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The Pirthen-Larissa Project

---The Pirthen-Larissa Project---


The Pirthen-Larissa Project is a project fully funded by the Jerome Harrell Administration. Ideas for the project come from within the adviser ranks and Jerome Harrell himself as a gift for his re-election as president of Arcadia. In his second term, he promises the continuance of functioning policies and the repealment and betterment of broken policies, as well as expansion of access to leisure for Arcadia. The president's connections to Liang-Dortmund allow him to use it as his administration's de facto construction wing; Thus, they will be the construction agency in the project.

The Pirthen-Larissa Project will cover several ideas, locations, and structures, with most being based on the home planet of Arcadia. These include the Lillian Topiary, the Welcoming Sprawl, the Pan-Romantic Intercontinental Highway System, the Pirthen Citadel, Auroa, the Colonial Connectivity Proposal, and advancement in space-based activities. The plan is expected to continue through Harrell's presidency and after it, summing up within 7 years.

With this project, the Harrell Administration's aim is to improve the already-wonderful public relations between the government and the people by providing an expansion of leisure and more activities to partake in, tourist destinations, a better-quality living environment, futuristic technology that provides more, and a defense array that protects the nation and allows for this project to move forward.

[The Lillian Topiary]

The Lillian Topiary is a place in Cape Hathers, Eire that displays the entirety of Arcadian history in a physical representation. Surrounded by gardens, it is a vast construction of walkways and halls that thoroughly cover important and less important events alike. As the history up to 2232 only encompasses 103 years, the topiary garden is built in such a way that it is able to expand as history is made. Private contributions are allowed to be made and are encouraged, as they fill in some blanks and allow for others to see how people fared during certain times, provided the contributions are with consent. This information will be displayed with 3D projections, holograms, and physical pieces, all of which may be interacted with.

[The Welcoming Sprawl]

The Welcoming Sprawl is, effectively, a large ring build around Arcadia proper that interlinks planetary flow of movement, defense, and communication. This is not to be confused with the Colonial Connectivity Proposal, which focuses mostly on off-world connection, but will eventually launch from the Welcoming Sprawl. The ring is a network of support stations that are connected with a transit tube, operating much like a ring version of a Pangu, where every area is connected with a MagLev train. The individual stations vary in size and are flecked with the glowing bubbles of industrial facilities, commercial regions, and defense regions.

From the low-orbit to the ground, it connects via gravity lifts that act as space elevators. Through the ring, monorail systems connect the stops. Civilian use is restricted to public transit areas only, though everything they may need is located in these areas, including food/restroom stops and such. The workers within also have their own transit system, and it is controlled by a different software. Eventually, the groundside Superintendent-class AI will operate the ring.

The defense portions of the ring are inaccessible to anyone without military clearance. These portions are equipped with space weaponry, with most of it being automated if nobody is there to attend when needed. They are also the hotspots for the interior security measures. Located on the edges of these areas are help and security stations, who can point you in the direction you need to go, although the MagLev stations have their own holographic maps.

[The Pan-Romantic Intercontinental Highway System/LEMUCA Corridor]

The Pan-Romantic IHS, also known as the LEMUCA Corridor, is a highway system that aims to connect the entirety of Arcadia proper, from Lemuria to Pacifica, with a single mega-highway and its many branches. Since it is transcontinental, it is under federal control. As the federal government has established the highway as a high-priority corridor, it must remain at 6 lanes or more at all times, while branches must remain at 4. To combat overcrowding and bottlenecks, the branches will serve as more scenic routes and connecting points, while the major highway system continues on to keep traffic flowing to areas with the most traffic. Every city connects to the system by either the highway running through it or a branch running parallel.

Running along this megahighway are various railroads, sanitation/water lines, power grids, and a universal internet service provider under the Edwin Chadwick Protocol. Based off of the beliefs of the 19th century philosopher, the Edwin Chadwick Protocol is a utilitarian system in which everything linked into the Protocol is subject to systematic long-term inspection and scientific surveys until its goal is reached and the goal provides for all. However, his beliefs are not limited to these public services; They are introduced into every public field and are encouraged in the private sector.

[The Pirthen Citadel]

The Pirthen Citadel, located in Pirth City, Mu, is a tower that will replace the current capitol building. Being a massive metallic building, it is a flowing design, following the design scheme of Arcadian cities. The tower is triangular-shaped, with the base size being 300 meters in length on each side. Boxy parts, open spaces, and covered walkways with plant life stick out in some areas, since the tower retains its size as it reaches upwards 2 kilometers into the sky. This is not the complete size, as it also extends below ground level for 400 meters. Every floor is connected with a large elevator on the southeast corner of the tower. Its one-way windows keep public eyes out, and hardlight barriers on street level may activate when needed.

The tower itself is heavily mechanized. Entire sections have the ability to move in the event they need to. They may also burn away, though this is only if they are detached due to an emergency. Government hubs for city and regional services are found within the tower, and some are even localized within it. The need for offsite storage facilities is reduced, as these services can store their vehicles inside the lower sections of the tower. Because of the mechanization, the Pirthen Citadel is able to enter 2 states of being.

The first state, also known as Configuration Yankee, is the dormant setting. It is the being of the tower during most of its life. It is signified by a single set of rib-like structures from the southwest corner to the north corner, and inbetween these 2 corners is the space in which the rib-like structures are present. The outer metal plating restracts slightly above the inner plating. A small portion of plating also extends down on the edge of the open space. In its second state, or Configuration Zulu, the tower lights up more, and the plating on the ribbed side retracts more to expose another 3 sets of rib-like structures. Hardlight barriers activate during this time. This is the tower's alerted state, and during the transformation, an alarm sounds throughout the city, echoed by alerts on mobile devices and other sources. The alert only begins during times of emergency, such as war.

[Auroan Archipelago]

Auroa is a series of artificial islands in the waters of the Napkirály Sea. Numbering around 73 individual islands, the chain is made up of a series of 11 individual biomes including marine estuaries and wetlands, arboreal/taiga forests, snow-capped mountains, and fjords. The islands are home to the Včelí med Technology and Research Company and Miláček City. There is not much government development outside of Miláček City, as the company was given free reign for their research purposes due to their contributions to Arcadia.

Včelí med's plans for the islands are to turn it into the Silicon Valley of Arcadia.

[The Colonial Connectivity Proposal]

Because connectivity matters, transportation and communication between Arcadia proper and her colonies are important. This proposal focuses on a connected public realm while keeping the lives of civilians as civil, accessible, and stress-free as possible. It makes seamless links between every municipality possible and allows for a smooth continuation of the Arcadian landscape. The terrorist threat of the nation of Vonihove brings in more security to the Procyon System, making civilian lives safer.

Although it may seem that this project only connects the celestial bodies to each other, this is not the case. It does this and provides an updated transportation grid on Arcadia's colonies. This includes both the technology and infrastructure. New paths, roadways, and more government structures may be observed appearing. Private companies and civilian contractors, such as Liang-Dortmund and others, are able to work alongside the Arcadian government and produce their own structures in regular planned city fashion, following the style of modernized cities. It also plans to treat landmarks and historical sites with grace and tediousness, or otherwise going around, depending on the decisions of the governing council in the area.