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The Official File on Primary Governor Cetiri Oltasina.

~ Cetiri, Oltasina. ~

Leader of the Federation of Municipalities.

~ Cetiri Oltasina ~


Portrait of Cetiri Oltasina, Commissioned by the Governor Herself.

~ Political Information ~

Addressing Titles.

Formal: Madame-Governor/Primary Governor/Madame
Informal: Governor/Miss/Ma'am

In Power


Entered Power



Primary Governor,

Chief of the Federal Military Services,

Madame-Director of the Special Research Department,

Director-General of the Federal Economic Administration,

Executive Head of the Municipality Council of Hii,

Personal Motto

"Rarely, is the weakest link at complete fault."

~ Personal Information ~


9/8/1983, age 37

Birth Place

Hii, MoA





Full Name

Cetiri Alta Oltasina


Oltasina Bloodline




'Samantha' Oltasina [Deceased - 2000]


South Hii Education Center
Certification of Correctional Success - 1993
Award for Excelling in Politics- 1993
Award for Excelling in Mathmatics- 1993

Imakii Economics Institute (IEI)
Graduation award, Economics, (1% percentile) - 1999
Graduation award, Politics, (1% percentile) - 1999




~ Political and Military Affiliations ~


Municipalities of Antarctica

Service History

Hii Emergency Policing Coalition

Antarctic Survey Corps

Federal Antarctican Armed Forces


1999-2001, Emergency Policing Conscript.
(Hii Policing Coalition)

2002-2003, Survey Initiate.
(Antarctic Survey Corps)

2003-2006, Survey Team Captain.
(Antarctic Survey Corps)

2010-Present, Chief of the Federal Military Services.
(Federal Antarctican Armed Forces)

~ Personal Characteristics ~

Birth Sex




Blood Type





94.34 kgs (208lbs)


Lower B-cup


195.6 cm (6 foot 5 inches)






The current Ruling Primary Governor of the Municipalities of Antarctica, and Executive Head of the Municipality Council of Hii. Cetiri Oltasina was sworn into office on January 1st, 2010 CE, with her predecessor, [AMSIO REDACTION]'s removal following standard electoral procedures, with a second term extending all the way from 2020 to 2030 CE due to her popularity maintaining strength despite controversy.
She is currently graced with multiple titles besides being Primary Governor, such as "Chief of the Federal Military Services",
"Madame-Director of the Special Research Department", "Director-General of the Federal Economic Administration"
and finally, "Executive Head of the Municipality Council of Hii". Of them all, being the Executive Head is the most important.

~Birth and Early Life | 1983-1988~

Cetiri, Alta, Oltasina, was born in August 9th, 1983, during the 'stabilization era' of the Federation, and was born, specifically, during the 'surface-era' of the capital city, Hii, to a mother and father that are as-of-now mostly unknown, in a manor just outside the City's Municipaity Limits. She was born, unfortunately, at a bad time, as her father had been lost to a storm according to her own re-account of her early life, and her mother had recently been barred from work by the reigning government at the time, due to several 'infractions against state unity'. This did not mean Cetiri was out of luck, being born to someone the government viewed as unworthy as attention, and in fact, the government at the time took interest in the girl, as her family, the Oltasina family, had significant wealth within the nominally poor country. The government could not legally rip this money away, as it was collected over time by the family, and would be seen as too authoritarian for an otherwise democratic country, that had 'pledged' to remain democratic during the unification era.
Thus, the government did provide Cetiri some luxuries, her mother, whom has only been referenced with the name 'Samantha' by Cetiri, was provided the ability to request food, as every citizen was entitled to food, whereas until recently, 'Samantha' had been forced to purchase food due to the family's wealth, and the increasingly socialist leanings of the government.

These first 5 years of Cetiri's life, besides this situation, were dull and boring, as she was never allowed to leave the manor, nor was Samantha...
...though at the very least, her life was not dangerous, compared to life outside, in Hii, and other places, where life was not so easy, she grew up with her mother, and ended up being fairly healthy, though of concern, was her eyes, which were brown at first, but slowly began to shift towards red.

