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by The Federation of Libertalonia. . 12 reads.

A small Interview with Lilith j Lyndon, President of libertalonia.

]Video start

The camera points to the face of a 25 year old man with the typical reporter clothes. he is well dressed and has a tape recorder on his shoulder. He is in a hallway with two secret service agents in Lilith's personal estate in Kabosata. He begins to speak

Interviewer: "Okay, so I am currently in the capital awaiting to talk to the Current President of Libertalonia, Lilith J Lyndon. I won't be speaking too much about politics but more Personal questions. Alright, security is leading us in"

As the Crew is led into an office, Lilith waves as she brings them inside, She's wearing casual clothing with a smile. as the crew sits she begins to speak
Int: "So, How's the job as president? What's your thoughts on the governmental bodies?"

Lilith: 'Honestly, it's stressful considering how increasingly partisan the congress and senate is, and I haven't mentioned how the military industrial complex is very entangled into the government. Anyways, I think there is a sense of corruption in this nation but herman definitely made it worse"

Int: "alright, that's the only political question I wanted to ask, now personal things, I wanted to know your favorite things"

Lilith: "well.. I do love walking through my dad's old farm, reminds me of a simpler time, Then there's the whole model vehicle stuff I have in the office, heh.. I really do like the Panzer 5 "panther" and the model M-70 tiger.. And honestly, like everyone else from the best state Kabosata, hunting down animals"

Int: "okay, what do you hate the most?"

Lilith: "Yrupoastanis, some of those senators, Vegans and Those damned media liars.. they always twist words to their agenda"

Int: "understandable, but we're the best? right?"

Lilith gives off a short laugh before simply looking him in the eyes and saying

Lilith: "we'll see"

Int: "right.. anyways, you're a veteran from the 1999 wars and the Yrupoastani conflicts, how were you personall-"

Lilith: "Look I... I've never really wanted to talk much about it but.. I've never actually recovered fully... I still see their faces of horror as they... As..."

Lilith stops as she begins to tear up a bit

Lilith: "the things that happened and the crimes so many did... I've seen it... I say that I support expanding our forces but.. I don't want to ever send them off to war, I wish to dissolve these war profiteers.. They're responsible for so many dead... children laying motionless... men stumbling across without an idea.. Mary... clinging to... her life... I.. I got.. I got to have a moment, we should do this.. another day"

As the interview crew leaves, Lilith lays on the nearby couch, at the last seconds, audible crying is heard

The video was later confiscated and edited