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The libertalonian cruise missile arsenal

In the world of alterna, nuclear weapons are yet to be invented however non nuclear missiles are still a major threat in the world as they number in the tens of thousands amongst many of the world powers. Libertalonia is 1st in the amount of missiles and the missiles are superior to her foes.

estimated aresenal:

precision cruise missiles (type 5 and type 1): 251,000

Naval based cruise missiles ("Arnie" type 6, "Douglas" type 10, "Wolf" type 16): 56,000

Land based/silo based cruise missiles (Tellerman type 18 mk 1, "hydra" Type 25 mk 3): 52,100

Intercontinental ballistic missiles: (Anthem type 45 MK 5): 2500


Notice from the missile command center:
Expect to build 5,000 more ICBMs and NBCM in the next decade.