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Beware of hackers and unscrupulous impostors: Report and act immediately

There is an impostor among us!

This may sound like the title of a recently hit game, but for the world of NationStates, we are facing a more complicated matter.

As a matter of policy, member nations of the Philippines have been largely anonymous like many regions in this world, and our regional government has upheld that. However, this very feature of the simulation game has made us susceptible to hacking and other illegal activities which may jeopardize our own alter egos.

Recently, there have been reports of massive attacks not only in this platform, but to the Discord servers and other forums of various regions. Even our own alliance URA has been put on alert because of this. While it may seem like isolated cases of identity theft, this may be more deliberate than we could ever imagine.

Take for example our beloved Delegate and President, Ariusgrad, who has served the Philippines for more than eight years now. It has repeatedly warned that some impersonators have been using the nation name and the alter ego behind it for their own selfish purposes. A quick online search will show that those fake entries and false allegations are still there.

Let it be known that as one of the longest allies and friend of our Delegate in this region, Ariusgrad has never been involved in such activities like declaring this simulation game as a platform for real world activities. There has also been no involvement whatsoever in so-called movements which seek "new country models." In fact, Ariusgrad has been around NS for a long, long time. More than a decade perhaps. Even I remember not the exact date. And this is the only platform I ever got to see the said nation in action. More can attest to this observation, and I am adding mine.

It is easy to imagine how devious and unscrupulous people would try to prop up a nation of integrity, longevity, and utmost diligence to the task so as to be targeted by scouring savages in the internet. With a lot of conspiracy theories around, even Ariusgrad may not be immune to defamation and assassination of character.

It must also be remember that as an ardent defender of our great region, Ariusgrad has unknowingly created opponents for itself, taking the brunt of the invaders and similar entities up to no good. It may not a nation to hold the grudge, but it has to be recognized that this possibility may not be farfetched.

There may be more who had fallen victim to such heinous activities. Who knows? Be vigilant and look out for those who may seek to soil your good name with their unwanted operations.

Let us therefore stand with Ariusgrad and the rest of our regional officers who might also be targeted by such attacks on their person. Follow the example of our Delegate who has repeatedly confirmed its identity as the only one being existent here, and everything else with the same name or personality outside NationStates is a fraud. This may not be an easy task, but as a region, we can work together for unity, stability, and progress which our regional government has so envisioned throughout the years. No to hacking! Stop the impersonations! Take down the false accusations! Truth shall be our best defense, and integrity our mighty refuge.

Yes, I am no articulate member nation, but it would also be a good gesture to have a show of support for this notice. Spread the word of being loyal, brave, and true.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang katarungan! Mabuhay ang pagkakaisa!