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ATA International Convention: Government Factbook Event

Government Factbook Event

Thank you again for coming to the International Convention!

As we continue introductory events to the Convention, we would like to know more about who runs your nation! How is your government set-up? Who is the head of state? Are there different political parties? What do your elections look like (if any)? This type of information is best compiled into a Government Factbook so you can easily inform your peers of your system of government.

The Government Factbook Creation will run until the end of the entire Convention to guarantee that your government system is well thought of, as it is one of the most important components of your nation. It is intended to be more of a workshop instead of a contest, so feel free to do some research and discuss your ideas with others on the ATA RMB!

Most of you advanced Roleplayers will have probably already created some kind of government factbook. If so, you can use this time to edit and improve it a bit, discuss it with others on the ATA RMB or work on designing a map for the Map Creation Event.

We also have a helpful RP Resource Guide where you can find some advice for your worldbuilding.

The Rainbow Fox of Thedairos