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XKI Welcome Guide: RMB Rules & FAQ

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[float=left][box][b][size=120]Table of Contents:[/size]
[url=#FAQ]Regional Message Board (RMB) Etiquette[/url]
[url=#RMB]Frequently Asked Questions[/url]
[box][anchor=FAQ][/anchor][size=125][b][color=333399]10000 Islands Regional Message Board Etiquette[/color][/b][/size]

The RMB (or Regional Message Board) is the common property of everyone in 10000 Islands. When posting on it, please observe these rules:

1. The RMB (or Regional Message Board) is the common property of everyone in 10000 Islands, and posts on the RMB should be PG-13 in nature and relevant to the wider community whenever possible. The XKI RMB is not a chat-board of the sort that appears as a quick moving sidebar on many games, or on YouTube channels, etc. The XKI RMB is designed for substantive posts and community discussions, government announcements, nation introductions and updates, and is an area where nations may ask questions and get answers relating to the game.

The RMB should not be monopolized by a few, for extended conversations, to the exclusion of everyone else. This sort of one-on-one chatting should be moved to the regional Discord server or conducted using the NationStates telegram feature.

2. Racist, homophobic, or generally intolerant comments directed at another group or individual, be they political or social in nature, are not acceptable in the RMB. This applies to everyone, regardless of political stripe or perspective.

NationStates is a political game, and political conversations in the RMB are frequent. If you disagree with someone, make your case by presenting a different set of ideas, not by attacking the individual with whom you don't agree. Flaming and trolling (posts designed specifically to incite controversy, bait others, or create negative discourse) are also expressly forbidden forms of posting.

3. Roleplay is not permitted in the 10000 Islands RMB

Occasionally posting in-character (from the perspective of your nation's leader), presenting IC updates from your nation, or posting national factbooks, is permitted and encouraged in the XKI RMB.

However, when in-character exchanges occur between two or more people, this moves into the realm of roleplay, which is not permitted in the XKI RMB. If you wish to proceed with an in-character exchange with another nation or nations, please move the conversation to the [url=][b][color=339999]A Taco Archipelago RMB[/color][/b][/url], which exists solely for the purpose of RMB RP activities.

4. Spamming, filler posts, obscene language, and multi-posting are not permitted

Spamming will include any nonsense posts or posts that contribute nothing to the regional conversation or the discussion at hand. Posting for the sake of posting or for attention, gibberish, posting in all caps or using bold or underlined text unnecessarily all fall into this category, and are not permitted. Quoting spam posts by another user perpetuates the spam problem and will be considered spamming as well.

Double or triple posting (posting two or more comments consecutively) is also not allowed. The posting window on each comment has an EDIT feature. If you find you have more to say after posting in the RMB, simply add to your first post instead of making a second, unless replying to a post from someone else after yours.

5. Recruiting and region linking is not permitted

Promoting movement out of XKI to another region is against regional RMB rules. This will also include doing so by linking to another region in the RMB, using code. This is particularly true of linking to raider regions in the XKI RMB, which should never occur. You are welcome to mention other regions in the game, but please do not create hotlinks.

Nations posting from outside XKI are expected to follow regional RMB rules.[/box]

[box][anchor=RMB][/anchor][size=125][b][color=333399]10000 Islands Frequently Asked Questions[/color][/b][/size]

[b]What is the first thing I should do now that I've joined the region?[/b]
There are many ways to become involved in the region now that you've joined, like becoming a citizen, joining the forum where you can vote in elections and do lots of fun things, joining the discord server, or doing things gameside like endorsing the delegate, solving issues, and chatting on the regional message board. Learn more about the opening steps to involvement in the region in the [url=][b][color=339999]XKI Welcome Guide[/color][/b][/url].

[b]What is the World Assembly and how do I join?[/b]
The World Assembly is like NationStates version of the United Nations which governs the World. It passes different laws, and can condemn or commend nations on their acheivements. Members get to vote on each of these laws (you can vote for the ones you like and vote against the ones you don't), however you will have to follow anything that passes. You aren't allowed to just follow the laws you like and ignore the ones you don't. 

