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Late at night, your working in your office, suddenly an Eagle flies into your office. You're puzzled at first, but then you see that the bird has an envelop strapped to its leg. You unstrap the envelope, curious to see what it is. On the back of the envelope, written in plain, black text, are two words


You rip the envelope open and take out the hidden paper inside. The document unfolds smoothly in your hand, showing what was written therein:

Dear Leader,

Prudentia would like to extend a cordial invitation to you and your country to reside in our region.

Here in Prudentia, we offer various ways for citizens to enjoy their time in our region. You can take part in the government, the Roleplay or just relax and chill with all of our citizens. We also host weekly gaming events where all of our citizens can participate and have fun as a community. We are a new and starting region so there is more than enough space for you to take up important positions and help in developing the community.

Well, we wont take much of your time, we will be getting into what we have to offer, because letting our prospective citizens know why they should join this region is extremely crucial. That is why we've put together what you can be part of in our region:

  • We have An Awesome Discord Chat! Here you can chat with other members of our region, foreign diplomats and even have some fun with the bot! Join in on the fun here:

  • Let Your Voice Be Heard In Prudentia[, your opinion will be heard. If you don't like a government policy, you can petition to change it. Want to help create new laws or repeal old ones? Stand for election to be a Senator. Just have an idea? Pass it on to the PM and if they think it's a good one, it might just become a reality.

  • We also have Roleplay! We have Fantasy Roleplay, 90's/Modern Era Roleplay, and Futuristic Era Roleplay! It's up to you to decide which to participate on (you can join all of them!). We are also working on staring a new Role Play, so claim your spot now!

  • Weekly events and different kinds of gaming sessions for your citizens so that they can enjoy their stay in our region.

  • World Assembly Once you are there, please endorse Gumeus. By endorsing the WA delegate you will automatically become the citizen of Prudentia and as he is the current World Assembly Delegate, you can make us one of the most powerful regions! But we aren't forcing you to join the World Assembly. However, please do not have more than one World Assembly nation. You will be ejected if found guilty.
    We are a very Democratic Region, meaning you can run for any position you want. Heck, you can even be our President!

    Thank you for having taken the time to read the letter. We here in Prudentia hope you'll be considering joining our region. If you want to move to our region, please make sure to press the enclosed Button to do so!

    Et Progressus, Pacem, Felicitatem.
    For Progress, Peace, Prosperity.

    Office of Oimatsu
    Prime Minister,

    You see a "button"? “How could there possibly be a button in a letter?” you wonder. This is the button which will take you to the next best thing in Natiostates.What are you waiting for? Join us, and you will cement your name in a good place within the nationstates community.

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