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🗳️ Election | GA President

Telegram Celestiam if you want to run in the election!

GA Presidential Elections
Election: September 25-27, 2020 (48 hrs)
Term: September 2020 December 2020

President of the General Assembly

You may stand until the openings of the poll. To be safe, stand before or on the 24th of September.

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The Est Volirum OIN



Ventus Prime



Greetings fellow citizens, The Esteemed Volirum here.

You may have seen me run for an office quite few times. But that only proves that I'm determined to help the New West Indies. Yes, we have an active GA but I want to keep that going. I want people to properly understand what they're voting for. Trust me, I do have full faith that we all know what's best, but there is a disappointing lack of discussion in the GA region.

Yes, I know there is a lot of discussion on Discord, but I know quite a few citizens who aren't on Discord. Not to mention I generally don't know if people are even aware of the GA region. This naturally causes me great concern. Sometimes people vote for things and generally don't know what they get. I can count on one hand how many resolutions have not passed.

I hope I'm not sounding insultive or something. I've always loved this region and have seen many great nations come and go or sunk into low activity. I truly want what's best for everyone.

My plans for the GA

Personally evaluating government officials. I will handle any problems. I will be fair if anyone has a problem that affects their job. We all know real life, despite the virus keeping a lot of us at home most of the time, is still hectic.

Ensuring there are debates for our most important positions(Chief Justice, SG and the GA President). By that I don't mean face to face. Back and forth Q and A in a debate channel on Discord or region here on NationStates. Time zones and internet coverage are the main concerns around face to face.

Discussing the importance of bringing more clarity to what we're voting for. I myself don't have the attention span(and/or time) to read most resolutions. ADD will do that to you.

And not that I don't trust people, but I'd really like people to fully grasp our Constitution and our history. We've seen what happens when newcomers come during an election without knowing all the laws. Either there are invalid votes or advocates coming out of nowhere.

I want back-ups for all important positions. Yes, the GA President has the pro-Tempore and the Secretary General has their Secretariat. But what about Committees. I've noticed quite a few problems. There is a serous lack of back-up, which causes some documents to incomplete, unfinished and/or outdated. This is probably where the SG and Secretariat and I will have to work together. But what's a region with a government that doesn't work together.

I realise some of my plans might not be in my purview, so I will working with the Secretariat, as any government official should.

If there are more problems or ideas that you guys want to discuss, you can telegram me or DM me on Discord(Volirum#0985)

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