~Beginnings of Education | 1988-1992~

On August 10th, exactly one day after her 5th birthday, Cetiri was admitted to an Education center in Hii, focusing on political studies and socialist economics, a government education center for students deemed to be 'skewed towards capitalism' during it's operation. Her mother, was displeased with this fact, but, the government had complete say, due to her disgraced and 'infraction-ridden' status.
Though despite the fact that Cetiri was given the freedom to go to this school, she was barred from having friends, and would typically be separated from the rest of the students during classes, and tests. She was more-or-less taught as a single person, rather than within a class, though this helped expedite her education significantly, as she ended up being brought high above the rest of her 'class' during the 4 years she stayed in that center, further, she was able to excel in political aspects of the teachings she was given, and warmly surprised the government test-auditors that were around during the regulated and commonplace exams.

She was, of course, also taught the basics, math, writing, reading. Though she specifically seemed to prefer 'English' and 'Japanese' in her studies, as the school offered many languages due to the vast selection of 'misguided children' sent to the education center, from all walks of life in many cities.
At the same time, she also seemed to hold a fascination for baseline science once she hit the age of 8, which meant that they were also a significant part of her higher-graded classes, though she was vastly superior in political and mathematical studies, routinely being 2 or 3 grades above the rest of the class, much to the astonishment of her caretakers and teachers.
She also began to get into reading books, being that there was nothing else at home for her to do, she decided that if she was to be condemned to a life of school, and silence at home, she would utilize the latter in whatever way she saw fit... and that was with the books that the Oltasina manor's library contained. They would prove to be a great source of education, and also entertainment.

~Medical Concerns| Jan. 1993-Dec. 1993~

Starting from January of 1993, and ending in December of the same year, Cetiri began to experience fairly substantial changes to her appearance, and her physical form. Typically this would not be a problem as she was 10 by that point. However... it was noted that whilst she was beginning to accelerate in her growth, she was also experiencing much more concerning changes.
In particular, doctors and scientist raised the alarm when Cetiri's iris were found to be an increasingly wine-red colour, and her hair was increasingly going silvery-white from it's original, fair light-brown... and growing at an accelerated rate.
The medical concerns from this resulted in Cetiri being confined to a hospital from March to December, as studies were done on the rapidly changing girl, both physical and appearance based. The end result of this, however, was generally less than pleasing, as doctors and scientists reported no serious trouble with Cetiri, except for significant strain from her body growing at such a rate. She had gone from a fairly normal 4'7 at that point, to something more like 5'11, with more growth estimated at a slower rate for her from then-on.

In the meantime, the government took even more interest in Cetiri, despite a regime change two-years ago that was far more interested in being incompetent than it was in monitoring it's people.

~A Change of Pace | 1994-1999~

Upon reaching the age of 12, Cetiri's education plans were shifted when her mother, Samantha, had announced to her that she had paid a tuition fee for a school distant from Hii's reeducation center, due to the incompetent and lack of care from the Federal government, Samantha's bad reputation had not reached the ears of the school she arranged Cetiri to be sent to, it was located within a Municipality Zone referred to as "Imakii," and was a specialist in a number of different subjects, most notably however, it was one of the few schools in the country that was permitted to teach modern economics in a light that was not otherwise positive towards socialism, and was also a school that permitted a club, known as the 'sword-arts' club, to exist within it's structure of clubs, such a club was of interest to Cetiri, as until now, she had never even seen anyone in the modern day use swords like the club seemed to.
Unfortunately, despite the fact that this school was an amazing choice, and amazing news for her, Cetiri could not be with her mother for long during this time, as she would be living on-site in the 'Imakii Economics Institute', which to her, was a scary prospect. It led her to worry for her safety due to the fact that she was a fairly well known person, even all the way out here, due to her last name... a name that was attached to one of the most capitalistic families left in the country, due to their stockpiled wealth.

Due to the fears of being at risk of harm, she was swift to join the sword-arts club, which is not only where she learned how to utilize a sword, it is also where she got her sabre, the very same one that she utilizes to this day, she also, over her time in the IEI, became widely known for her ability to comprehend and easily ace the many tests that were implemented to weed out those who did not have the sufficient math or mental strength to understand the economics that IEI throws at it's students, she was also, again, quickly discovered to be excellent at political endeavors, and could hold debates with others at the age of 14 against those almost twice her age, and win at least a significant number of these debates, with a clear socialist-leaning orientation in her words, but with true knowledge to back such leanings.
Her time in IEI helped forge some of her qualities as an adult, though not nearly to the level that she is today.