Joining the World Assembly is not mandatory but it is open to everyone. Just go to the World Assembly page and click "Apply to Join" which just sends you an email that you need to accept (there's no actual application process). Be warned, as a user while you can have multiple nations and puppets only one can be a member of the World Assembly. Being a member allows you to endorse the delegate as well as other nations, and in addition allows you to vote on resolutions. More information on what endorsements do as well as the benefits of joining the World Assembly are below. 

In addition check out the [url=][b][color=339999]XKI World Assembly Guide[/color][/b][/url] for more information.

[b]How do I become a Citizen? / What is the difference between WA and Non-WA membership?[/b]
All 10000 residents in the WA are citizens of 10000 Islands. Citizens are eligible to vote and run in various elections and hold certain government positions, where as non-WA members are not able to. All WA members are highly encouraged to endorse the delegate to help keep the region safe. Learn more about citizenship and 10000 Islands government in the [url=][b][color=339999]regional government guide[/color][/b][/url].

[b]What are endorsements? How do I get endorsements?[/b]
Endorsements are something you can do to fellow WA member nations in your region. In order to endorse another nation you both need to be WA members and to be in the same region. While they don't matter too much (however are important for bragging rights) endorsing the Delegate is very important as it keeps our region safe. 

In order that Delegate transitions are more easily achieved, we limit endorsements to 1/2 the total of the sitting Delegate. Endorsement trading (aka "endo tarting") is OK up to this limit, but if you are over this limit at the time of Delegate transition, once every 6 months, you will be asked to shed your endorsements to get to this limit - or failing that, be temporarily booted from the region (which will cost you all of your endorsements). So mind this limit please.

[b]What is TITO? How do I join TITO?[/b]
The Ten-thousand Islands Treaty Organization or TITO is 10000 Islands' defender military. You can learn more about joining TITO [url=][b][color=339999]here[/color][/b][/url].

[b]Does 10000 Islands have a map? How can I get added to the map?[/b]
Yes, 10000 Islands does have a map. You can view the map in [url=][b][color=339999]this post[/color][/b][/url] or on the forum [url=][b][color=339999]here[/color][/b][/url].

To be added to the map, you need to register a forum account and have a minimum of ten posts over a period of one month.
You also must be a Citizen (WA resident) of 10000 Islands, with a national population of at least 250 Million.

If you qualify, you can post [url=][b][color=339999]here[/color][/b][/url] to be added.

[b]What is the legislative process of this region? / How can I get onto the Council?[/b]
The Council of Nine is the legislative body of the Islands. Here legislation is written, passed, revised, and repealed. There is also a [url=][b][color=339999]Council of Nine Lobby[/color][/b][/url], where you can bring matters to the attention of the Council. In addition all official Council discussions except those marked secure will be viewable by all citizens so you can get up to date information on what's happening in the Council. However only council members are able to post in these non-secure discussions. 

There are 3 appointed, and 5 elected positions in the Council (the other is held by our Chief Executive). Elections occur every odd numbered month. Senators serve a 4-month term and the Delegate serves a 6-month term.

[b]What is recruiting? How can I become a recruiter?[/b]
Recruiting is sending invitations to other nations. We use something called the Accelerator for ease of recruiting. Read [url=][b][color=339999]here[/color][/b][/url] for more info.

[b]What is a buddy / How can I get a buddy?[/b]
Buddies are volunteer nations who help new players learn about the NationStates game and the 10000 Islands region. After moving to 10000 Islands, you should receive a telegram from a Buddy and you are welcome to ask them questions!

[b]I have more questions![/b]
Great! Check out the [url=][b][color=339999]the rest of the guides[/color][/b][/url], telegram your Buddy, and/or see the forum for [url=][b][color=339999]more Information about 10000 Islands[/color][/b][/url]![/box]

[align=right][size=75][i]Special thanks to [nation]Kuriko[/nation][/i][/size][/align]

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