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EurOlympics: The First Half


Contact Information (Discord): Lime #7630, Forilian#8262

(Europeia, 15/9/2020) - The EurOlympics began in Europeia on September 11, after a delay. Minister of Culture United Vietussia officially kicked off the games in the EurOlympics discord server.

The events started with the marathon, duck hunt, and taco shack events. Soon after, the pokemon tournament was also started, with a bot introduced to allow players to catch pokemon in preparation for a bracket-style battle. Other activities include The Amazing Race, Secret Hitler, and Krunker, the latter two being frequently-played weekend games in Europeia.

As of time of writing, soccer and high jump have started, and taco shack, pokemon, and the duck hunt continues. Upcoming events include fencing, trivia, and Coup, as well as the medal ceremony on Thursday, September 17, at 10:00 pm ET (03:00 BST).

Join the fun by joining the Discord server here:


More news from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation available here: Link