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Promenade Hotels

Promenade Hotels


Type: Public limited company

Industry: Hospitality

Founded: 14 March 1915

Founder: Richard Priam III

Headquarters: Bocaugh, Bocaugh Province

Number of locations: 591 (2020)

Area served: Worldwide

Brands: Promenade, Grand Promenade, ASL Suites by Promenade, Promethean, Rick's by Promenade, Squarefield Lodge, Pro Hotels, Club Promenade

Key people: Marsha Soler (CEO),
Andrew Lpez (General Counsel)

Number of employees: 16,962 (2020)


Promenade Hotels

The Promenade Hotels Corporation is a South Baban multinational hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities. Its headquarters are in Bocaugh, Bocaugh Province. The Promenade hotel chain traces its roots back to 1915, when Richard Priam III opened the Promenade Hotel in Bocaugh. The company is one of South Baba's largest domestic operators of holiday resorts and the largest hotel chain worldwide. Domestically in South Baba the company is the market leader in both resort and urban hotels. As of August 31, 2020, it operates 591 hotels in over 250 countries with 163,842 rooms and is continuing to expand both domestically and internationally with 310 hotels with 79,072 rooms in the development pipeline under the brands Promenade, Grand Promenade, ASL Suites by Promenade, Promethean, Rick's by Promenade, Squarefield Lodge, Pro Hotels, and Club Promenade.

Within their numerous establishments, Promenade is known for its Serve-All restaurants, which serve pre-made food with high-quality ingredients and a line of company-owned drinks (such as Pro-Cola) in traditional dining rooms designed to appeal to families with younger children.


Promenade Hotels includes 8 brands, split into several categories of international standards. The countries hosting the most types of locations are:

◾️ South Baba, Republic of
◾️ 🏳️ Orogonia, Republic of
◾️ Mon Island, Federal Maritime Republic of
◾️ Railroad Crossing, Small Golden Sign of
◾️ Intion North, Federal Republic of
◾️ Republica guilleana, Federal Republic of
◾️ Kartujia, Mauryan Republic of
◾️ Eraver, Springbok Republic of
◾️ Cokoland, Republic of
◾️ Rimausean, Republic of
◾️ 🏳️ Bala Mantre, lusī Mn Te Yuti Dgu of
◾️ 2 and 2 is Fish, Technodemocratic Republic of
◾️ 🏳️ Cereskia, Federal Islamic Republic of
◾️ Jinju-do, Republic of
◾️ 🏳️ Solphine, Grand Dominion of
◾️ Austro-hungarian slavia, Empire of
◾️ Teostirias, Northwest Republic of
◾️ Anne of Cleves in TNP, Dictatorship of
◾️ 🇨🇦 The Canadian Peoples Republic, Pacifist Dominion of
◾️ 🏳️ Nanchotoji, Republic of
◾️ 🏳️ New Francois, Peoples Republic of
◾️ 🏳️ Imperial Austrian Sovereignty, Constitutional Monarchy of
◾️ Lorigia, Confederal Union of
◾️ Bulbasaur reichpact, Greatest Grass Starter of
◾️ Vyata Temor, Jingoistic States of
◾️ Ngai Ti Empire, People's Republic of
◾️ 🏳️ Sirwadia, Boer Republic of
◾️ 🏳️ Backwardia, Erratic Eccentrics of
◾️ 🏳️ Cuetuo, Federation of
◾️ 🏳️ Iheslaria Island, Colony of
◾️ Tameside, Republic of
◾️ Katuda, Kingdom of
◾️ Weeeest viiiiirginiaaaa, Holy Red States Union of
◾️ Pinguioris, Allied States of
◾️ 🏳️ The American Anarchist Empire, Democratic Superpower of
◾️ 🏳️ Veminovska, Republic of
◾️ Tringapore, Often Satirized Nation of
◾️ TyGerria, Somewhat Democratic Republic of