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ATA International Convention: Map Creation Event

Map Creation Event

Welcome to the initial days of the International Convention! We're glad that you could all find the time to gather around here.

To begin this Convention, we would like to get to know you better and gain a first impression of your nation. Many of the nations here have interacted with one another before, but not all, so this is a chance to showcase your nation to your international peers.

For the purposes of this convention, we ask that you include the following information:

    -What are major cities in your country? Is your nation rural or heavily industrialized?

    -How is the climate? What does the landscape look like? Does your country have coastlines and havens or is it landlocked?

    -What is your infrastructure like, if any? Do you have major forms of transportation?

    -Can you provide a scale of your country's size? How long would it take to cross your country?

These are some things that other nations might want to know about you when working together during the Convention. It is also a great opportunity to show off your artistic skills and national strengths to them!

You may use all possible media to create the map, whether it's Inkarnate, hand-drawn, Photoshop or created with other design tools. You may as well include an explanatory text if you'd like to explain your map further, but it is not required. If you decide to use symbols in your map, please also create a legend where you explain what they stand for.

Please post your map in a Dispatch and send the link via telegram to Grea Kriopia or Thedairos. You have from now until October 3rd to submit your map, then the RP Senator Wille-Harlia and his Deputies will vote on the best submission based on overall quality, detail, components that were included in the map and aesthetics.

The winner will be eligible for the prestigious Environmental Excellence award as shown below to demonstrate their nationís commitment to knowledge of their lands and stewardship over them.

If you are new to RP worldbuilding and creating maps or you just don't really know where to start, you can get some tips and advice from the RP Resource Guide.

The Rainbow Fox of Thedairos