Omnan rhetoric is not helping anyone
Hsilgne's National Action Front is poking a sleeping tiger

The last half century has seen some of the most prosperous and safe times to be alive in world history, along with its most devastating conflict. However, with the Third Global War slowly fading into a thermonuclear memory, many in the west have once again begun taking the relative safety and security of their homes for granted. A new generation has entered adulthood, one who was far too young at the time to comprehend the international political climate in the lead-up to the The Imperialist's War. They did not live through the period of escalation and tension, and have only known a shell-shocked peace and post-war restoration. Consequentially, they are beginning to repeat the same mistakes that brought us to international baptism by hellfire, with no recognition for the consequences of their callousness. Over the course of his career with the National Action Front, Representative Peotr Ulfred of the Lyserødby district in Hsilgne has repeatedly called for action against Omnum, their sleeping neighbour across the sea. He has gone so far as to suggest that granting independence to the country after liberating them from Auestriker rule was a mistake, explicitly stating "we should never have let them go again. They were always property of Hsilgne... the pushover government at that time was idiotically short sighted to ever consider honouring that treaty." Whilst there is no doubt that the Omnan regime is a true police state, with wanton abuses of human rights and a tyrannical cult of personality, they have come to form part of the delicate balance of power within the North Sea. Since the 1980s, historical governments of Anglicae and Hsilgne have honoured a mutual unspoken understanding with the Collective that if Omnum is left alone, Omnum has no reason not to leave them alone. The sleeping tiger to the northwest has thus lay mostly silent albeit for their participation in the Third Global War; the regime is content with concerning themselves with their own affairs, and in turn does not concern themselves with the rest of the world. A good thing, considering they currently possess over nine million military and paramilitary personnel and an industrial war machine that rivals the capability of Kozavia at the height of its power.

In Omnum, there are no coincidences; nothing happens without a calculated decision from the Unity. There is a reason that 37% of their population are fully capable military personnel. It has served as the catalyst that has enforced the agreement with mainland Auropia; whilst it would be extremely unfeasible for Omnum to successfully invade Anglicae or Hsilgne, it would be flat out impossible for either of those nations to successfully occupy Omnum. For all their talk of liberation and freedom, leaders of the free world have always known they cannot bring it to the Omnans.

Until today.

Peotr Ulfred represents a dangerous sentiment. He is the first member of an Anglicaen or Hsilgnese cabinet in over 50 years to publically call for action against Omnum. Whilst it is indeed a noble sentiment, it is one fueled by ignorance of the threat that nine million active troopers lurking just out of sight of the shoreline poses. It is one that fails to grasp the intricacies of Cospan/Omnan - Auropian relations. It is one that fails to grasp Omnum.

To understand Omnum, you have to understand their history. Almost 800 years of oppression and colonial rule, finally to get independence in the midst of the biggest wars in history (at that point). By the end of it, they were absolutely war-exhausted, as a result of having to indebtly fight for the superpower that helped enslave them in the first place, but had the audacity to liberate them and take the credit only after an enemy power took control of them. It's no wonder that almost immediately after the war concluded, the demand for an authoritarian strongman, who guaranteed such conditions would never again befall them, was high. Many citizens actually opposed the rolling back of wartime emergency orders, and rejected the idea that now Cospus could begin building "true direct democratic socialism" as a path back into weakness. They would never again fall under the boot of some foreign power. They would never again be divided by the imperialists of the mainland. They needed safety. They wanted security. They thus gave birth to their own answer. They gave birth to the Unity.

The emergence of Uncle Sam was inevitable. The majority of the people loved Administrator Sam Kloristch. The majority also did not want to see him relinquish his powers back to direct democracy; "a return to tyranny by majority", as it was so called in....