~Disaster Upon Disaster | 1999-2001~

Fate became cruel, and quite harsh, to Cetiri upon reaching 17. It was meant to be a time of success for her, as she had managed to graduate from IEI, and was soon to return back to Hii permanently, where she planned to continue studies, and begin looking for employment.
Upon return, she found that her mother had been put under medical care in her absence, which had happened almost out of the blue, doctors were present to let her into the house, and were present to inform her that she was unable to get too close, as her mother had contracted a region-specific disease, which was known to be infectious and highly deadly to almost any in comes into contact with.

She was able to meet with her mother from a distance, and stare quietly at her pale, and withering frame... she was thin, and she was ill. Yet Cetiri was not permitted the right to get close, or even the right to speak, only watch... and her mother was simply too weak to do anything in return, likewise, staring, in illness and pain.
It stayed like this, until February 18th, 2000, when her mother was finally given the release she needed, the path to peace she wanted after all of that suffering, as the doctors tried to make her ride through the disease, to no avail. It affected Cetiri severely, especially as the doctors that had been sent, were not equipped with much, only basic equipment, which at the time, didn't even include any electronics...
...though she was not permitted any time to grieve, as not even a week later, she was drafted into an emergency coalition of forces by the government's order due to a rapid spike in crime located within Hii.
She did not get time to rest, or a break, and ended up being shoved straight into service as an unpaid law officer, handed a cavalry pistol from storage, and an old automatic rifle, she was charged with assisting the crackdown on crime, especially around government institutions around what was known as the 'Hii Heart', a Spire furnace that provided the city with all of it's power, and heat.
It was especially difficult for Cetiri, as her rather tall and large disposition meant that she was considered ideal for enforcement duties, and got even less rest than most, she was at a height of 195.6 cm, or 6'5" at this point, which worked for her as much as it worked against her, as few dared challenge an officer almost one and a half feet taller than them in most cases... however, this wasn't a rule. Cetiri was forced to kill at least 13 people during her tenure, most of them being killed due to overly violent, or aggressive. All but one of them were killed by her revolver, the other, was killed by her other weapon, a PPSh-41.

~Next Steps | 2002-2006~

After her experience in Hii, and the resulting stress and trauma Cetiri had... and more clearly, the anger she had towards the government, Cetiri decided that the time had come for her to abandon life in the city, in any city.
Instead of picking herself up and abruptly leaving, however, Cetiri enrolled herself into a special branch of the military, specifically tailored to surveying and studying Antarctican climate conditions, and geological aspects. As she wanted to still be doing something of use, despite the lack of interest in staying in the city.
She spent one year in training, due to already having a mild form of firearm and sword-fighting training from other sources, and ended up being assigned as a captain for one of the survey teams, which gave her authority over at least five other people.

She ended up being a surprisingly effective leader, as proven by an incident in December of 2004, when her and her team ended up being trapped in a cave for 9 days, where Cetiri herself volunteered to give up her food rations for the others, and helped organize an escape plan, which was enacted with success due to her guidance, she was, as a result, praised upon the return of the team, by the members of her team, and eventually the media themselves, who at the time, had seen this as a genuinely surprisingly accomplishment, as the blizzard that forced the team into the cave in the first place, and sealed it off, was a record-breaking high-speed blizzard of around 293km/h, which had torn through infrastructure construction sites, and had left the resulting damage and costs in the billions of credits.

Besides this event, Cetiri also kept an eye on the political scene along this entire era of her life, as she began to take interest in the governors, and their repeated authoritarianism and overly incompetent governments... which had caused situations like the 'Hii Crime Crackdown Crisis.' She also faintly despised the sheer gall most of these governors had, to then turn around and demand statues of themselves in every place of importance, demanded their names to be placed in high regard, for streets and highways to be named after them... when they didn't even help build any of those in the first place.
It drove her into such a common anger, that she left the Corps in late 2006... and began to pursue something else.

~Ascension to Politics | 2007-2009~

Following her departure from the survey corps in late 2006, and her return to Hii following that, Cetiri ended up returning to the family manor, which was now just hers. Here, she began to collect information on politics within the country, and specifically began to monitor the Governor at the time, [AMSIO REDACTION].
She had taken him to be an incompetent and old fool... who cared for nothing more than his own pockets over the expense of everyone else, including the long-term health of the country.
Besides this, she also believed that his entire government was universally incompetent, and that it relied too heavily on the ability to sentence people to a type of physical punishment known as 'steaming'... in which it was to chain someone above a steam grate located near a city's spire furnace, and release steam onto them, burning them severely and leaving them permanently scarred, which no person wanted to risk solely for how horrid it was.

