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Alternate future novel "23:59"

In the year 2020 RL, a crisis in a yet another minor nation led to a confrontation between nationalist imperialists and the socialist bloc. Despite countless efforts of pacifist nations to prevent a conflict, a war broke out between the two alliances. Nobody coud tell for sure who fired the first shot. Not that it mattered, since millions of shots fired down on both sides right after.

On one hand, the socialist bloc:
Strala, Euralys, Wubdich, The Municipalities of Antarctica, Kathol Rift,Haven and Sanctuary and etc.

On thee other side, Neuer Deutsches Reich, Ballistikov, Katrzynija, The Greater Portuguese Confederation New South African, Cisplatinaa, Gladinia and United Ottarenzian Capitalist Republics and The New Ruski Empire and so on.

The war lasted for 10 years. 10 years filled with pain, blood, death and horror. Both sides seemed relatively even-matched for a while, however that assumption was shattered after socialist's bloc so-called "Marx offensive" After 5 months of brutal fighting and over a hundred million losses on both sides, not a single of socialist bloc's goals was accomplished. Finally, they attempted an all-out atack on Ballistikov's capital, but then, New Ruski Empire ordered full mobolization of it's civilians to launch a minor atack to distract the socialists. Despite mobilizing it's entire population, New ruski's atack still didn't inflict much damage to socialist army, however, that small atack distracted one of the Kathol Rift divisions which was supposed to assist the front invading Ballistikov. The battle for New Blitzkov ended in a decizive Nationalist victory with 20 million casualties on the nationalist side and three times bigger casualties on socialist side.
Soon, the Nationalists launched a counter-atack, which shattered the socialist lines.
Peace would be signed 15 years after the war began. Despite many nations participating in the conflict, the only nations present at the truce signing would be NDR, Ballistikov, Gladinia and GPC. Most of the other nations' governments wouldn't survive till the end of the war.
For example, after New Ruski's all-out mobilization, police lost it's power over the people, and the country collapsed into anarchy, from which a new anarchistic state by the name of "Black Ruski army" emerged. Katrzynija contributed a lot for the socialist side in the first several days of the war, but as the war went on, the Katrzynijan government turned out to be unprepared for such a long conflict. The workers were starving, and the nobility eventually used that as an opportunity. They blamed the royal family for the resource shortage and ordered to arrest them. Empress Nadia managed to escape with a minor group of people loyal to her, but her brother Howard was executed on the spot. The empire of Katrzynija was disbanded and the Federative Union of Katrzynija was born.
There were several nations which attempted to stay neutral in the war. To be particular, Novoblupolia, Stollberg-Stolberg and San Medici declared their neutrality in the first days of the war. However, both sides implied heavy sanctions on the three countries and refused to trade with them unless they picked a side. Eventually, Nationalists would seize their control over the three neutral countries after the war was over. Stollberg-Stolberg was annexed by NDR, San Medici was annexed by GPC, and Novoblupolia was reformed into a puppet of NDR with William Wunker being put in charge of the country.

Year 2040...

Zvezdow city, 2:29 PM

A german flag flies over the parlament building. A man in a hat and sunglasses arrives to the building and enters it through the left wing door. He walks up the stairs and enters a cabinet, which is decorated with german eagle symbols. He takes off his hat, revealing his blond hair and his badly shaved moustache. It's general Deffers.
Deffers: Why did you call me here, mr president?
Wunker: I'd like to discuss something with you, Thomas. But first tell me...
Deffers: Tell you what?
Wunker: Do you trust me?
Deffers: I'm not the kind of person to work for a single man. I always was and always wil be loyal to the state of Novoblupolia and it's people.
Wunker: Very well. I've recieved a message directly from New Germania today, it's handwritten by the supreme kaiser himself.
Deffers: Well what does it say?
Wunker: They want me to send a force to assist the pro-kaiser warlord state in MoA civil war.
Deffers: Which one? There are like, 5 different municipalities sympathetic to the germans.
Wunker: Somuka state. They agreed to let the german representative take a major part in their military council's discussions in exchange for military support.
Deffers: I see.
Wunker: Well?
Deffers: What exactly is my objective there going to be and what is the size of the force under my direct command?
Wunker: You need to launch an all-out assault on Imakii and seize control of the key industrial centers.
Deffers: Hold on, wasn't Imakii under control of MoA's loyalist federal forces?
Wunker: German spies assured the Kaiser that main federal force led by Cetiri Oltasina is currently cut off from Imakii and is mainly focused on re-capturing Hii from the white front forces. As for the numbers, Germans demand a force of about 50 000 men sent there. They promised to provide novoblupolian group with german advanced ammunition.
Deffers: Got it. I'm ready.
Wunker: Very well. The group is already assembed. In a week, you must arrive to the base set up for us.
Thomas salutes William and exits the cabinet. William lights his cigarette and in a matter of minutes, smoke fills the room. Wunker puts his cigarette away and opens his shelf. He takes out a convert, on which it is written: *TOP SECRET-MUST BE OPEN ONLY BY PEOPLE OF THE 1ST CLASS AUTHORITY LEVEL*
Wunker: Heh, Ballistikov is always an interesting place regarding politics. Ever since Leonhart retired after being diagnosed with brain cancer, the radicals who took over come up with more and more interesting ideas.
William reads the letter. He seems very nervous after finishing it, but after lighting a second cigarette, he calms down and smiles
Wunker: So... "Burgundian system", huh?

