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by The Rwekaza-Balaslandia and MCS of Rwekazaland. . 51 reads.

Hellcatian-Ancap War (WIP)



As the cause of the war, The State of Ancap was doing imperialism of Alaska. Rwekazaland did not like that . Rwekazaland Attack the state of ancap by sending planes to plan an war, and did not know that it was part of state. Ancap did threatened to destroy Rwekazaland. But hellcatian empire was going to kick out Both of them out.
Back then Rwekaza Back out. Then ancap made a full Declaration war on Rwekazaland.


After The full declaration on Rwekazaland. Hellcatian Kicked Ancap out of MEDU and declared war on ancap.
As ancap Violated the law of MEDU.



The two HSC heavy fleets continue to bombard Ancapstands Capital planet
The first space legion starts are using kamikaze tactic on the Hellcatian Capital ships. The effect varies but it does shock the Hellcatians. Anti air rockets and batteries start to open up on the enemy space fleet. The Second and smaller Space legion uses hit and run tactics on Hellcatian convoys and smaller space attachments.

On the ground the citizens and army is preparing for innovation. There are 13 weapons for every ancap, most of them military agrade. “Every inch a Verdun“ is the saying among the citizens militia. Each citizen older then 17 has at last one year of military training due to Conscription into the National guard. Veterans over the age of 60 are used as drill sergeants to better train the citizens militia.

The first and Second ground legion is on mars, while the third ground legion Is on earth.
[Then start making babies.Hellcatian AA systems is able to take down most of the kamikaze pilots but some hit the shields of the ships. While this is happening the Hellcatian space force dropships 3 million units on mars armed with tanks and artillery.The Hellcatian bombers seem to outpace the heat seeking missiles while invisible Hellcatian infantry units sneak u[p on the trenches and start to kill the enemy infantry one by oneExidst is considered a Front line city, along with ozis and prime.

The first armored legion is held in reserve while the Second is sent to the front like. Citizens with at least 2 years of military training and over the age of 19 are considered Volkssturm, well trained and well armed civilians. Blackgen, ancapstands NKVD is the Hellcatian army engages. They fight to the death. They are not as well trained as the black army but still a efficient fighting force. The Second armored legion sets up around exidst. All prisoners are used as slave cheap labor.

The geography of ancapstands is not something to laugh at. Owning half of mars make it almost impossible to fully conquer. Ancapstands is centered around three main city’s. Exdist, ozis, and prime. All with populations well over 11 million. Ancapstands is connected by ‘ Mega highways‘ that can last as long as 670 miles. After the winter revolution the government saw as critical weakness and and ordered explosive be pleased all along the mega highways in preparation of a invasion.. that invasion has now come.

“Spirit Of Sparta, will of Imperial Japan, training of the British Empire, pride like the Americans.”
— Riza zie

(Sorry this took so long :P)The HSC Lemuria fires two of its weaker cannons at Ozis which almost levels the city which allows Hellcatian troops to push in while remaining cautious of remaining resistance. In the air, two FX-47 uses their emp shockers to disable all forms communication for 2 weeks and this gives time for another 2 million troops to land in Ozis
The battle for ozis follows. Citizens set up ambushes. Squads of Volkssturm is lead by blackgen officers. Very little does the Volkssturm face Hellcatian army in head on combat, but using gorilla tactics. All major highways out of the city are destroyed. Millions of civilians are left homeless and have no way out of the city.

The Second space Legion starts to fully Focus on enemy convoys. The Royal family flees into Middle Vers. The black army fully retreats out of the city, leaving blackgen and the Volkssturm to defend it. People start to evacuate deeper into ancapstands, into farmland and the mountains. All government and military headquarters Move to Olympus Mons. The black Air Force evacuate all major airfields and scattered the planes out like the polish did in world war 2..

Some convoys caring military personnel get intercepted and destroyed by the Second air legion. They don’t attack any medical ships.
Hellcatian infantry units use thermal vision to spot and kill any enemy gorilla units while FX-47 and 46Cs give Hellcatia air superiority over Mars Hellcatian units after another couple of months of fighting begin to secure and capture Ozis while the capital ships in orbit begin to obliterate military outposts and the remaining city.
You just destroyed over 600 years of history and literature... nice
Seeing ozis completely destroyed gives ancaps mixed feelings. Some feel that the war is lost.. it brings anger to others.. to most it brings pain.. pain that ancapstands greatest achievement, has been completely destroyed.. the government uses this to show ancaps that they must fight on!

Ancap forces start a underground effort.. the government of ancapstands appeals to Third Soviet Union and Middle Vers for support in this war. Hellcat killed over 7 million civilians unnecessary in that attack.. mostly Woman and children.

All major cities are completely evacuated besides small, very well organized and trained rebel group who’s task is to make occupying the cities a living hell. All highways out of the three major city’s are destroyed.