She ended up avoiding political schools and government-run education facilities due to the particular qualities she had in her thoughts, and what she wanted to do about the government... she wanted change, and nowhere was it clearer than in her anger about the 'Hii Crime Crackdown Crisis', where she blamed corruption, incompetence, and gross funding skimming which had weakened the ability for the capital city to handle it's policing and social welfare properly... both of which Cetiri viewed as important... and deeply critical to the survival of many in the overcrowded and shanty-city-like capital.
In 2009, the election cycle began, and candidates began to throw themselves into the ring for a chance to win the Governorship... Cetiri was originally not that interested in becoming Governor, but with how much she had begun to monitor the political scene, she began to notice a common trend with the government.
First of all, there were next to no women trying to run for power, second of all, most of the people who were trying to run, had very minimal portfolios, and were generally already government employees, typically ideologically aligned with the government to the letter, and deeply passionate, but ultimately empty, in how they wanted to improve the lives of the people and the state.

It was due to these facts, that Cetiri decided she couldn't just sit and watch another cycle go by, another 10 years of bad leadership carry on, she had to, without a doubt, take a stand now, and take a stand before it's too late.
She decided to throw her own hat in the ring, not expecting to win, but only to make her voice heard above all of the others.

~Games and Debates | May. 2009- Dec. 2009~

Cetiri used a portion of the wealth her mother still had left behind for her, and used it to fund her own campaigns against the government, and as an electoral candidate, using the wealth to help forge a different image from other leaders, using her wealth, and not wealth collected from any kind of donations to make her voice heard, and her presence known.
She began to utilize her trademark colours at this point, using the charcoal-black, soft gold, and maroon, to forge a unique identity to her, using the colours to represent a regal, yet professional tone, which she backed up with debates, and discussions, with both reporters and normal people.
Whenever she came into contact with rivals in the political scene, she demonstrated competence and calmness in her words actions which left her the victor in almost every debate she as invited to, her rivals always attempted to debase her, based on her heritage, her mother's status, and her wealth that made her 'a capitalist sympathizer,' though she always pointed out that it was her, who spent money on her political platform, it was her and her alone, that worked hours and hours to create her image, and write her speeches.

Unlike her, all of her rivals had this done for them, they collected donations, hired staff to work for them, and tried to grandstand and shout their rivals into submission, but Cetiri did not do that.
Cetiri did not let her rivals get the best of her, and her disposition landed her more and more popularity, as people began to take notice.
People began to pull their support away from larger and more well-known candidates, larger and more mainstream candidates, it was soon apparent that she was becoming a force in the political scene that she had not expected to become.

Furthermore, as her popularity grew, the skilled people that had joined with other political candidates as an attempt to bolster their own chances of being permitted into the government, switched sides, as there were no 'parties' in the political climate of the Federation, there were no rules that said that people were forced to remain in their lane, Cetiri began to amass a following of skilled, intelligent officials, including one Erwin Javli.
Erwin was a wildly popular grandfather-like figure, and a well spoken military officer that had worked for a previous Governor, and had offered genuine advice and good governance tips to the individual he worked for whilst also providing guidance to those below him, and had otherwise abandoned the circus of government entirely, until Cetiri came about, and reignited his hope in politics with her unique qualities.

There was an incident in November where someone attempted to assassinate her during one of her debates, which was promptly dealt with, not by security, but by Cetiri's own hand, as her previous work as a conscripted police officer had taught her how to most effectively draw her revolver... and take out an aggressor.
This proved to boost her reputation unexpectedly, as it led to her being considered 'prepared for everything', including an attempt on her life... which pushed more people to her banner, to the point that other politicians, over time, simply lost their entire following.
Though Cetiri was deeply bothered by the attempt, and became more cautious... far more cautious, to the point where she directly purchased several plates of armor, and modified the clothes she was wearing at the time, to be able to fit them in, therefore making a shot to her torso, much less dangerous.
Besides that change, she also adapted her clothes to also permit her to carry not just her revolver more properly, but also allow her to carry her sabre, and the PPSh-41 that she still had to this day.

