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by The Eco-Conscious Pyromaniacs of FiHami. . 36 reads.

The South Pacific Autumnfest!

The leaves are beginning to change color. The temperatures have become lower and lower, and you swear that you can smell the distinct scent of cinnamon apple spice in the air. In your heart, you can feel it. In the air, you can smell it. In the warm, homemade meals, you can taste it.

Autumn is here.

You are cordially invited to celebrate the Autumn Equinox with us in our gentle cabin home, by the roaring fire, in the middle of a picturesque woodland, where artist from all around are gathered to create fine works of art. We have....

  • An arts contest that you can submit a work of art, of the medium of your choice, that relates to the Autumn

  • Rounds of games like and popmaster, where you can join in some light fun with your fellow artists

  • Panels where artists gather to chat about their art

  • Light spam games to play with your fellow artists and earn points with

  • And more!

The festivities will begin on September 20th and end on the 25th, so bring a friend and a warm mug of apple cider, and join the festivities!

Click Linkhere to join the festivities!