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Soul Forge 2

Soul Forge
Version Two

Welcome, to soul forge version two... Beware the wraiths that haunt the world... Beware the corporation that enslaves humanity... Beware... the Soul Forge. will you help mankind to overthrow the Iris Foundation? or will you join it and oppress the world? keep your friends close, and definitely don't keep you enemies close. run, hide, escape, and when the time is right, strike.


To join Soul Forge, please telegram Monarche with your role, character name, and a short description of your character.


Iris Leader (taken)
Iris member (∞ openings)
Soldier (∞ openings)
Council member (3 openings)
Resistance Leader (taken)
Resistance member (∞ openings)


Steel Wraith

Shadow Wraith

Blood Wraith

Wind Wraith



Character Name: Marlton
Role: Soldier
Description: Marlton is a sturdy, strong built, 25 year old man. Born in Richmond, Virginia.

Name: Alma DiCveće
Role: Iris Leader
Description: Alma hails from Krilati, the capital of Leptiri. She has two butterfly-like wings on her back, her skin is pale-ish, her hair is brown and silky, her eyes are a bright blue. She is elegant, cold, calm and composed.

Name: Shinia
Description: a small statured black haired women who has a short temper,
she has small genetic mutations that make have scales, a snake-like tail, and inferred sight

Name: Kolye Seukeu
Role: Resistance Member
Description: Kolye is an Aidieo-Kipean from the Sulyu peninsula, he's in his late teens.

Name: Husan Shavkatov
Role: Iris Member
Description: Husan is an Islam Uzbek man who joined iris when they rose to power. He is 34, has black hair, a beard, is 5'2", has blue eyes, and weighs 231 pounds

Name: Salman Al-Qiyuma
Age: 28
Role: Resistance Leader
Description: Salman is from a rural village, called Zahaid. He is not strong, not fast, but very intelligent and can determine some of the most unpredictable outcomes.