~Governorship | 2010-Present~

On December 30th, 11:00am, 2009, the final votes for the elections were announced.
On this day, all of the candidates were waiting in the Governmental manor, awaiting whom would be selected to be the government leader, and whom would be told to leave.
When the votes were tallied, the end result became quite clear even before all of them were went through. Cetiri, surprisingly, had won a vote of almost 83%, one of the largest margins in recent electoral history.
She was announced as the new Governor after the votes were cast, and verified as true. The previous Governor was forced to step down, and did so with complaints and hurling of allegations towards Cetiri, but no formal actions or refusal to step down took place.

Cetiri herself was ecstatic to take control, and even more-so that she was a majority government, which meant that she was able to appoint the Secondary Governor's position to none other than Erwin, and was able to appoint whomever she pleased to the other government positions, selecting people over the course of January after her official swearing in on January 1st.
She began work following that, and continued, throughout her governorship, to follow the traits that made her popular, the standard, calm, and friendly words that she used, but also the tactics that made her so popular too, utilizing her own money when she could, and continuing to act in a manner of professionalism that previous governors had failed to uphold.

She continues, to this day, as Governor, with her election in December of 2019 having come out to be a voting count of 87%, though this is mostly accredited to even less voter apathy than what had been present in her previous election, her popularity had actually lessened slightly among the voters that originally cast their support to her, as she changed rules, and made new ones.
She also had the Previous Governor indicted on charges of gross incompetence and endangerment to civil society over the 'HCC Crisis.' He was formally convicted and placed into custody, now serving a 20 year sentence from 2012 onward.

~Political Ideology~

Politically, Cetiri believes that all should be fair and equal for all individuals, there is no right to be treated better, one way or another, and her ideology sits firmly in the belief that nobody is better than anyone else naturally, it is the actions and the merits of a person, their personality, their actions, that make up their worth and value. It it their natural traits that make up how a being should be viewed, and this is regardless of culture, religion, and species, whether human or otherwise.
She believes that law, order, government, and societal systems, should all operate with equal fairness across life, to everyone. Even people in her government are not above these systems, and not even she would let herself get away with a crime, were it not for good reason.
Freedom of choice is something that she is very heavily in favor of, freedom to choose whatever may be chosen by a person, what life they wish to live, her administration stays out of personal affairs, and avoids interference in the bedroom entirely, for obvious reasons, aside from the most glaring of legal issues.
She also values peace and prosperity, and goes to great lengths to discourage militaristic urges within her government, unless it is seen as a mechanism of defense, rather than conquest and aggression.

~Policy Opinions.~

Positive Opinion:
Global Diplomacy. Military Expansion. Universal Healthcare. Universal Education. Income Equality. Transparency. Ecological Protections. Transportation Expansions. Research and Development.
The Democratic Process. Freedom of Press. International Cooperation. AI Development. Marriage Equality. Polygamy. Abortion.
AI-Rights. Automaton. Multilingualism. Extensive Pensions. High Taxation (within reason.) Extensive Safety Regulations. Union Regulations.
Right to Bare Arms. Trade. Cultural Acceptance. Sapient Rights (all living beings that display sapience, plants included.) Maternity Leave.

Neutral Opinion:
Religious Institutions. Limited Capitalism. Freedom of Religion. Internal Security Companies. State-Governments.

Negative Opinion:
Isolationist Tendencies. Government-Sanctioned Corruption. Unequal Treatment. Warmongering. Usage of WMDs. Unregulated Capitalism. One-party/No-party systems. Wealth redistribution.
Capital and Corporal Punishments. Foreign Corporations. Theocratic Policies. Annexation Wars. Ideological Enforcement. Fascism. Violent Nationalism. Subservience to Foreign Powers.

Most, if not all of her beliefs come from her education, and her careful monitoring of the government in her years before becoming Governor, she is also one who has seen enough violence, corruption, and misdirection in equality in her life, and wishes to see no more going forwards, if she can help it.
Though she is not spineless as a person, as much as violence is repulsive to her... she will not allow peace to come at the cost of her people, and their freedom. She does not wish to see her country become subservient or weak, despite her peaceful nature, she will never back down if she knows that harm will come to her people if she does.