Fernandes sits in his office. The war had seemingly aged him. He recieved several physical traumas while attending some of the battles, not to mention all of the psychological traumas from loud gunshots which could be heard in his office during endless nights of fighting.
Fernandes, writing a letter:
"By next month, I demand 1 500 000 more slaves to be delivered to GPC from the Shigu reichskommisariat. Preferably children, since adult-sized corpses are taking too much space in our waste dumps."
*suddenly, the door into his cabinet opens. A man in black and red uniform enters the room*
The man: Supreme Marshal Fernandes, the communist uprising in sahara territory has been crushed.
Fernandes: Good. Execute all of the people involved without any trial.
A second man enters the room
The 2nd man: I don't think we should execute them right away, they might have some useful information about the remains of socialist bloc, you know, The Euralystralian union and the Sanctuary Ring commonwealth...
Fernandes: ...What? You dare doubt my decision?
Fernandes takes out a gun and points it at the 2nd man's chin
Fernandes: Who do you think you are? The supreme marshal? ...No... You... You're a traitor! A traitorous communistic scum! You incoplete demi-human beast!
The 2nd man: No, no, no, my Leader, I'm not a commu-
Fernandes shoots the man before he finishes his sentence. The first man exits right away. Fernandes crawls into the corner and starts laughing like a maniac.
1st guard outside hi cabinet: I think we should check on him...
2nd guard: I think you should shut the hell up before we both get executed on spot.

Andris Fennik is walking through the long modern hall with holograms all over the place. He is definitely not in the best shape and health condition right now.
Suddenly, Andris is approached by a certain person...

Eckardt Erikson: You called, your excellency?
Andris: Ah, yes, Eckardt, come with me.
They start walking through the hall
Andris: *coughs heavily*
Andris: Sorry, Eckardt. I'm sick, you see...
Eckardt: It would ony make sense for you to be exhausted, sir. Ever since we established a commonwealth with Haven and Sanctuary, the amount of work for our cabinet to do skyrocketed. I'm not in the best shape, either...
Andris: *coughs again*
Andris: Let's sit down for now.
A small platform emerges from the wall. A platform big enough for two adult men to sit on it, which Andris and Eckardt do gladly
Andris: You see Eckardt, while the administrative work certainly is taking a heavy toll on our governmental jurisdiction wing, there are other things for us to be concern about...
With that, he takes out a letter with Ballistikovian symbol on it
Andris: In fact, administration crisis is the least of our problems...
Eckardt: What is this, sir?
Andris: It is a special information on Ballistikov which our spies intercepted. They are preparing something big. Something big and horrible.
Eckardt: But sir, I thought the "peace with honor" treaty guaranteed safety to the socialist bloc...
Andris: The treaty was signed by Leonhart- the most sane person in all of Ballistikov at the time. Ever since the radicals came to power, a round two event became not a question of whether, but a question of when.
Eckardt: I still don't understand, sir. If you see them as a threat, why not just begin mobilizing the army?
Andris: This is not a plan regarding their army, this is something much, MUCH worse.
Eckardt: What can be worse than a war with the ultranationalist pact?
Andris: Eckardt, tell me...
Have you ever heard of ...
T H E B U R G U N D I A N S Y S T E M ?

Link to the song:

Horsemen are riding on their horses across the endless praire
song in russian:
Кони вёрсты рвут намётом,
Нам свобода дорога,
Через прорезь пулемёта
Я ищу в пыли врага.

Анархия-мама сынов своих любит,
Анархия-мама не продаст,
Свинцовым дождём врага приголубит,
Анархия-мама за нас!

Застрочу огнём кинжальным,
Как поближе подпущу.
Ничего в бою не жаль мне,
Ни о чём я не грущу.

Анархия-мама сынов своих любит,
Анархия-мама не продаст,
Свинцовым дождём врага приголубит,
Анархия-мама за нас!

Только радуюсь убойной
Силе моего дружка.
Видеть я могу спокойно
Только мёртвого врага.

Анархия-мама сынов своих любит,
Анархия-мама не продаст,
Свинцовым дождём врага приголубит,
Анархия-мама за нас!

song translated to engish:
Horses are tearing up miles of ground,
Freedom is dear to us,
Through the slot of the machine gun
I'm looking for an enemy in the dust.

Anarchy-mother loves her sons,
Anarchy-mom won't sell,
Leaden will cut the enemy down
Mother anarchy is on our side!

I'll build it up with dagger fire,
As close as I can get.
I don't feel sorry for anything in battle,
I'm not sad about anything.

Anarchy-mother loves her sons,
Anarchy-mom won't sell,
Leaden will cut the enemy down
Mother anarchy is on our side!

I'm just happy with the slaughter
My friend's strength.
The only thing I can observe calmly
Is a dead enemy.

Anarchy-mother loves her sons,
Anarchy-mom won't sell,
Leaden will cut the enemy down
Mother anarchy is on our side!