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Portraits from Abbeyverne:

Top row (L to R): Farms near Dearneswadehad, Mount Stanhope, Old City (Castle Region)
Middle row (L to R): New City (Castle Region), ARNS King Aart II, Stairchester Cathedral (Stairchester Region)
Bottom row (L to R): AF22-Bs on patrol, 21 Armored Cavalry (Black Lightning)

About Abbeyverne:

The The Parliamentary Monarchy of Abbeyverne is a very large nation in Greater Cyngland. It is located on the Abbeyvernian Peninsula, and bordered by the nations of Greater Abbeyverne and Western Abbeyverne. It is bordered in the north by the Great Cyng Ocean and the Straight of Abbeyverne in the south. Abbeyverne has twenty regions and several territories, such as the Rancarin Islands. They include Greater Abbeyverne, Western Abbeyverne and Abbeyvernian Jagaira, which are semi-autonomous regions of Abbeyverne, and the Rancarin Islands south of the mainland. The geography of Abbeyverne is rather diverse, from the beautiful beaches on the north coastline, to the tall and gorgeous mountains in the central and southwest areas of the nation.
Abbeyverne is a hub of commercial and economic activity, with vast trade routes to all GCMTA nations, and all across the main continents of GC. The Abbeyvernian military is one of the largest in the region, and by far the finest, while the political system of Abbeyverne combines strong centralization in crisis, and representation and democracy all the time.

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