~Important Governmental Changes~

Cetiri has been instrumental in modernizing and adapting the country to a more open and fair system, and has pressed the country into a more favorable position both in strength and in international standings. Below, is a list of some of the declassified actions she has made for the betterment of society, or has otherwise made for the sake of the country on various occasions, during various crisis.

The Flag Decree:
This Decree was the one that implemented the flag of Antarctica that is utilized to this day, based on a flag that is symbolic of Cetiri's government colours, and also easily visible and striking in the white climate of the country.
It also specifically implemented a separate flag for the Antarctic Naval Administration so that it may fly a special flag over all of it's ships instead of the traditional one.

The Imakii Expansion Act:
This act relegated at least 18 billion credits towards the expansion and updating of the Imakii Harbor, and further authorized the construction of 'behemoth-scale' vessels due to the planned dry-docks and expanded shipyards.

The 'Bedroom Privacy' Decree:
This 'Decree' removed any and all right for the government to ban individuals from having same-sex relationships in the privacy of their home, from forming 'harams' of people in the privacy of their home, from interacting intimately with other species overall, and also let free any and all that were previous imprisoned for such infractions.
It did however set extensive punishments up on those who interacted with those that are not in the correct age range for their own age.

The 'Abolition of Marriage Interference' Decree:
One year after the 'Bedroom Privacy' decree, Cetiri announced that all same-sex and Polygamist relationships were henceforth no longer illegal or frowned upon, stripping away the Municipal Laws with this wide-scale, enforced Decree, that criminalized any form of institutional discrimination based on having such relationship, not only that, but it also encouraged those who were not straight or 'typical' to be more honest about their relationships, rolling out changes to many government sites that permitted people to select these relationship options when prompted to answer questions of that sort.

Government Decree #3127:
This Decree permitted mild reforms in the socialist economic system, spurred with assistance from The Myotoshi Corporation's Softworks department, which edited the Socialism-oriented AI-Economics System to be more tolerant of capitalistic influences and companies, but only to an extent that could still allow the majority of the country to remain nominally socialist.

The AI Freedoms Decree:
Following advancement from various institutions and companies, Cetiri deliberated with the central ministries on the rights of AI in regards to their ability and eligibility to seek citizenship should foreign AI constructs or Domestic AI constructs reach Sapience, it was decided that any system suitably capable of;
Feeling Pain,
Forming Memories,
Experiences Emotion,
Can communicate in some way,
Among other requirements and sub-requirements, would be capable of applying for citizenship and be permitted to receive the same rights and freedoms as organic beings.

The Hii Reconstruction Plan:
Following surveys and analysis that the Capital City of Hii was in dire need of renovation and expansion, Cetiri authorized at least 19 trillion credits to be relegated towards a government-sponsored plan to design and engineer possible solutions to the problem of overcrowding and shanty-city qualities of the city.
The Plan is still in motion to this day, and will continue long into the future, with no end in sight, as the plan was dictated to be in motion for as long as the city requires further expansions beyond the proposed plans.

Establishment of the Aerial Corps of Antarctica:
Cetiri established the official Antarctic Air Corps following complaints and judgements from critics and military specialists alike that the country could not simply leave the Air Force under Naval control, due to the Admiralty having no interest in furthering the needs of Aircraft beyond being a support role for the navy itself.

Governmental Decree #3303:
Following an incident classified as 'The Mastiff Mauling', Cetiri passed a Decree that allowed the affected Municipality and 'The Myotoshi Corporation' to arm it's security staff more heavily, and unlocked restrictions on corporate weapons manufacturing.


To an outsider, Cetiri can look intimidating, tough, uncompromising and stubborn at times, yet also appear to be extremely tolerant and resistant to irritants and strong emotions.
This would be true on a surface level, and partially true upon diving deeper into Cetiri's emotions and personality.
It is incredibly difficult to make her lose her cool, her professional and authoritative air, very difficult to shake her will and her nerve.
She is also very personable, even if she isn't entirely an extrovert, and will speak with citizens, fans, people who comment online, or even media, who she particularly enjoys making fools out of so that their headlines are contradictory or otherwise foolish on their part.

Though she is emotional when not in public, and shows remorse, regret, and sadness in private, when she makes mistakes, or when she does something unpopular. She is also not an aggressive person by nature, and thus, when she is forced to be aggressive or forceful, abroad or at home, it stresses her out significantly.
She is also fairly sensitive when it comes to her deceased mother, and seems to have blocked out a majority of her memories of her, and her identity, in order to protect herself from those emotions and the damage they could do to her, thus, she locks down and blocks any discussion about her mother directly, but will reference her indirectly if one is careful about how they interact with her.

