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Who is Tranzoria?

Hello there! I'm Tranzoria, otherwise known as the Warmonger in my Region, The Commonwealth Of The Argimin, or at least the User who inhabits the body of the Leader of Tranzoria, Noah Jaye. This Fact Book is meant for those who want some details on the REAL me, including Creeps, Stalkers, the Police in Puerto Rico, and the KGB, or just you guys here on NationStates. Let's start, shall we?

Summary of Life Story
I was born in Arlington, Virginia, to a Jewish, Caucasian Family. I have a brother that is two years younger than me too. I lived and moved on the East Coast for a while, from North Carolina to, ugh...Florida. Since we were close to it, we went to Puerto Rico for Vacation a lot. So when I exited College from Georgetown University in Jersey (Another ugh), I went with my Girlfriend to Puerto Rico, specifically, San Juan, the Capital of the Territory. And here I am, living in a Small Community in a Small Place. But that is just the kind of place I would like to, surrounded by friendly, kind people, who are very festive and open to give and take new culture. That's what makes Puerto Rico so nice, and not at all the kind of things you would usually here, like a place torn with drugs, gangs, poverty, and Corruption. I often visit and get visited by my Family, who live in, guess where, California.
That's the summary of my life Story, now on to my interests.
I am a classic NationStates Player; introverted (Introverted Extrovert for me.) and likes History, Geography, Politics, Worldbuilding, and Countryballs. I also like travelling and hiking, which is something I do often in Puerto Rico and around the Caribbean-bordering Nations like Mexico, Central America, the US, and the Antilles, while also liking the Middle East and Europe. I collect snowglobes and do archery as hobbies and sports (Which I am not that fond of.). I also am Multilingual, hich is very rare.
That's my interests, now here is my Personality.
I am a very likeable person, known in my Community as that one Jewish, Male who is a Jokester but very kind. That can sometimes be my weakness though, being too kind, as although Puerto Rico is an amazing place, it is sometimes a little scrawny. No, I'm not talking about mugging or drugs or gangs, but instead the scams some people pull off. I am very smart too, and not that Religious. I have lot's of friends, older and younger than me, with my Girlfriend too. I am not shy and do well to new people.
Name: KGB, sorry, not today
Age: Well, I am not in College, go figure
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 or so Pounds
Job: I write for a Newspaper
Ethnicity: American and English
Languages: English, Spanish, Hebrew, French, German
Color: Neon Green
Animal: Lion
Food: Pork (Puerto Rican Lifestyle)
Game: The one you are on right now
Place: Actually, it's London
Nation: Italy
What my fellow F7ers think
New Carthagea-"Balkan"

La xinga-"Iran"
Mersdon-"I don't know. Maybe Scandinavia?"

Favorite Nation

New Carthagea-"This man has got great lengths for realising his true self. Fishing across the coast of Asia ! It's also interesting to know that he had a tiny country all for himself at a point of time. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see a man tide over so many difficulties and still succeed. "
-HM King Christophe II
Western Fardelshufflestein"A leader of...a fractured commonwealth in place of..."
*Checks factbook*
"Oh. In Florida. That one place in the United States? I remember visiting there...very humid and stormy. Anyway, Jaye's got a great head on his shoulders and a fascinating, teaching, running a country for eighteen years...that is practically the span of a generation. I have to do more research to see how the Presidency works in Tranzoria, but I am sure...well, I would guess that, though a former George Washington, almost, correct? I hope he does not devolve into corruption. I doubt he will. But I just hope...."
-King Alastair Laertes Amadeus Ludwig Kehrer IV

Surprising Moment+Nation
Drew Durrnil-"I like how your country is located in the California Bay Area."
Reutoa-"Most surprising thing to me is the fact they have a population of 1 Billion."

Whitemore-"The Link takes you to a funny youtube video."

Note: Do not discriminate me for my opinions listed below. I will ignore them, unless bad enough that I can Report the Post and you.
Pro:Life, Democracy, Biden, Capitalism, Israel, LGBTQ Rights, Equality, Puerto Rican Statehood, Rights of owning Arms
Anti:Abortion, any form of Dictatorship, Trump, Homophobia, Racism, Terrorism, Karenism

Political Compass:

And that's all for now! I will edit this when I can, just wait!
Tranzoria out!