Besides this, however, she is a friendly and warm person to speak to, she will make an attempt to welcome people, make them feel at home, and discuss things in a casual manner, should the situation be correct for it. She has been known to disarm her enemies with genuine, human discussion, compared to what some would have expected.
Though do not mistake this as a weakness, as she has been known to grow irritated and angry if pushed far enough, especially when it comes to human rights and ecoloigcal protections, if a country has a poor track record with either of these, she will be cold, passive aggressive, or otherwise unfriendly towards those from said country.


  • Languages: 'British' (Traditional) English. Modern 'Japanese.'

  • Hobbies: Playing musical instruments. Reading books. Physical exercise. Maintaining skill with 'sword and shot.' Hand-writing letters.

  • Interests: Music. Scientific studies. Watching nature. Writing.

  • Likes: Most Music. (Heavy Rock, Death Metal, Dubstep, these she doesn't like.) Parks. Nature. Books. Sunsets. The feeling of fresh air. Civil Discussions. Silence.

  • Dislikes: Incompetence. Aggression. Childish acts. Televangelists. Doomsday preachers. 'Mainstream Media' (Cetiri refers to Media driven solely by monetary and click-based gains as 'Mainstream.')

  • Speech: Cetiri will occasionally utilize words not typically utilized in modern society, typically English words of various types, as Japanese is usually not something she uses so often.

  • Clothing: Cetiri wears a special uniform that is specifically meant for the Primary Governor, though she wears a Kathol Riftian armored torso piece under her uniform, as well as several extra plates of armor in her clothing. She does not wear this uniform everywhere, in cases where she is not working, but otherwise, she wears it.
    The armored plates and torso piece weigh almost 30 kgs combined, though most of the weight is the plating, and not the torso piece.

    No, she does not have the hat. But she does occasionally wear the gauntlets.

  • Weapons: Cetiri, of course, always carries with her, a PPSh-41, a Cavalry Pistol, and a Sabre. The images for each are below.


  • "Rarely, if ever, do I achieve much attention on quotes that people take from speeches and talks with others, they are not typically of note. But recently, I have seen that my statement, 'Rarely, is the weakest link at complete fault.' found some kind of popularity... and some ask what I meant by that, some ask how I could say this...
    It is, quite honestly, very simple. If someone is a weak link, as they are incapable, it is usually their superior, or the fault of their state, that they are like this. If someone is a weak link, emotionally, or physically, it perhaps may be the fault of their previous experiences, or of their own parents. Rarely, can someone be at complete fault, in any one situation, if there is a weak link in our state. It is the job, of the state, to repair these links... and provide guidance to those who require it. That, is what our state is, and who we are."
    ~ On Cetiri's most famous quote.

  • "Warfare is a blight upon all... yet it is also the mechanism that many see as necessary for their states... as long as such a thing remains true, we must maintain forces of our own. So that we may repulse those who see it as such."
    ~ On why the Municipalities aren't demilitarized.

  • "It isn't the job of society, or the government, to decide whom may sleep with whom... but it is theirs to ensure that such sleeping together is safe... mentally, and physically."
    ~ On the 'Bedroom Privacy' Decree.

  • "If voices of the opposition cannot be heard, that does not mean there is no opposition. If it's not words that are listened to, the voices go silent, and actions are taken... ones that no state would like to experience."
    ~ On Public Protest.

  • "I fear voter apathy... But not for the loss of voices... rather, for the risk of the democratic process collapsing. I did not come into power to become an eternal dictator... and I cannot let that change."
    ~ On Political Apathy.

  • "We are, all of us, living beings. We cannot discriminate, and we cannot judge, solely on the basis of creed and kin. We are all people of the Federation, and we are all people of the universe. One is only inferior to another, when they dispute, and belittle this fact."
    ~ On Racism.

  • "Everything we have done, everything we have ever created and held as our own. We owe to cooperation. To break apart the bonds that hold us all together, and to break down the system that has worked for generations... is to ask me to murder the state in cold blood. Which saddens me beyond comprehension..."
    ~ On a reporter's statement that Cetiri "Should Reject Socialism."


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